{Baby Bump — 28 week update}

outfit details: juniper corduroy skinnies, sweater, scarf — Gap | wedges — Payless | deer ring — Target

This deer ring? It totally makes me giggle. Last fall I bought it at Target while out with some girlfriends at Allume, it came as a stacking set and we all have one piece of the set. All day it got in my way but once you put on something this silly you absolutely cannot take it off. No way. Not until bedtime ;)

Oh for goodness sakes, how did week 28 get to be here so quickly??? Every day my anticipation f0r the day we get to meet our little baby grows. By like 100. Zack + I talk about the baby often, little things like how in a dozen weeks we’ll be sitting on the couch with OUR BABY, or how the baby is fattening up day by day {per our weekly baby update emails}. Or how Bauer is going to be the cutest protector pup over the new baby. It’s going to be amazing :)

I had an appointment a few days ago to get the “OK dear, you’re clear to fly home to Michigan in a few days” thumbs up from my OB. So tomorrow morning, bright + yawny early I’ll be on a flight to Minneapolis, then Grand Rapids, where I’ll be spending the entire week with my parents, brother, nephews + extended family. I’m not going to think about how much it saddens me that Zack is staying in Los Angeles. Nope. Instead we’re focusing on all the amazingly fun things my mom + I already have planned ;) Like baking cookies {she told me to bring a LIST of what I want to make; does she know me or what???}, pedicures, a baby shower on Saturday, giant family Christmas party on Sunday, and lots of baby chatter sprinkled throughout the entire week.

And those cravings everyone talks about? This entire pregnancy it’s mainly been fruit: apples, pineapple, melon or any fruity yogurt, but lately it’s turning into sweets. Uh oh! ;) I’ve tried so hard to cut back on the water I drink late at night, instead I’ve been chewing a little cup of ice before bedtime {thanks mom for the suggestion ♥} — all of those late night wake-ups are doing a great job preparing me for once baby arrives.

These last few weeks baby has been kicking allllllll the time. But lately it’s like the baby is doing somersaults inside my belly. Weirdest thing ever! And Bauer, he has been snuzzling my belly more + more. In fact, baby is doing something crazy as I type this post.

And, it’s official. I can no longer bend over easily to put on my shoes. Or socks. My body basically refuses to bend at that pivot point. And ya know what? I’m totally soaking in all the help I can get from Zack {big grin}. He has been all that I could have ever imagined during this pregnancy. He makes me laugh and he takes amazingly great care of me. He initiates baby conversation, asks how I’m feeling, tells me I’m beautiful.

The 14 months we waited for this baby to join our family? Absolutely worth it. There’s no perfect timeline like God’s timeline, that’s for sure.


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    Hello, friend! Just wanted to pop in to say that you are absolutely adorable and that I am so happy for you. Have fun with your family this week–sounds like you’ll be too busy to miss your hubby much. And those cravings for sweets? As a mom of three girls, I am hereby predicting a girl baby for you. :)

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    Rachel K says

    Each time I read your updates it makes me so happy! I am so excited for you, Zack and Bauer! I absolutely love the journey that you’ve shared! From longing to have a baby, to finding out you’re expecting, to your adorable baby belly pictures! It has taken me a while to finally get it, but God’s timing is always better!
    Have a great Sunday! :)

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    Oh goodness babies do the strangest things. I remember when my cousin was pregnant and had me touch her belly while the baby rolled over (they could get her to do this by having her Daddy talk to one side of her belly). All I could feel was a little babydraaaaaaaaaaaaaaag across the palm of my hand (and let me tell you her belly MOVED with that baby). So strange, but so fun!

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    I love following your updates since we are on the exact same timeline! When is your due date? Mine is March 11. Here’s to a continued happy pregnancy!


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