{Baby Bump — 33 week update}

outfit details: top, Forever 21. jeans, Motherhood Maternity. gray tank, Target maternity. boots, Payless.

When I see my profile I can hardly believe that baby belly is on ME! It’s so surreal. Most of the time the view I see is either looking down at my belly or facing a mirror, but hardly do I see my profile. It’s crazy and it makes me so so sooooooooo happy to know our baby is growing at a healthy rate. Baby has been head down for a few weeks now and folks, we have a kicker! Up, down, left + right, I feel them all. I think Baby has been spinning in there — even Zack sees something inside my belly roll from the left to the right, from his peripheral. Pretty funny :)

For maybe two weeks now I’ve been taking the time to rest every day, and oh my goodness is that helping so much. Usually at night I’d be so exhausted that it’s hard to fall asleep, so by resting during the day — even if I don’t fall asleep, I’m able to have a more comfortable evening. Even my attitude feels lightened ;) Zack would agree. Ha!

I’m sure this is totally normal but I’ve been having more frequent moments of such huge uncertainty. I’m sure it’s mainly because this is our first pregnancy. And while they aren’t constant, they do feel really intense when they happen. Motherhood is so natural and I know it’ll all fall into place once Baby is here. Deep breaths :) I think I feel more nervous because it seems apparent God has an adventure-filled life planned for us, so part of me feels like we’re sitting on the edge of our seats just waiting for the next adventure to be revealed :)

Oh, this is a funny story. Earlier last week I was taking photos for the baby bundle giveaway {by the way, have you entered???},  and to do that I had to take some art off our walls. Once I was done with the photoshoot I didn’t put everything back right away, so there were some gaps on the wall where the art should have been hung. And immediately, as I walked into our bedroom, I thought, WE’VE BEEN ROBBED! THE ART IS MISSING! Totally, like seriously totally, forgetting that *I* took the art off the wall for the shoot. Ha ha! I am such a dork. And later when I told the story to Zack I couldn’t stop laughing at myself. I think that was my very first experience with having “pregnancy brain”, what do you think? ;)

Baby weighs about 5 lbs now and is almost 18 inches long…

There’s so much anticipation about what the baby will look like, who the baby will look like, and of course finally knowing the gender :) According to my due date we are one day shy of six weeks to go! Ohmygooooodness :)

PS. I watched this video and started crying at 12 seconds in… wow!

* * *

Here’s a sneaky peek photo of some brand new products we have in the shop! Check back on Tuesday for the full scoop ;)


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    You look great! About this time in my pregnancy, I started to get concerned looks every time I was in public. Like, they thought my water was going to break right then and there. ;-)

  2. 7


    I am so incredibly honored that you posted Addie’s birth video! I have dubbed it Sobfest 2013 as I have shed tears upwards of 50 times while watching it. Thank you again and again!

  3. 10


    You look great! Yes the farther along you get the more important more rest gets! At least for me! I ended up on bed rest – which solved my hypertension … Rest is good. Lol :)


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