{Baby Bump — 34 week update}

outfit details: polka dot tank, Old Navy | sweater, Forever 21 | moss cords, Gap | gray flower flats, Target

Although Thursday night was not the *best* night for Zack + I, the evening’s events meant we were able to listen our baby’s heartbeat for the better part of an hour. And Zack recorded it… so it has been the soundtrack to my dreams ever since :)

We were in a minor car accident around 8:30pm as we were leaving the grocery store + on our way home. We were hardly out of the parking lot when it happened, so crazy! Our Jeep needs only a few repairs, however the cost is so high that our insurance company is declaring the Jeep as totaled. Ahhh! At first it was super frustrating — we had recently paid off a good amount of unexpected medical bills from our time in Minneapolis, and were feeling so proud. And then this, a car accident that not only caught us totally off guard, but happened at 34 weeks pregnant! And I was with Zack when it happened, so off to Labor + Delivery we went for a check-up. They monitored the baby’s heartbeat, my contractions (I was having a few super minor ones) + the fluid around baby. In the end, we are so blessed/thankful to hear our Baby is OK.

It’s been an emotional few days. I have thought long + hard since Thursday night how our money isn’t even our money to begin with, it’s Gods. It comes from Him and He blesses it to us to take care of ourselves + others. Who cares about payments and invoices and car repair estimates, right??!

What does matter is this one wild + precious gift of life we’ve all been given. Oh, it is so precious.

Even though the weekend started off on a yucky note, we had such a great weekend filled with lots of rest, friend time + a great church service yesterday morning. I say all these things make up for Thursday night, for sure :)

I am anticipating Baby girl or Baby boy’s arrival even more now :) And I’m pretty sure my admiration for Zack — how well he takes care of our family all the time — tripled on Thursday night. Our car was barely moving at the time of the accident but the car we hit was moving at normal city speeds, and everything happened at just the right moment to cause some pretty costly damage to our Jeep. But regardless, Zack is already the perfect father, taking charge + driving us to the hospital, and I am so proud to be his wife :)

We definitely had angels around our car that night, and a few more have surrounded our family since then. We feel so thankful…

* * *

I feel like Baby has dropped a bit — just enough to make it easier to breath and talk without running out of air {ha!}. But also enough to make things rather uncomfortable/challenging. I’m starting to understand what y’all meant when you shared that come time for delivery I’ll do anything to get this baby out. Ummm, I’m almost there ;)

Baby should be measuring about 20″ and weighs about 5.5 lbs. Baby has also been sticking out his or her tush because alllllll day long I can find a little bottom to rub. It’s so cute! The movements are greater in the evening and increase as I get ready for bed. Sometimes I just lay there, rubbing my belly and thinking about how in just a few weeks {today I’m technically 35 weeks 3 days} there’ll be fresh baby skin laying next to me in bed. It’s so surreal.

I know you’re just dying to know: YES, I am still craving fruit. This week it’s mandarin oranges, mango + anything dried {apples, raisins, bananas}. We started putting together our hospital bag, purchasing a few snacks to bring with us/necessities for our special day, and we’ll be setting up the dresser this week. Baby is starting to take up more + more “space” in our apartment. I’m on Cloud Nine constantly :) Once we figure out what to do with the Jeep we’ll install the car seat.

Yeow! So many exciting things happening… it’s nice to have itty bitty baby stuff to focus on as I begin to feel more + more uncomfortable.

But don’t worry Baby, you’re absolutely, positively worth it :)

See you soon, little one! xoxo, mama


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  1. 1


    I’m so glad you and baby are fine. (Are you taking a poll on the date/sex/weight of baby? We do that with my daughter. I somehow feel you are having a boy?) What a sweet husband you have.

  2. 3


    So very glad to hear that baby is OK!! How scary that must have been!

    I would love to hear what names you have in mind. I have a “thing” for names! lol

    My cousin and his wife announced yesterday that their twins are both BOYS! I have been thinking names ever since :) She is due March 27th but I think she’ll probably have them in early March.


  3. 6

    Corinne says

    So glad you and family are okay. Have a great week! This post was a nice start to my Monday. I love that you share so freely the love in your hearts. :)

  4. 8


    Maggie, you are so beautiful! And that baby has suddenly grown. What a beautiful bump.

    So glad all three of you are OK post accident. That Jeep has taken you on so many journeys. I know you will be sad to see it go (wait, is everyone emotionally attached to cars like me?) but God has new adventures in whatever buggy is next.

  5. 10

    Janis H says

    Maggie, so thankful you three are all okay. It’s very upsetting to be in any kind of wreck but God provides and I’m sure it will all be ironed out with your vehicle and all. There is an infinite plan after all. God Bless. Try to rest too!

  6. 12

    T says

    I have been following your pregnant posts. I’m so excited go you! I’m so glad all three of you are all right (from the accident).

    One thing I added to my hospital bag was a night light. I don’t know how all hospitals are, but my room the light was either bright or off & dark. I kept the baby in the room with me & didn’t want to turn on the lights in the middle of the night to nurse. A night light worked perfect.

    Love seeing all your baby bump posts.

  7. 14


    Oh thank God all three of you are safe. How blessed! God’s angels are always surrounding us and keeping us folded in their wings. I remember the days of watching my tummy move around and feeling the girls’ little butts. I loved it. I’ll be praying for you to get some needed rest.

    Blessings, Diana

  8. 15


    Oh how wonderful that you are all fine! And I”m still in awe of the fact that you are really 35 weeks along…. how can it have gone that quickly?! It just seems like yesterday that you announced you were pregnant! Just know that you have many that are praying for you, the little one, Zack, and all the changes in your lives!!

  9. 16


    You are so sweet & adorable Maggie!
    So so sorry to hear about the accident. I know that was scary.
    Don’t you love it when those angels hover about and won’t leave you alone? ;)
    Sending hugs your way!
    That little bundle of JOY is going to be the cutest ever!

  10. 18


    SO GLAD y’all are ok! Goodness! Sorry about the unexpected money stuff though. That’s no fun!

    But! BABY is coming SOON! That overshadows any of that other yuck!

    You look precious!!!!

  11. 19


    So glad you’re all doing well. It’s so funny how the messages we need to hear are shared with us when we need to hear it. My husband and I had many conversations about money over the weekend. Mainly about paying down student loans and debt in general. You’re comment about money really struck a cord with me. Thanks for sharing.

    • 20


      @Katie, Oh I am so glad to read your comment :) It’s hard to be positive about money most the time (especially when there are debts) but this weekend my focus about it changed and it’s been such a relief. I’m glad you commented, Katie :)

  12. 21


    What a scary experience! I’m so glad to hear everyone is ok. Sounds like your family really rallied this weekend and is staying positive. Good for you guys – you really are an inspiration.

  13. 25


    So glad you guys are okay!
    I craved fruit–especially citrus–like crazy when I was pregnant with my daughter, and now she LOVES fruit (especially citrus)! I can buy a ton of produce and she’ll sneak into the kitchen and eat it up. Could be worse, I suppose!

  14. 27

    Emily says

    I am happy to hear that everything is good. So scary though! I’m guessing BOY… I have 2 and every one of them I craved fruit! Could not get enough! I lived on mango fruit bars from Edys!!!!!

  15. 28

    Autumn says

    Hi, I’ve been following your blog for the past few months and am really enjoying it! I’m pregnant with my 2nd child – 25 weeks tomorrow! I’m craving fruit too – any fruit will do lol.
    Sorry about your accident but so thankful you, baby, and hubby are all right. When I was about 36 weeks pregnant with my son, I slipped off my icy front porch steps and cracked my elbow and spent the morning in the ER. Everything turned out fine, just had to wear a sling those last few weeks of pregnancy. This time around everyone is telling me to steer clear of any icy areas, which I have, of course!

  16. 30


    Congratulations Will and Sara! Will, it’s a little scary thniikng of you as a dad, but if Macoomb can be a dad I guess all bets are off. *grin* I know you’re going to rock the job!

  17. 31


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  18. 32


    That is a really nice bag, now I’m wodnireng if my mom’s sewing machine will be able to do this. What size needle did you use? I’ve busted probably 3 or 4 thinner ones hemming my jeans.


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