{In LOVE with my new blog design. // Viva la Violette}

*If you’re having trouble seeing the new designs simply clear your cache + close/re-open your browser. It may take a few tries before your computer loads the new design.

I can’t quite remember how Heather of Viva la Violette + I first “met” — but I do know my Bauer has a serious dog crush on her Piper. And I’m pretty sure Piper has mailed Bauer a love letter. And I’m pretty sure that’s the cutest thing ever ;)

For almost two years now Heather + I have been in contact with one another — she even featured Zack + I in Piccola Magazine — and now I finally have the opportunity to say, “Yeahhhh, she’s also my blog designer.”

I’m super excited about that! :)

{a few other blog designs by Viva la Violette}

If you’re reading via RSS or email subscription, be sure to click on over! There’s lots of “Viva la Gussy” eye candy on the blog ;)

Working with Heather has been super easy + fun. Once we set a date for the blog design chatter to start she emailed me a link to a form so she could capture my design goals. Then we talked on the phone to go over my ridiculous list of design goals, which — looking back — I basically could have summarized with, “FRESH! I just want my blog to feel fresh!”

Tee hehe, sorry Heather for all the extra words on the phone!

Then Heather worked her magic, and the most obvious results are this: a fresh sidebar, a revamped primary + secondary navigation, a fresh color palette + an updated footer. Heather even installed my new tagline {see it up there in aqua?}:

Those dreams you have? Let’s chase ‘em! // Sharing life + handmade love.

I’m so excited to be sharing more about chasing dreams. So much great stuff has happened since I started Gussy Sews and a more-focused tagline will help bring my thoughts full circle.

And perhaps the best part? Heather’s offering 10% off of any design package with coupon code ‘gussy’ until February 14th. Send Heather an email or connect with her on Twitter or Facebook. Tell her what you want and she’ll make your blog design dreams come true in the most perfect way. :)



Thank you Heather! xoxo


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  1. 2


    Heather is a wonderful designer! She designed my site too :-)

    Very easy to work with and a classic designer. She has the talent of picking out your suggestions and ideas, then makes you blog have a pop of *you*.

    Congrats and enjoy the new look!


  2. 9


    Looks great. I know what you mean about wanting it FRESH. I had my blog redone last month and that’s the look I wanted too. I’ve seen a lot of Heather’s work, she’s so talented. I believe we live in the same city.

  3. 10


    Its so cute & FRESH Maggie!
    Just like you!
    Love the G with the heart!
    Of course I love that!
    It’s precious!
    Snuggles to Bauer!
    Congrats on the new design!

  4. 13


    yeow!! it’s magalicious. looks good. blog redesign must have been in the air…you, me and jeannett all revealed a new look this week. so fun. and i totally agree with keeping it fresh. geez…we stare at it the most while working!! love your tag line.

  5. 15

    Rosi Rodriguez says

    It looks great Gussy! It is so “you”- I love how the new logo has your signature “G”, the scallops, and that fun pink which are all part of your brand!!


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