{How your sassy looks can change the world: Sephora + Pure Charity}

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On Monday I shared how creating an account with Pure Charity + going about your everyday shopping can help others. In case you missed the post you can click the above link to read more on what I’m talking about. More specifically, on Monday I talked about how shopping for your DIY projects, home decor + fashion/accessory posts can actually *help* others. My goal was to find a common thread between you + Pure Charity. So tell me — did I help you find that common thread?

Pure Charity seriously amazes me. But it’s not just Pure Charity that’s doing something amazing, it’s the 1,000+ major retailers + brands that work with Pure Charity that are doing amazing things. And, by creating an account YOU’RE doing amazing things.


Also on Monday I shared how Pure Charity provided me with some money to shop with their rewards {aka: retailers/brands}, which in return helped me to combine a few new pieces of clothing with items already in my closet to create some new, fun maternity outfits.

Sharing this pregnancy with the Gussy Sews community has been a real delight :) We’ve been able to pray for each other, offer tips, laugh together — like when I shared how I thought we were robbed {#pregnancybrain} and of course there’s my blog post when I felt Baby kick for the first time.

Pure Charity has also helped me to feel like an alert mama {and not just with my fun maternity outfits}, like when I feel like I look as tired my body feels after a restless night of sleep. That’s where Sephora steps in. They’re another one of the many retailers working with Pure Charity. I purchased some new foundation + pressed powder to help me feel like my young self :)


WHAT’S IN MY MAKE-UP BAG: Laura Mercier foundation, Clinique pressed powder, Maybelline mascara, Cover Girl blush + Milani chubby eyeliner stick

It doesn’t take much for me to feel alert + put together when applying my make-up. First, I prep my face with foundation, then I apply sheer pressed powder to set the coverage. I love how light the Laura Mercier foundation is — it’s a great base and fixes little blemishes/uneven skin tones.

I’ve learned to play up my favorite features, like my big blue eyes + long eyelashes. I do this by applying a wide streak of bronze-y eyeliner {I absolutely love this one close to my lashline; top only}. Then I apply two coats of mascara. If I want to add some shimmer — to help myself feel like I look a bit more awake {–wink} I’ll sweep a light dusting of shimmery/champagne-colored eyeshadow on my lower lid, near the corner of my eye, and under my lower lash line.

One thing I’ve learned about mascara that has made all the difference for me is this: make sure your mascara wand matches the size/length of your lashes. For me, this means a big wand with tight bristles. If I use a mascara with a skinny wand and sparse bristles, like this one, I end up with clumpy lashes. Truth.


So to recap: apply foundation/powder first, add a swipe of eyeliner and finish with two coats of mascara.

Now it’s blush time. I love a medium pink/raspberry color ~ the perfect shade of just-barely-flushed cheeks.


You’re almost done! It’s now time to make silly faces at yourself because 1.) It’s fun, and 2.) Why not? You are a fun person ;)


See how easy it is to turn your everyday shopping into good? And Pure Charity is the perfect assistant to such a thing.

On Monday I introduced the Pure Charity project I’ve committed to help fund: Compassion Child Survival Program Ethiopia, which comes alongside mothers to help them deliver and raise healthy babies.

Here’s where the project is at right now:

Within that widget you can see how much money has been donated from the retailers we already shop at, plus how much money is needed to fully fund the project.

Would you consider signing up with Pure Charity so the 1,000+ retailers you make everyday purchases with can donate to whichever project speaks directly to your heart? That’s right, it’s the retailer who is doing the donating, although you can personally donate as well

Retailers like Gap, Apple, Sephora, Walmart, Target, Lowes, 1-800-FLOWERS {ahem, Valentine’s Day is coming up}, Toys R Us, Diapers.com, Giggle, CVS — shall I keep going? :) — have partnered with Pure Charity so its super easy to help fund a project of your choice.

Here’s how to sign up:
1. Create a Pure Charity account — you can “follow me” so our giving can build.

2. Take a second to install the browser plug-in, which is super handy if you are an online shopper! Your basic/everyday shopping can be tracked through your online shopping, allowing you to GIVE even more.

3. Next, choose which project to give the money to.

4. Visit the rewards page + watch the video to learn how to get started with your everyday shopping.

5. Lastly, share it with your online communities! ♥

+ + +

How about we do something fun, like… a giveaway!

GIVEAWAY DETAILS// Pure Charity is offering a $100 gift card, to be donated towards any project(s), to one unique winner. This giveaway is open to US residents only.

TO ENTER// 1. Create a Pure Charity account {if you don’t use this link your name won’t be put into the “application pool”; be sure to use this link!} 2. Leave a comment below, sharing you created an account AND which Pure Charity project is your favorite {be sure to do both steps}

EXTRA DETAILS // For up to three extra entries, share with your online communities about this giveaway. Be sure to tag us {@gussysews/@purecharity on Twitter + Instagram; @Gussy Sews/@Pure Charity on Facebook} and include this permalink: http://bit.ly/VRNHD9. The winner will be selected on Tuesday, February 5th and announced at the top of this blog post. This giveaway is open to US residents only.

Good luck! And may your sassy looks help change the world. xoxo

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