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One of my favorite things about the Gussy Sews community is how encouraging + quick to share y’all are. Whether it be another shop you’re encouraging or leaving a comment on a post found here, y’all are great. Which is why it’s so fun to be launching another seasonal Gift Guide. This time it’s a NEW! Gift Guide focusing on Mama+Baby, perfect timing, dontcha think?

Our little bundle will be here {hopefully} in less than 2 months and so I’ve definitely got baby on the brain. And so many of my girlfriends are having babies this Spring, so having an abundance of cute gift ideas featured in our Mama+Baby Gift Guide, ready for purchase at the click of my mouse, will be so so fun :)

If you’re a shopper, this post will be a giant teaser for you in terms of what you’ll find inside the upcoming 2013 Mama+Baby Gift Guide. If you’re a shop owner, read on for more details on how to have your beautiful shop included in our seasonal guide – this is a great opportunity for Indie Biz owners to share their adorable wares with the world!

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In just a few weeks we’ll be launching the 2013 Mama+Baby Gift Guide — yeow!

Our seasonal Gift Guides are an incredible way to connect Indie Biz owners with loyal customers who are passionate about the handmade community. Our Mama+Baby Gift Guide is no-doubt going to be the cutest, sweetest gift guide we’ve ever put together. Unique links directing shoppers to the Mama+Baby Gift Guide will appear in my sidebar + navigation menu, in addition to being hosted on a separate page on my blog for easy shopping.

NEW THIS YEAR: all 2013 Gift Guides will be available via PDF download + emailed to our newsletter subscribers. Have I mentioned how amazing the Gussy Sews community is? Because the Mama+Baby Gift Guide will be shared via PDF, each participating shop will receive extended promotions due to it’s outside distributions.

products we’d love to feature: Baby be Blessed | Lisa Leonard Designs | Little Hip Squeaks


Important details about the Mama+Baby Gift Guide —

90-DAY TERM: The Gift Guide runs February 15 – May 14, 2013

BOOKING DETAILS: Prebook through January 16 for the low rate of $115 {90 day ad; that’s just $1.30/day for a 200×200 pixel ad}, or book after January 16 for $125

YOUR GIFT GUIDE AD INCLUDES: your shop name * short description of shop * your location {city, state} * a list of your 3 favorite items from your shop * a price range {ie: $10 to $90 USD.} * a 200×200 pixel ad/logo * a link your shop * a “pin” via Pinterest to a dedicated Gift Guide board * a group Facebook mention * placement in our Gift Guide sponsor blog post {coming late February} * Twitter updates * PDF download emailed to our newsletter group

DEADLINE: Applications + artwork must be received by February 8th. We are accepting a limited number of sponsors, click here to apply

SHOPS/PRODUCTS WE WANT TO SEE IN THE GUIDE: For the babe // clothing, accessories {hats, bows, shoes/booties}, nursery/home art, burp cloths + feeding accessories, blankets, learning/development toys, cuddly toys, bath + body products, personalized items. For the mama // jewelry, bath + body products, personalized items, candles, accessories {hair, scarves, etc.}, thank-you cards, home art

THE MAMA+BABY GIFT GUIDE WILL BE PROMOTED TO: Facebook: 19,900+ fans | Twitter: 9,950+ followers | Blog: 110k+ monthly page views | Newsletter: 4,200+ subscribers | Pinterest: 7,200+ followers // multiple group mentions throughout the 90-day ad

The deadline for the pre-book rate of $115 is just one week away — Wednesday, January 16th and the final deadline is Friday, February 8th. Click here to sign up for our 2013 Mama+Baby Gift Guide and be included among the “best of the best” handmade shops, yeow!

Have any questions? Leave a coment below + let’s chat. xo


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  1. 1


    This is exciting! I’m not a mama, I’m not even close to that, but I love cute things and baby stuff is always super cute, right? Because everything is tiny! :)

    I do have a question though. I think I read somewhere that the number of shops in a gift guide is limited, so the seller has to reserve their spot, so if I want to be in the holiday gift guide do I reserve the spot now? Or will every season have it’s own deadline? Like when the mama+baby season comes to an end, people will be able to apply for the summer gift guide?
    I hope I’m making sense here. I really love what you’re doing though. :)


    • 2


      @Alice, About 1 month before each gift guide launches we’ll publish a blog post with all the details. At that time shop owners can apply, so no need to worry now about applying for an upcoming gift guide :) SO happy to read your interested! xoxo

  2. 8


    Oh Gussy…I want to do this sooooooo bad, but we are just getting our shop started, and I don’t feel that we are ready. AAAAHHH…Part of me just wants to do it, but reality is holding me back…booo…I pray that I make the right decision and that you do this again, soon! :)

  3. 10


    Hey Maggie, I REALLY want to do this, but I have a question. All my sales come from Facebook. Will you allow someone to sign up with their shop on FB or does it need to be on Etsy or something similar? I plan to start listing again on Etsy, but for now there wouldn’t be anything for you to look at on there.

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