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outfit details: striped skirt + flip flops, Old Navy | tank, Target | sweater, Forever 21


You know what’s silly? I have a photo of myself wearing this same striped skirt at 14 weeks pregnant, and I remember “back then” feeling like I had such a belly already. And then I look at the photos in this post and I tell myself that was a ridiculous thing to once think. Ha! ;) Being pregnant has been a really wonderful, unique experience. Every month my body changed so much; whether others could see it or not it changed. And now that we’re counting down in days until Baby Whitley is here {today is 13 days to go} it’s like my body is changing daily.

At any point, now through March, our little Tanzania blessing could arrive — which is amazing to think about :)

A few days ago Zack painted with the color purple, yesterday he installed the carseat and today we are celebrating his 28th birthday.


This husband of mine, for nine years now, I’ve loved him intensely. And from what I hear from all of you it’ll only intensify once our baby is born. Oh goodness, I can’t wait for my heart to experience even more love for him.

My weekly appointments have been going really well. We’ve completed all of our baby classes, we’ve pre-registered for the hospital, and our bag is packed. Diapers + wipes have been purchased and Baby’s onesies + blankets have been laundered in Dreft. Zack + I are basically on pins and needles waiting for the action to start. But, we haven’t told Bauer yet he’ll be dropped off at his pup friends house… I’m afraid if we tell him early he will want to go over there now ;)

This week I’m starting my maternity leave. I’ll have a super reduced work schedule for the next few weeks, but I’ve prepared many posts + shop updates (!!!) to happen during that time. It will feel very different for me to not be working so much but I know you’ll continue to support this Gussy dream of mine by visiting my blog + shop when you can. It’s important to our family we slow down a bit to fully enjoy this baby blessing — so thank you for all the support you consistently offer.

The Gussy community means so much to Zack + I…



PS. I’ve got a gorgeous shop update happening Tuesday morning, see you then?

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    Mummylala says

    Oh you are glowing! There is a chance that as I type this you could possibly be in labours early stages! Ha. Happy birthday to your guy, I hope you both have a wonderful day. I think you are having a little girl, and zania from Tanzania would be a beautiful name! God bless you all. Pray your labour and birth goes smooth and that Gods presence will be felt the entire time! :) can’t wait to read of the new ones arrival!

  2. 5


    Oh, happy birthday to your hubby–what a great (slightly belated) birthday present—> BABY! :) Take the time to relax now on maternity leave before the little one arrives. You’ll be glad you did when the big day finally gets here!

  3. 11


    Girl, you look positively beautiful and ready to be a momma! I can’t wait to see all that the next few weeks bring for you :) (I’m also adoring your outfits and thinking that I may have to incorporate some of those ideas into my wardrobe because I’ll hit the the 37/38 week mark in April when it starts to get more toasty in Texas!)
    Enjoy the weeks of less work and more rest :)

  4. 12

    Kristine says

    I just want to say I’m so excited for you! I know we don’t know each other, but I love seeing the blog updates and seeing what God is doing in your life and how He is blessing you guys. Congratulations!

  5. 15


    This is exciting! :)

    I think the Gussy community won’t change a bit and everyone will still be here once you come back in full force. It’s important to take time off, for you and the baby.

    I hope you have an easy labor. :)


  6. 17

    Laura says

    Hi Maggie,
    I’ve been a fan of your blog for a year or two. Although we haven’t met, I feel a kinship with you, we have lots in common. My husband and I live in Michigan and both graduated from Alma College, we have spent a lot of time in Santa Monica for his work (advertising) and we have a 6 month old daughter. I’m super excited for you with the arrival of your little bundle of joy around the corner. I can say it’s the most wonderful experience but also the most challenging. I’m sure you are receiving tons of unsolicited advice, but I wanted to reach out to you to feel free to contact me with any questions. I really struggled with breast feeding and had trouble getting answers to many of my questions. Nobody told me it would be so tough! If its what you choose, you have lots of resources. Kellymom and livestrong are great websites. Good luck and enjoy every moment, they really do go so fast!
    :) Laura

  7. 18


    I love how after I read this post the “other posts you might like” featured you at 14 and 17 weeks! It made me smile to see your belly grow and change as well as your heart for your little one. You are going to be an amazing mama and I look forward to seeing how that gets portrayed in blog form. So happy for you friend! xo

  8. 19


    girl! you just get cuter and cuter! You look great! I can’t believe we are down to DAYS now! WOO HOO!!!!! SO exciting!!!!

    Love the new blog look. So fresh and so clean, clean! ;) xoxoxox

  9. 22


    I am absurdly excited about your little one even though we’ve never formally met (I went to your session at BlogSugar). My daughter is 9 months old and I can tell you it is a wonderful journey! You are in my prayers . . . and now I am misty-eyed just thinking of the joy that little bundle will bring!

  10. 23


    ALL of them are beautiful, thkans for sharing these images. My vote is for #9 Dad and Son – those are the most blissful moments in life. Happy Thanksgiving Steph!

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