{Yeow, it’s Friday! Here’s a little gift for you…}


I like to remind myself how I have the best job in the world, and pretty much on a weekly basis. :) Shopping for fabrics, pairing them, designing new products, and then sharing them with y’all only to see you freak out in excitement over how much you love them. See? Best job in the world!


Earlier last week I shared our new collection of square zip pouches which feature a geometric-inspired design. They measure about 5″ x 5″ and have so many uses — store receipts, small wallet, cosmetic case, lipgloss/lipstick/chapstick holder {ahem, not like I have personal experience with this}, small clutch {gum, lipgloss, cash, ID + debit/credit card, small keyring}.


And we don’t stop the fun at the zipper. Once you open our pouches the inside feature a super fun print, too! It’s about enjoying the small things in life, right?! :)


But… I also love our new medium zip pouches {measure about 4″ x 8″} — and good news, I carried over my geometric inspiration with this product category. Our medium zips are also super versatile with their uses. I have a crazy obsession with fun sunglasses and so I made sure a fun, giant pair would fit into our medium zips ;) Here Jessica shares how she uses her medium zip pouch for receipts, but it’s long enough that it works well as a small clutch, too. When I travel I’m sure to carry an extra pouch for storing my earbuds, an extra pen, gum… anything I want to have within quick reach.




That’s right, we’re having a little sale! Simply enter code “GEOMETRIC15″ at checkout to save 15% on your entire order, now through Saturday night {February 2nd}.

Do you have a favorite item from our shop? Leave a comment below, I would love to know what catches your eye! xoxo


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    Wow! These pouches are so beautiful! Simple but very sweet. I also like the combo color.

    Thank you for the 15% and good luck with those sales :)

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