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outfit details: skinny jeans, Motherhood Maternity | striped cardigan, Gap | gray tank, Target | necklace, made by me| heart headband, Lady Like | boots, Payless

We had our weekly baby appointment last week… Are there any guesses how much Baby weighs right now? What if I told you Zack laughed and my eyes got really big when the doctor told us? Yeah ;) That would mean Baby is about 7.5 lbs. [long pause] so I guess there are no worries about having a little chubber come D-day.

Everyone keeps asking if we’re ready for Baby to arrive and I guess my answer is yes? We have a couple of things packed in our hospital bag and we have the essentials ready/washed at home… But how ready are first-time parents, really? Ha. Most of what’s left to do or pack is stuff that the hospital will provide for us, so that’s a little reassuring.

I’m definitely slowing down come evening time, getting out of bed is a circus act, and just like in the beginning of my pregnancy there isn’t a whole lot that sounds appetizing. I feel like I sound like a broken record but fruit, juice, rice-cakes are what I crave — and not too much else. I guess fruit isn’t too bad of a craving? ;)

We stopped by a gift shop called Handmade Galleries LA in Sherman Oaks yesterday and it was so great! Reminded me of all the fun handmade gift shops I knew about in Minneapolis, so we stopped outside to take my bump photos before heading inside.

So… I guess it’s a toss up how the rest of the pregnancy will go. Will I make it to 40 weeks? Will Baby come early, come late? :) Any guesses? I think that may be the hardest part for us [not finding out the gender hasn’t been too difficult]…


I LOVE when shops have all-glass fronts!


It was so fun to see colorful mix of art on display…


And their valentine’s display {those candles on the left, they smelled amazing!}…


Geometric wooden beads on a necklace + blue glass bottles + beautiful floral plates… love!

Do you have any favorite handmade gift shops in your town?


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  1. 1


    Sounds like Baby W’s going to be healthy and pretty big. I was way late with my 1st and only 6 days late with my 2nd. Babies arrive when they’re ready. I wish you “three” so much happiness. I love glass fronts on shops also. So much light coming in. No favorite gift shops where I live but I do like to browse through the Hallmark store to see what’s new. Thanks for wearing our Heart headband!!! Looks soooo cute in your dark hair! Love it, plus I love the color RED so Valentine’s Day is perfect for me.

  2. 2


    I have loved watching you bump grow! I still think its a boy, I’m usually about 60% right, haha it’s just fun guessing. I have one of each and love love love them in totally different ways.
    One of my favorite little gift shops is The Round Barn in Andover. It has a mix of antiques and gifts. Mostly vintage-looking. Love that place, one of my other faves closed about 4 yrs ago, :0( it was in downtown White Bear Lake it was called The Gathering. I miss it.

  3. 4

    Stacey says

    You are SO close to the end! My guess is you will have a boy. That’s what I’m hoping for myself too. And just to make you feel better, doctors and ultrasounds are notoriously wrong about weight. Usually babies are smaller than they tell you. By at least a pound! I was told that my second child would be over 9 pounds. She was 8. Don’t believe it til you see it!

  4. 6


    I’ll keep praying for an early or at least on-time arrival for he/she! So fun chatting with you last night. Hopefully the next time we cross paths, you’ll have a baby in tow :)

  5. 8


    I don’t know if we have any shops like this in Phoenix, but next time I’m in LA, I’ll have to visit this place! I’m guessing boy, and early :)

  6. 9


    I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited that I can’t even stand it, after seeing that side view, it’s official. My guess is still that “he” will not only be a “he”, but that he is following in the footsteps of his daddy and is going to be at least 21″ long and will give dad a run for the money when he grows up to be 6’3″ too. As for mommy I say you will have to go about 3 days early at least, cause that is way too much baby for that tiny little frame to handle too much more carrying. Dear Jesus, please take good care of this beautiful, growing and much loved family.

  7. 13

    Christina P says

    be aware that weight guesses later in the pregnancy are often off. We were warned with my first that he was going to be over 10lbs! Now there is a shocker for little 5’2″ me. Yeah he was only 8lbs 2oz not that big at all. With my second no one even guessed his weight, but my doc would feel and just say yeah I think he’ll be the same size. And yup he was 8lbs 1oz!!! But I do hope you have a little chubster they are just the cutest

  8. 15


    You look great. :)

    I remember when we were about to have our first. I had read every book, and had been given every piece of baby gear, and had gone to all the classes. And despite all that, nothing could have prepared me for the awesome, life-changing, humbling experience of meeting our firstborn, and having her teach me to be a mama.

    Your joyful anticipation is all you need, and you have prepared your hearts so warmly for this baby. A first baby is magic – subsequent babies are equally delightful blessings, but your first turns you into a parent. So excited for you. :)

  9. 18

    Allison says

    They told me that my daughter was already measuring 8.5 lb.s at my 38 week appointment she arrived on her due date at a healthy but relatively smaller 7lbs. 12 oz. they can be a little off so don’t get too nervous that the baby will be too big. It will all work out as it should and they are oh so fun, nothing like the first one either. All the anticipation of the unknown. It will be wonderful.

  10. 19

    Ashleigh says

    Yea, don’t focus too much on the weight they are giving you. They said Lila was going to be over 10 lbs!! She was 7lbs 15oz. Baby is obviously healthy though, and that is all that matters! I bet you will be a little late; it seems first baby’s like to cook a little extra ;)

  11. 20


    ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY these last weeks with your man. A baby changes things… in a good way. It’s just different. Cherish this time together. You are about to embark on an amazing journey! Get lots of rest now while you can :) I was told that Eden was going to be 6.5-7lbs and she arrived 9 days late at 9 lbs 3 oz! Also, don’t listen to the induction horror stories- I LOVED being induced! And having a big(ger) baby means they sleep through the night earlier and are super chunky and cute ;) I’m so EXCITED FOR YOU!!!

  12. 21


    My dad keeps telling me to check out that store and see about getting a booth. I’ve passed it but never gone in.

    Also you’re getting so close! As if you’re not aware lol

  13. 22


    I just found your blog from the giveaway going on right now! Looks like you’re about 2(ish) weeks behind me! I’m 38 weeks and also think we’re as ready as we can be. Wish I found your blog sooner, but I’ll be following along now :)

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