{Baby Bump — 29 week update}

outfit details: striped sweater | owl tank | skinny jeans | infinity cowl | ring, LA flea market

On Monday morning, before even the birds woke {hehe}, I was on my first flight to Michigan for the week. Seems like 2012 has been a very long study on growing up + making big people decisions. Like how only I’d head to Michigan this Christmas {Zack stayed in CA}. Even though it’s been a little hard for us we’ve kept our chins up knowing God has really awesome things planned for our family. Sometimes these plans start as a tiny seed + they go unseen for a bit, other times they are revealed to us right away. So, this Christmas it’s just me in Michigan. Zack’s holding down the fort in Los Angeles with our pup + I’ll be flying back to them Christmas Eve. Because it’s just me at my parent’s house I’ve had a lot of amazing time with my mama, chatting about pretty much all things baby {just like I hoped we would!} + sneaking cookies + laughing with my nephews. So far this week we’ve wrapped presents together, ran errands, went to an Advent service at my home church, chatted around the dinner table, had LATE nights {like 1am/2am} + even a few early mornings. A couple of times I’ve been able to sleep in… which has been amazing :) And of course today we’re celebrating Baby Whitley at a baby shower given by my two aunts in town, YIPPEEEEE!!!

As I finish up my 29th week of pregnancy I think more + more about this little baby that will be in our arms in almost no time at all. Throughout the week my mom + I have talked about labor + delivery, bathing/breastfeeding/sleeping tips, the teeny tiny cute outfits we’ll dress the babe in. We’ve talked about cravings + how my belly is measuring about 31cm. And we’ve talked about how much fun it is to dress this baby belly “nowadays” — back when our moms were pregnant, department stores were all about designing shirts as wide as tents. Oh goodness. I’m so glad it’s not expected I wear one of those ;) Also? How adorable is that owl tank above? It’s not even maternity! My week home is almost up. All I want is to sit in my room + pout, maybe even stomp up the staircase like I used to do as a wee one. But if I fought what God has planned for us I would miss out on so much, so I try to remember that. The next time I see my mom I’ll be THISCLOSE to having the baby, if not just had the baby. Makes my eyes fill up with tears. Ahhhh… I simply can’t believe it.

These final weeks we’ll be finishing the nursery, washing sheets + clothes, taking a couple of baby classes. And I’ll be waddling around with this baby bump in tow :)

Do you have any nursery/home preparation tips you want to share? xo

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    Oh I love being pregnant! It is such an amazing and wonderful miracle…I still say to my hubby, “can you believe this little person grew inside of me?!”, even after 5! Praying you have a sweet visit and merry Christmas! A little note of encouragement- where you and your husband are, as hard as it is emotionally, God will bring you through it and you’re going to look back and say you’d do it all again for where He’s brought you to now. This has been my experience, moving to a new place, completely changing our routine…LOTS of tears! But, 6 years later I look and am humbled by His graciousness and His time of refining my heart, my walk, our marriage, our parenting-AMAZING! His love is abundant and He’s our Father…parenting (you’ll see :) ) is not always the most fun job because discipline is involved. But you want the best for your children and you see the bigger picture. And sometimes when your sweet child is having a hard time you say yes to a little piece of candy and you’re always there with big hugs. This is with a human love…oh, can you imagine what HE’S doing with HIS love?! Joy :)

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    2012 has been a year of growth for me too! I am so excited to see all that God has in store for 2013. Believing for my best year yet! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time with your mom! Merry Christmas! xoxo

    p.s. my friend from work bought my a gussy scarf for Christmas, and i love it so much!!!!

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    No tips to share, as I’m a first timer myself. But at 29 weeks, too, I just can’t believe how close we are to holding our little one. I’ve been putting away tiny clothes and organizing freezer recipes, so I won’t have to cook for awhile. It’s a beautiful time.

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      @Amanda, I had my first baby shower last weekend and so I’m anxiously waiting for everything to arrive in the mail :) Can’t wait to wash all those onsies and add more baby items to our home :)

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    Victoria says

    I have a question….I thought you weren’t supposed to fly in your third trimester. Is that just a recommendation? Just curious if the “rules” have changed….I’ve seen several pregos flying lately. :)

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    So exciting! The last few weeks of pregnancy were my favorite! Hmmm.. We only used the changing table once, so I think that whole thing is a waste of money and space- normally we just changed him on the floor, bed, or couch. We put a basket full of diapers, wires, burp rags, extra pacifiers in our living room. Man, it’s been so long now I can’t remember. I know your mama instinct will kick in and all of this will be so easy!

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    christine says

    Hi! A doggie suggestion…Have Zack bring a blanket that the babe cuddled in for a while home to Bauer. Let him lay on it and smell it so he knows what the baby is going to smell like when s/he gets home. Reduces the doggie anxiety and he might not be as ‘nosy’ with the babe since he’s smelled it before. :) Our dogs practically cared less when we brought our #1 home.

    Also, they say when the baby sleeps, you sleep. Do it. Its a long few weeks getting used to everything and every nap helps! :)

    Can’t wait to see the babe. I’m pretty sure it’s a boy! (I carried the same way and both mine were boys!)

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    Em says

    You look amazing :)

    I’m a first time Momma to a 5mo old and the things I wish I had known about were gap/old navy and trumpette socks are the only ones that stay on, zip up jammies are the bomb (children’s place are awesome), baby wearing solves almost every crisis (we love our ergo but any with good hip support is best!), we are one of the minority that swears by a wipes warmer, utilize any space under the crib for the next size clothes or extra diapers, and even though we live in a tiny house I made a basket that we keep in the living room with diapers, wipes, a few bibs and burp cloths and an extra pair of jammies and a Wubba Nub – we use it’s supplies a lot!

    Best of luck during this amazing time!

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