{Baby Bump — 38 week update}


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Week 38 of this pregnancy was probably my most “determined” productivity week. I had a goal of going on maternity leave starting on Wednesday, and while that didn’t actually happen until Friday, I was super focused + productive all week — which felt great. I am starting to feel super tired, almost all the time. Like my body is trying to tell me to slow down and just rest. And so, I am :) This entire pregnancy I’ve felt really great. Of course there was that solid month in the beginning, and then once again when we moved to California, where I was tired all the time. But overall I’ve felt really great, and I feel so blessed to have had such an easy/healthy pregnancy. The tiredness I feel now is more of a physical tired, whereas the other two times were more mental.

Every morning throughout this entire pregnancy I’ve gotten up with Zack and started my day “as usual”. We have coffee/juice/breakfast together. Zack leaves for work. I take Bauer on a morning walk + we hang out outside after. Then I start my work day about an hour after Zack’s left. I’ve found it’s super helpful/important to make sure we start + end our days together, even though I work from home. I don’t know why but it surprises me a little to know I worked up until my 39th week. Maybe I thought I’d stop sooner? Not sure. And yes, I did slow down a bit these last few weeks, but I re-focused my schedule to prepare for maternity leave {which means lots of scheduled posts + shop updates, yeow!}. And OK — fine, you caught me — I’ve been daydreaming about our baby quite a bit during work hours ;) It’s so fun.

Ummmm, and I have a tiny confession for this week: I have been crying a lot more often. Over silly things. Over receiving gifts in the mail. Over feeling frustrated that I can’t do something on my own, like put on my own pants {TRUTH!} or carry groceries into the house. Sometimes it’s hard to ask for help but that mister of mine, he is always so quick to beat me to the task. I rarely have to ask for help. Thank you Zack :)

Speaking of Zack, yesterday he suggested I get a pedicure so off I went… and oh my gooooooodness, it was heavenly. I felt so relaxed and guess I needed some “me” time more than I realized. Now that my toes are a cute shade of Barbie pink I say, “bring on those contractions!” Ha! ;) Week 38 is behind me and we’re now two days into week 39. My eyes just got huge typing that. In just over a week my mom will be here and I can’t wait!!!

Also worth noting: we finally have a new Jeep, I filled out my birth plan yesterday, and I think I’m done wearing “normal” maternity pants. Baby is very low and it’s veeeeeeery uncomfortable to put them on. Leggings? Oh, how I love you…

Baby Whitley is “due” this Saturday, March 2nd. Please pray for peace as we near the big day — over the waiting, the delivery + coming home as a family of three.

♥ Happy Sunday friends!

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    I will be praying for you and Zack during this very exciting time! Five years later I still recall the excitement leading up to my daughter’s birth, the first contraction, hearing the words “it’s a girl” on the final push, and meeting my daughter for the first time. Nothing can prepare your heart for the explosion of love that is about to take place. Many, many, blessings to you!

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    Hooray for baby day! Many blessings for a happy and safe delivery. It is an experience and time in my life (x3) that I will never forget. 12 years and 3 kids and I can honestly say that they are my biggest accomplishment. Cherish this wonderful time in your lives! Hugs to you all.


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    Praying for you daily dear friend! Love these updates! And years from now, Baby Whitley will love reading them too :) Oh, & leggings ~ we’re BFF’s even though my youngest is 6 now ;) xoxo

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    Yay! I’m so excited for you! I’m reading this before going to church it’s going to be a good day : )
    Make sure you rest and take naps when the baby naps once he/she comes.
    Good luck, praying for a great labor and delivery!

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    I feel like you just announced your pregnancy! it’s been so wonderful following your updates and seeing your joy as you anticipate this miracle baby. :) I pray baby comes sooner rather than later! and that you and zack have some sweet moments as you are still just two for only a short time.

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    I just got all choked up with happiness…what an awe-filled feeling to know that God is bringing an eternal soul into this world (and YOUR family) through your body. I love that you’ve let us in on it and will be praying for you this week. :)

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    Mummylala says

    I almost wish you didn’t schedule any posts, I get excited each time I see your blog pop up on my feed thinking ‘has she had this baby?’ I practically lived in yoga tights for my pregnancies, especially more with my twins, the roll down waist was the only thing that didn’t annoy me. I sucked it up to go out and wore my fav maternity jeans or roll waist skirts but nothing compares to yoga pants! I now wear them as pyjamas! :) hope your labour and birth experience goes to plan and is smooth. God will be there!

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    Almost to the end mama, hang in there! I’ll be praying for your little family of 3 for a quick and easy delivery. I hear you on the maternity leggings. I feel like I should frame mine or something for all of the work they put in during the last weeks of my pregnancy! :)

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    Oh, you are the CUTEST! So exciting to be getting so near the end. There is nothing on earth quite like that magical time with your first pregnancy while you wait on baby to come. Prayers for you, mama!

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    Jess :) says

    Cutest baby bump EVER!!!!! Yes, I know I’ve already told you that multiple times, but I seriously mean it! Your updates just bring such SMILES to my face and I love that. Enjoy your time of “rest” before this bundle arrives. And soak up each minute of your time with Zack – I’ve always admired that about you two and your love for each other! It’s so genuine and special!

    Love you, sweet friend!

  11. 25


    So, so soon!!! Cannot wait! I think there was a day or so you seemed quite on instagram and I thought…gasp, maybe she is having the baby! But then there you were again! That last shot of you and Zack is my absolute favorite. Love the belly and hand holding. You too are the sweetest! Big hugs to this final countdown and so happy to hear your mom will be there soon and that you have a new car! xo

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