{weekly Gussy shop update — a new seasonal item!}

Seasonal items are so fun to have in the shop, especially when they include red polka dots or dancing deer ;) Just in time for the holidays we’ve added 4 winter-themed medium zipped pouches to the Gussy shop. Each pouch is lined with a darling print, includes our signature Gussy ruffle + twill tag, and of course is designed to perfectly organize all the little items your bag or purse collects.

And, each pouch is only $19 + shipping. Come see the rest of our $20-and-under gift ideas.

One thing I like to do internally when designing a new product is associate a memory, feeling or event to the fabrics used. Snag one of our seasonal zip pouches and carry a bit of Joy // Cheer with you; let these feelings surpass the holiday season and carry you into January, February and March. xoxo


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    Amanda says

    LOVE the green damask and peppermint pouch!!! =) And I’m so obsessed with the big tote bags I had to blow up your instagram picture to try to get a peek at the left picture, which appears to be tote bags. ::blushing::

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