{Hello, 2013.}

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Another year is here and already I’m very excited — and it’s only day 2! Some very exciting things are just around the corner for our family + this blog, the biggest {tiniest?} being our first baby is due March 2nd. I can’t wait to meet him or her :) With this New Year I can’t help but daydream about what the LORD has planned for me. Do you ever wonder about that? Just the other day one of the pastors at the church we’ve been attending spoke about how difficult New Years resolutions can be to commit to. Instead, our focus should be to simply have more peace in our lives. And, I love that idea! Instead of trying to change something particular about our self, strive to be more like Him — every day. That’s it!

The year 2012 has passed — it’s time to say hello to 2013. In celebration of the New Year I thought it would be so fun to take a couple of minutes to say thank you to the top 5 blogs that sent traffic to Gussy Sews, to share the top 5 blog posts published here, and of course: my word for 2013.



1. Drama Queen Seams

2. The Small Things Blog

3. The Pleated Poppy

4. The Nester

5. Eat Live Run

 …thank you!


1. Tutorial: how to sew a zippered pouch

2. Psalm one hundred thirty nine verse thirteen

3. Morning coffee: Sharing what’s on my heart, baby talk

4. The Whitley’s are moving… to California!

5. Saturday craft: finger knitting // garland & necklace



CHANGE. // It shows up in the form of newness, in the quiet, in the beautiful + in the everyday craziness of life. Change is so refreshing, whether it be a restart to what you know you need to get back to or a total overhaul of what you know need to do. Change has already made it’s way into our home and we’ve barely begun day 2 of this beautiful year. Christ does a beautiful job at changing us, at taking away our hurts/mistakes + making us new again. I want to be more open to change {yeow!}, to know when to say “no” to change, to accept the change life sends our way. And, to remember to change my nail polish more often ;)


What word would you like to “see more often” in your life this year? What are you going to let go of? What are you going to celebrate more often? And for goodness sakes, how are you doing??? Wishing you the happiest Wednesday ever! xoxo


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    Cassandra Beverly says

    I read this quote on Sierra DeMulder’s {a fantastic poet in Minneapolis} tumblr account yesterday…

    “Change, when it comes, cracks everything open.”
    — Dorothy Allison

    Cheers to 2013! I’m sure it will be a year full of blessed changes for you!

  2. 4


    My word for this year is “Hush”. I want to quiet myself, my life, my soul. I want to enjoy and live the life I have been given. And I’m good. Feeling super pregnant, and like I have a giant baby in my belly, but good :) How are you?

  3. 6


    My word for the year is Faith. 2012 was HARD, and now I have to have faith that the events from then will all work for the good in the near future. I’ve even ordered an adorable little chain ring that says “faith” on it to remind me all the time.

    You will be all about the changing this year–and I don’t even mean the DIAPERS!! :-)

  4. 8


    Change is a great word! I think it could easily be my word as well, because 2013 will be very different from 2012. Last year was so difficult on a personal level, so painful, that I need this year to be different. And I need to put myself first for a while so my word is: dedicated – I will dedicate more time to myself, to be a happier person, to be content.

    Coming back to change – I wish you all the best in your very new 2013 :)

  5. 10

    happy_helica says

    I’m sitting here reading this and thinking, I need a word! What word sums up the tumult of my heart lately and the new rhythms daily inspired in it? I’m going with LOVE. To love myself, others, and Christ MORE. If I’m loving then I have less chance to be unloving in word and deed, right? So I’m going to love the heck out of 2013, lol :) Thank you for inspiring honesty, creating such a great community, and showing the beauty in vulnerability!

  6. 12

    Meredith says

    that’s so great seeing this on here. I was listening to the radio last week and heard this and just posted it as a great alternative to the New Years Resolution. http://www.moodyradiochicago.fm/rdo_programDetail.aspx?id=100696
    I love this thought of growing into a word. Allowing God to continue to do a work in us throughout the year and not being defeated by one bad day or because my resolution was a bomb in the first week, what’s the point of going on. So, I’m excited to embrace this one word this year. I believe the Lord was speaking this word to me as I prayed one night. I actually used it in my prayer and I can’t explain the feeling but the Lord said, That’s It! So, my word is “STRIVE”. These last couple years I’ve been in a funk. I had a baby a couple years ago and feel she took all my good brain cells, my organization, and my with having two older boys we had a routine and it threw me outta wack having a baby back in the house (not to say I don’t love it, especially enjoying a beautiful girl after two handsome boys). So, I’ve been convicted lately that I’ve just gotten lax. I’ve let important things go and get comfy in the chaos. So, I’ve been hit by this word strive. Strive to be the best that God wants, strive in my roles as a mom, wife, homeschool teacher, crafter, friend, daughter, etc. So many things that mean the most in life take effort and to strive to be intentional and effective in my everyday. So, I’m loving this concept as well as the neat ideas they had in that broadcast to display your word year after year and throughout the year. Good luck to you and all the change you’ll experience this year! :)

  7. 16


    My word for 2013 is Expect! Expect God to guide, to inspire and to allow me to grow beyond my expectations. The past year has had ups and downs, forwards and backwards, but most of all it was a wonderful year of spiritual growth and blessings.

  8. 19


    I can’t believe he/she will be here in 3 months! That time is going to FLY by!!! So exciting! I know you are going to be a great momma!

    My word was Better. And Joyful. Better wife. Better momma. Better friend. But not matter what…I want to be joyful. I want a smile to be seen on my face and in my heart at all times! To everyone, espeically to Lance and Easton!

    Love you girl!

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