{A mashup of the past four days // cue quirky music.}

I am so glad it’s Monday, because these last few days have been chaos.

Chaos like, “I’m not sure what day it is…?” and “When did I shower last?” and even — “…Zack, can you hear me?”

Let me explain ;)

Amidst all of the product designing, sewing + shop updating that’s been happening, life has been swirling around me. Thursday greeted me with a trip to The Americana at Brand to see Santa. The lovely Laura of Hollywood Housewife hosted a fun “Santa & Me” blog event, and while there I met up with old + new blog friends. And if you ever have the opportunity to attend one of her events, do it! The goody bags we received were ahhhh-mazing!!!

photo via Hollywood Housewife

Santa was a cutie, but the kids that were swarmed around him throughout story-time were even cuter. I think baby was a little jealous s/he couldn’t sit on Santa’s lap this year ;) And would you look at Santa’s beard? I’m pretty positive it was real…

After Santa a couple of us wandered off to window shop + grab a late lunch. It was so great to have an afternoon of friend time :) We stopped at Anthropologie and H&M and J.Crew — and I fell in love with these paintings from Anthro {below}.

And then, the flu bug attacked our home. Later that night, Zack came home from meeting up with a college pal and it wasn’t too far after that the chaos started. At first we thought Zack had food poisoning, but you guys — oh my word, it was terrible. Zack woke up Friday at 1:30am soooo sick, and when we left for the ER 6 hours later he couldn’t stand on his own + was as pale as a ghost. Finding Zack unconscious in the bathroom — twice!, pushed me over the edge, and off to the hospital we went. We were only there through Noon, but we had already experienced so much. We were both exhausted.

The rest of Friday + Saturday were spent watching movies, checking on Zack while he snoozed on the couch, and seriously — anytime he was too quiet, running over to him to make sure he hadn’t passed out again. Then Saturday night the windows were opened up, through Sunday morning, as we needed to fumigate our apartment of the flu.

And poor Bauer. He totally knew something was wrong with Zack. He wanted nothing more than to stare at him on the couch. Except that usually ended with Bauer in Zack’s face, which was annoying, ha! I lost count of how many times I had to go to the living room + bring Bauer back with me.

And so, once Sunday came, I forced myself to shower + get dressed. Time to start knowing what day it is.

Time to find some energy. Time to start preparing for Monday because MY GOODNESS, I need Monday to come. Yesterday was spent catching up on Friday’s work {uhhh, I am a teensy bit behind}.

Monday, I am really glad you’re here because these last few days have been chaos.

Monday means we have fun, quirky music playing in the background while laundry is washing, blankets and thermometers and Lysol wipes are put away. Monday means the last few mashup of days are fading, while a baby bump stares at me in the mirror.

Monday means we are back to work, editing photos or planning schedules.

Monday means we have a bit more energy {with the help of a cup of coffee}.

So that’s what the last four days have been like at our house.

Chaos, go away. Quirky music, I welcome you.

photo via Sandy a la Mode

Oh, and would you look at the adorable Sandy of Sandy a la Mode, wearing one of our infinity cowls? She’s also hosting a $50 Gussy giveaway, be sure you click over + enter the giveaway!


What have the last few days been like for you? Hopefully they’ve been a bit more calm. xo

PS. weekly Gussy shop update —> coming soon!


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    oh my word — that is so scary!! My husband got the flu really bad once with a fever of 104.5. I was up all night checking it temperature and putting cold clothes on his head. I couldn’t sleep I was so scared! The worst was when my baby boy (he was about 8 months old) got sick one night and within a couple hours his fever shot up to 106! We rushed to the ER and were at the Children’s Hospital all weekend. So awful.

    Bauer is just the cutest little nurse dog ever!!! :) Hoping your week is far less eventful than your weekend! ;)

  2. 4


    My youngest daughter and boyfriend got sick the day after Thanksgiving. Almost same symptoms. Recovered pretty quickly. Glad Zack’s feeling better. Take care of yourself. Hugs

  3. 5

    Paige Borda says

    ah, sick and pregnant is no fun! Not that being sick and not pregnant is fun, but at least then you can take some of the good stuff. Hope Zach is doing better, and bless Bauer’s heart. It’s so sweet that pets know when we’re sick and want to be there for us. Have a great week mama!

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