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Can you believe the New Year is just around the corner? This is the perfect time to start new things that maybe you haven’t gotten around to or just create better habits within your home or business life. I’ve been trying to come up with little projects that help me with time, while keeping things creative. Since I practically live by a schedule book on my desk or a calender on my phone, I decided that maybe something cute and easy to do would be best to keep me motivated!

Do you have any tips or tricks that help you stay on schedule while still being fun?

This project is easy to make and easy to change. Simply clip onto fun pictures or pieces of inspiration as reminders of your daily projects you have going on, or to stay motivated to get you through your day!

Supplies used: twine, tacks, wooden clothespins, stamps/ink, to-do list print out.

I decided to make my week Monday — Friday and leave my weekend open with no to-do’s necessary. Stamp each clothes pin with the letters for each day. You can put the whole word or abbreviate, your choice!

Set those clothespins aside to dry and print out your to-do list or make your own! This prints out on a normal size sheet of paper (portrait style) and when cut you will have five 2 1/2″ x 4″ cards to make your list. You can map out your entire week with items to get done or start with one day then each morning make a new list to work on. Write it down, move it over, cross it off & celebrate!

Find a spot on your wall or a cork board and hang up the twine with tacks. Next up slide each clothespin onto your twine and attach your lists.

Creating a to-do list helps you obviously get things done, but when you do it in a cute way where you can see it ~ sometimes it can help you want to cross more things off!

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Heather Dawn is our DIY contributor and resides in Oregon. She stays busy juggling many roles: writer of JustLove.ly, full-time designer for {just.lovely.things} {an accessories line where she creates wardrobe accessories for magazines, tv shows & some amazing customers}, co-owner of the shop Fawn & Flora, and an indie subscription service called Love❤Club. She’s a huge fan looking at pretty things and attempting to make them.

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