{How shopping for your DIY projects, home decor + fashion/accessory posts can actually *help* others.}

When I first heard of Pure Charity I immediately thought about my friends over at Compassion International. If you remember, last May Zack + I traveled to Tanzania. And while we were there we feel deep in love with how good it is to help others. Compassion is an organization that releases children from poverty in Jesus’ name through the help of sponsorship. And while in Tanzania, Zack + I had very personal experiences with how big Jesus’ love is for us.

For Zack it was buying a necklace and later learning a little boy named Winner, whom Zack created a special bond with while on our trip, made the necklace. For me it was praying I’d become a mommy someday with a few of the young Tanzanian girls. And we all know how that turned out… :) So it’s safe to say Gussy Sews hearts Compassion. Big time.

But back to Pure Charity… :)

Pure Charity is an online affiliate for GIVING. They have over 1,000 major retailers and brands on board {plus nonprofits signing up daily}, that allows each retailer to automatically donates a percentage of our everyday shopping to a project of our choice.

To summarize: everyday shopping + Pure Charity = a beautiful mix of magic + giving to those in need.

In fact, Pure Charity provided me with some money to shop from their Rewards. Here are some of the items I picked out…

So now you know a little bit about Pure Charity + you know why Zack + I love Compassion — imagine how excited I was to learn Compassion International is one of the projects Pure Charity has made available for people to fund!

The basic, everyday purchases we make: groceries, items for Baby, clothing for the Mister + I, flights + travel, pet supplies for Bauer — all of these purchases assists a project {specifically, Compassion International’s Child Survival Program in Ethiopia} all because I linked my debit card with Pure Charity.

A little over a month later, after we returned from Tanzania, Zack + I found out we were pregnant. It’s not hard for me to express the joy we feel, and how important it is to be praying for one another, to be supporting {however that looks for you} organizations that do good, pure goodness. Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start, which is why I wanted to share Pure Charity with you.

I’ve been able to share this gift of pregnancy on my blog through my Baby Bump posts, and a handful of the clothing I’ve featured came from Gap + Target. Remember, they are both affiliated with Pure Charity, so by shopping with these retailers I’m also helping to fund a project.

Sidenote: oh my goodness, my mama heart can hardly contain how much I love that Compassion International + Pure Charity are partners!!!

Here are a few more of the items I picked out:

But like I mentioned above, I believe it’s time to rally the Gussy Sews community so together we can help fund the Compassion Child Survival Program Ethiopia project.

Here’s where the project is at today:

What do you say? Are you in? Yes? YEOW!

Here’s how you sign up:
1. Create a Pure Charity account — you can “follow me” so our giving {remember, this is through basic/everyday shopping} can build. You can also sign up through Facebook!

2. Take a second to install the browser plug-in, which is super handy if you are an online shopper! Your basic/everyday shopping can be tracked through your online shopping, allowing you to GIVE even more. Some of my very favorite online retailers, ones we shop with regularly, are: Forever 21, Gap, Sephora, Target + Groupon {yeow!}.

3. Next, link your debit/credit card. Remember each retailer has a set % they have committed to donating to Pure Charity. If you want to donate personally to a project {throws confetti in the air} that is fabulous! But it’s not required. Linking your card simply tells the retailer where their money will be going {into your Pure Charity giving fund}.

3a. Finally, the DIY projects you work on, the home decor items you shop for, the fashion/accessory posts you publish — you can actually *help others* through your regular blog expenses. There are over 1,000 major retailers + brands committed to Pure Charity, be sure to check out who’s on the list.

4. Find a project that speaks to your heart, then — support it!

5. Lastly, share it with your online communities! ♥

So c’mon, let’s rally up + GIVE with Pure Charity! xoxo

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    Christina P says

    This is really cool! I know of escript (same concept) which my folks have used to support my HS dance team when I was on it as well as our local Boy Scout community (still). Its so easy to do as its just linking then shopping like normal!

  2. 2


    I discovered Pure Charity some time ago, but I didn’t know you could link up your cards until now! Thank you so much for sharing this, I hope many people take advantage of how easy it is to make a difference!

  3. 3


    DENNIS HENKELHi John, Our Sunday school class wahetcs your postings every week, we follow that up with our prayer time and we pray for you and your family. Jackie and I pray for you every day, I hope this week is going well for you. We love you all, Dennis and Jackie Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2013 00:23:12 +0000 To:


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