{Baby Bump — 31 week update}

outfit details: sweater/gray flats/gray tank/coral tank, target | skinny jeans, motherhood maternity

Yesterday was such a fun day, I can hardly believe how much happiness was further infused into my day — just because of the fun adventure we went on. Since Zack works out of the home, and I work in the home, our weekends are often a delicate balance of stay in/go out. What we both want is usually the opposite of each other, but we work hard to make sure our “happiness tanks” are full :) So yesterday we spent the morning relaxing at home, opened a couple boxes of baby shower presents, and then headed out for the afternoon. We drove down to Venice and had so much fun walking the streets near the ocean. A couple blocks up were some amazing, AMAZING shops + I’m super excited to share what I found with you soon :) Then we grabbed a late lunch at this super tasty pizza joint. We even smooched a few times, don’t tell ;)

The weather was beautiful and there we were, holding hands, I was giggling, Zack was sneaking glances at me. It was such a fun little afternoon date. It felt so great to be outside + walk. I’m finding at 31 weeks I’m sore + stiff often, so the afternoon out was just perfect. Even more shirts are having to go in the “does not fit” rubbermaid tub, they just aren’t long enough anymore. Seems like baby has really long legs because little feet are making their self cozy near my ribs :)

I’m STILL going crazy over the fruit cravings. And ice, I cannot get enough ice. Bauer has kicked up his protectiveness + insists on laying THIS.CLOSE.TO.ME on the couch. Or at my feet if I’m at my desk. When we were going through our baby shower gifts yesterday morning he would have gotten IN the box if we let him. We showed him a few of the toys/rattles and the blankets, and whenever he tried to bite them we told him sternly “no”. I have a feeling he’ll try to snatch a toy or paci once baby is here, and I’m sure he’ll successfully sneak off with one at least once! hehe

Things we still need to do: buy a dresser for baby, wash a couple loads with Dreft {aww!}, buy frames + hang some more art on the walls, and then finish shopping off our registry sometime next month for clothing {cotton hats, socks + pants}, swaddle blankets, diapers/wipes + a couple nursing items.

My parents bought their plane tickets for March and in less than two months they’ll be here with us!!! It’s going to be so great. It’ll be the best celebration ever :)

Happy happy Sunday! xoxo


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    Stacey says

    I just love reading your pregnancy posts. The first pregnancy is so amazing because you have time to enjoy it and take in every moment. And you’re pretty darn cute! Just a heads up… The ice craving could mean an iron deficiency. I had that with my last pregnancy and was told I had low iron, and its quite common to crave ice (for me it was snow!) in that case. Something you don’t want to have for the birth, because it increases your risk of hemorrhage. Liquid chlorophyll or Floradix tablets help without causing other issues.

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    Emilee says

    You may want to only wash a few test items in the Dreft to see if baby does okay with it – we see a lot of newborns in the ER with skin rash and usually our docs ask about Dreft. It smells so amazing but is highly perfumed and sometimes that sweet skin just can’t take it! Any “free and clear” is normally great and then you can do everyone’s wash without needing different detergents! Trust me, baby smell is intoxicating without adding any extra to their clothes!

    You look great! I know this time at the end is so precious so enjoy your time with Zach!!!

  3. 9

    Pamela says

    I love watching your pregnancy progress. I loved being pregnant with all four of my kids . I just wanted to tell you that craving ice is sometimes a sign of low iron but I see a few others already made you aware of that. Just something to mention at your next OB visit.
    Thanks for sharing all your adorable mama-to-be outfits. I can’t wait for when one of my girls to have their first.

    Enjoy every moment!

  4. 11


    LOVING this post!! You are too cute! My advice is to continue to have days like this with your hubby.. even after baby is born! Enjoy that cute bump too!!! I just had my baby five days ago on New Years Day and I am so happy I enjoyed the whole pregnancy.. now I am enjoying my little baby boy sooooo much!!!!
    Xoxox Holly

  5. 13

    Ruth Wright says

    Oooooh! So excited! Its getting so close! You look fabulous as ever! Such a cute pregnant girl!! :) So happy you had a fun day with your hubby. These are special times for you both before baby comes, and that will also be special your new family of 3. (or 4 counting Bauer :)) Love your posts. Praying for your delivery……..Hugs, Ruth ;)

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    I thought of Baur this weekend. Our cousin brought their newborn to my parents for the first time and they have two small dogs. Hobbs, my baby boy, was SO interested in baby Riley. She started to cry right before feeding time and he was besided himself. I think he was worried that we’d hurt her! All that to say pups can be so protective.

    (And we were very careful with the baby around the dogs. They didn’t actually get into nipping range just to be on the safe side.)

  7. 19


    Time is approaching so quickly! I remember those last few months when I was pregnant with Easton. I loved that time with just me and Lance. It was perfect. Sounds just about like y’alls time (minus the beach!!!).

    FYI—-Kiby has had har fair share of passis. We’d find only the hard plastic part and the nipples would be missing. Infact, she once got into something and we had to give her peroxide to induce vomiting…and OUT CAME 3 PASSI NIPPLES!!!!! Yeah. Interesting. They don’t pass through, obviously! GROSS! HA!

    So excited for y’all and the future of the 3 Whitleys! xoxoxoxox

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