{The Limelight Letters.}

My dear friend Liv Lane {hey look, here’s a photo of us together, back when we lived in Minneapolis} has once again put together something amazing for the handmade/entrepreneurial community: The Limelight Letters, which is “a weekly email service for and by entrepreneurs, designed to turn even the smallest business into big news via social and traditional media.” Oh yeah, I know it’s going to be killer.

Liv + I have been a friends for a couple of years now. It’s been especially fun to watch her dream + achieve so much as she launches new ecourses + resources each year. And her latest? The Limelight Letters.

Wanna know how Liv + I met? She was at The Creative Connection conference one year and heard me asking the panelist questions during a session. Rumor has it she was sitting in the back of the room and said to herself, “who is this gal? I need to know her!” Then she emailed me… and if you sign up for TLL you’ll understand why that’s important! ;)

And — look at who’s featured in the first issue of The Limelight Letters?


That’s me! ;) Wanna read the full feature? Click here to sign up for The Limelight Letters and in just a bit you’ll receive the first email which includes my interview. It’s only $20/year and you’ll receive 52 emails, one per week. I know they’ll be chalk full of fabulous tips + bits of encouragement!!!

PS. Liv has also put together a fab ecourse called Build a Blog You Truly Love. And yes, this is when I get ultra dorky + confess I’m one of 20 contributors featured in the ecourse. Such an honor. Thank you Liv! xoxo

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    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you were our first featured buzz-builder. You are all sorts of awesome and a great mentor/inspiration to so many women. Thanks, superstar!

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