{Baby Bump — 35 week update}


^ seriously, I need to stop yawning during our photoshoots…

There aren’t too many changes to report on this week, except perhaps the fact we’re really starting to countdown until Baby is born. Saturday was 1 month from my due date — eeeek! We have started our baby classes, there are 4 total, plus I’ve started having weekly doctor appointments. Last week I think my doctor could tell I was majorly uncomfortable/nervous {we switched insurance providers at like 34 weeks and this is my third doctor/doctor office I’ve seen during this pregnancy}, so we really appreciated that he took the time to answer our questions. Zack, as always, is my champion. He’s come to every appointment and it’s been so good to have him so involved. I really love that about him :)

I’ve completed week 35, now it’s on to week 36. This week will be super busy for us: we have 2 baby classes, 1 doctor appointment, and a little bit of baby stuff to finish up. Over the weekend Zack put together the dresser we’ll be using {oh my goodness, we love it so much; we bought “high gloss gray”} and we hung one more piece of art on the wall {see below}. We’ve also been having major baby-focused conversations with friends. It’s so fun! :)


^ outfit details: maternity skinnies | striped shirt | polkadot sweater | necklace | gray flats


^ We love you baby! But you already know that because Daddy tells you so every single morning :)


^ a couple of sweet baby items we’ve received


^ nursery art — which Zack picked out himself {totally makes my heart melt!!!}


^ baby blanket, washed + ready for Baby :)


^ “watch me grow” giraffe onsie — thank you friend for the newborn clothes :)

In other news, Zack produced a commercial that aired during the Super Bowl and we’re sooooooo super proud of him!!! Zack works so hard and I love that he chases after his dreams. With both our jobs there’s a little give + take that has to happen to keep things running smoothly, but it’s all worth it at the end of the day. :) We have dreams and we aren’t afraid to chase them.

Do you have any dreams you’re chasing? Or, wishing you would chase?

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  1. 1


    You look amazing! The date is closing in! lol My first came at 36.5 weeks so be ready!

    Congrats on the commercial! I’d love to know which one it was :)


  2. 5


    you are just beautiful! *yawn* & all! :) so glad the appt with the new dr went well & you feel comfortable with him. & congrats on the commercial! that was one of our favs :) love you & praying! xoxo

  3. 7


    I just realized that you’ll probably have Baby Whitley when I’m on a ship! So Happy Birthday Day to your sweet baby. I’ll be thinking of you during that last week. You both look so happy and healthy starting week 36. Blessings Gussy!

  4. 9


    You look great!

    I just wrote about chasing my dreams pertaining to the biz on my blog last week.

    Thanks to you I have written down many goals for the year then I write monthly goals and I have a calendar that I write things down to do each day/week.

    Also, I loved that commercial. It was one of my fave. Nice job Zach.

  5. 10


    You two have done so much since your move and have handled it all with such grace. You look wonderful and your nursery is so very sweet.

  6. 12


    I have a dream… to have this baby already :) I’m 40 weeks today, and just waiting, waiting waiting. So excited for you, it really is fun as it gets close to the countdown!

  7. 13


    Ahhh look at that cute bump! You look amazing! Baby Whitley is almost here! Can’t wait to see if I’m right or wrong #BabyGirlWhitley oxoxox

  8. 21


    Haha, the yawning won’t stop once the baby is here either!

    Please can you tell me what the baby things you’ve recieved are? I love the whale but I’m intrigued by the beady/necklacy/teethery things?


  9. 25


    oh my gosh that was one of the only commercials that made us all genuinely laugh out loud! not a delayed chuckle, but a hearty, surprised laugh :] way to go Zack!

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