{Introducing a totally new design to Gussy Sews…}

For years I’ve been dreaming about working with fabric: mixing prints, colors, perfecting our signature ruffle, trying new techniques, adding new designs, shopping for materials online + in person… The list goes on. It’s fun to reflect on the last few years, what I’ve learned — what the business has learned, that sort of thing. I try to reflect often as it helps me to keep my focus.

The thoughts ours minds bring us to over + over have value, and it’s important we realize such things.

When I started Gussy Sews, waaaaay back in the early months of 2009, I hardly knew what I was doing. But I knew these 3 things: accessories are fun, color is an amazing addition to just about anything, and I want to infuse little bits of myself into my brand so it feels personal as the business grows. And it felt important to get back to these things.

For a little bit now I’ve been itching to try something new with the shop but was having a hard time with the actual delivery. No matter how hard or frustrating this was, as the designer I knew it was really important to just be patient. I knew something would come. I knew I could make it happen, but I had to stay confident and continue processing the designs I had in mind.

And now I’m ready to share with you my new designs!!! This new line doesn’t feature our signature ruffle* {which feels so different}, but I love what it does feature: two bright, colorful fabrics pieced together to create a geometric design, and I seriously love the final design.

click to see our new geometric-inspired medium zipped pouches // measuring approx. 8″ x 4″

click to see our new geometric-inspired SQUARE zipped pouches // measuring approx. 5″ x 5″

there are 8 pouches in this NEW collection, click here to view them all

I hope you are loving the new designs! Sometimes it’s scary to try something new but it feels so great to re-incorporate more color + bits of my personality into the accessories that help compose the Gussy Sews brand. xoxo

*Don’t worry, our signature ruffle isn’t going anywhere. These new product designs are simply something new, not at all a replacement.


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    Love the design, color combos, and top-stitching where the fabrics meet!

    I was totally nodding my head at the description of how you got them from your heart + brain to the end product. I recently went through the same process and because I decided to persevere and be patient through the frustration, I came out on the other side with something far better than I originally imagined! I think that struggle is part of the satisfaction of owning a handmade business and designing products yourself.

  2. 14

    kelly says

    You are such a doll and I enjoy glimpses of “home” in your posts. I’m a California girl born & raised now transplanted on the coast of Virginia. I was wondering if you have ever considered pattern writing? Being a sewista I *LOVE LOVE* making these types of things for myself & friends so I rarely purchase them…but I purchase ALOT of patterns & tutes. Sewing is my therapy after a brutal work week!!

  3. 18

    Erica says

    I wanted to buy a pouch for my receipts (read the idea somewhere last week and loved it). What size do I need? I was thinking medium…

  4. 22

    Corinne says

    Hi Gussy ~ Love the new bags! Can you tell me who supplies your fabric tags? I am looking for a good vendor. Thanks!

  5. 25


    Love, love, love the new design, basically because I have a love affair with top-stitching. :) I just love the look it gives, this is just another example! So pretty!


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