{Baby Bump — 30 week update}

{this waiting game is getting to be painful. baby whitley, we just want to hold you!!!}

{yawning is my favorite.}

{i’m quickly phasing out my shirts as this baby belly keeps on growing + growing + growing.}

{Bauer is going to be the perfect big brother, or so he promises –wink!}

outfit details: maternity skinniesgray tank c/o Pure Charity| b+w striped top | infinity scarf | boots

For months Zack + I have teased each other about which characteristics we’ll give our baby. Zack’s tall, I’m short. Zack has a noticeable mouth, I have no noticeable eyes. Zack’s very very playful, I’m a bit sassy ;) And now that the baby is definitely taking up a lot of room in my belly we’ve been talking about these things even more. Especially because baby is continuing to measure 1-2 weeks ahead of schedule ;) Zack thinks it’s sooooo funny. At least he doesn’t mind helping me put on my shoes or pick things up off the floor, right? Actually, Zack has been absolutely incredible. He said something to me recently along the lines of, “I hope I’m a good enough dad.” And I just looked at him in shock. From the absolute beginning of the pregnancy — and we found out very early, I was only 4 weeks along, he’s been spectacular. I shared with him how hands-on he’s been, from talking to the baby every single morning {truth!} to rubbing my belly even before it was a belly to telling me how excited he is we are finally parents to little moments we’ll have as a family once baby is born. Zack has been more than I could ever dreamed in a spouse/daddy to our kids and I feel so blessed.

Today I’m technically 31 weeks pregnant, but I’ve found it’s better to share these weekly updates at the end of each week so I have more concrete thoughts to write about :) That being said, I cannot believe how quickly it’s going!!! Even though my mom is in Michigan I feel she’s very involved in my pregnancy, which I absolutely love. Whenever I have a doctor appointment she anxiously awaits my phone call to hear every single update. Whenever we talk on the phone, which is frequently, she asks how baby + I are doing/feeling. She wants to know all the details and it makes me feel so special :) Earlier this week, on Monday, my mom + I were sitting on the couch together and I started to cry. I told her I wasn’t sure if I was crying because I was sad to be leaving Michigan or crying over how emotional it is for me to think the next time I see her I’m going to have a little babe in my arms. Talk about life-changing thoughts! It’s so crazy, and I love it :) I’m very ready for this baby to be here.

Being pregnant has been a lot harder than I thought it to be, even though it’s been the best part of my life. I absolutely love being pregnant. Little things like random emotions, or attack of the heartburn monster, or being completely exhausted when we moved 2,000 miles from Minnesota to California… All of these little things have added to the pregnancy in their own unique way. Every day over the past 6 months has been a totally new day, very unlike the day before. New changes to my body, preparing the business for maternity leave {whaaaat? yippee!}, new thoughts of excitement or teensy bits of worry. Every day is a day closer to our baby being born.

So as we wrap up week 30 and start week 31, my thoughts remain this: thank you LORD for this day.

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    I loved this! My hubby is 6’4″ and I’m 5’2″. I can so relate…AGAIN! Baby number one was super long, like him, & skinny so we had to put added elastic in her waistbands until she got into the adjustable sizes :). And, I cried when I left the hospital. We waited all those years for her and when we actually got to take a baby home it was overwhelming. So thankful for this gift in your life….tears and all :)

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    Just from reading I can tell your husband is going to be an awesome father! This reminds me of my husband with my first pregnancy, he sounds a lot like Zack. Your forst pregnancy is such a special time and although your other pregnancies will be too there is just nothing like your first one. So special. I love your updates and makes me wish for one more baby! : )

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    30 weeks already?! Yay, you’re so close! You look soo cute in these photos, Maggie :) And *Good Job, Zack!* for being so great! Happy 31st week, you two! xoxo

  4. 10


    You are making me miss pregnancy!!

    My hubby is 5′ 11″ & I am 5′ 4″ {& my hubby is the shortest man in his family- his male relatives are all over 6 feet tall}. Our girl was 24 inches tall at birth & 9 pounds. She was so skinny looking {but adorable}.

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    Cindy says

    There will be NOTHING better thn holding that lil baby, but in the meantime, keep on enjoying every minute of pregnancy. I remember ( and even sometimes now and Zion is 2 months old) a few weeks after pregnancy I would feel sad I couldn’t feel him roll and kick inside of me. I mean, here he was in my arms, but having him grow and move inside of me felt like such a miracle each day. And thn I’d catch a glimpse of my ” normal” stomach in a reflection and I felt a longing to carry Zion/ be pregnant again. So… Just keep embracing the miracle of
    pregnancy and keep praying for a healthy baby and safe birth and I’ll say the same prayers for you. Ox

  6. 12

    sarah says

    You’re the cutest and I wish you all the best in these final weeks preparing for baby. One lucky kiddo your baby is too, to be welcomed with such loving anticipation and delight.

  7. 13


    You look so cute in your baby bump photos! To be completely honest, waiting those last 10 weeks for baby to come was the absolute hardest thing for me. My midwife told me that the average time for first time pregnancies is 41W1Day, and that’s exactly when Dax decided to arrive;) Take it easy and be sure to spoil yourself during these last few weeks!!!

    Let’s plan for a phone date soonish after New Years? ;)

    P.S. Pip says Bauer has never looked so handsome!


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