{A letter to Baby + a 25% off Gussy sale.}

Dear Baby,

Thursday morning was such a treat: first I saw whip cream in my coffee cup and then we saw YOUR SWEET FACE at my 30 week appointment :) And the best part is the ultrasound tech switched over to 3D for a minute so we could snag a couple of plump, precious, perfect photos of you :) I kept wiping my eyes as we talked about what position you are in {head down, yay}, your weight, and seeing the four chambers inside your sweet heart. It was an amazing morning. We are still thinking over what to name you. And of course I’m super excited to have a couple boxes of shower presents arrive so I can show your daddy what we received. While I was in Michigan your two great aunts gave me a baby shower… I can’t believe all the little items gifted from family + friends are ours to bring home. And in about 8 weeks you’ll be home, and then I will spend every minute smooching you!!! :) There’s so much love building up inside my heart for you… what a gift to be your mama. I love you!!!

love, Mommy

+ + +

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+ + +

Happy New Years eve! Wishing you a safe + happy evening. xoxo

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    Aww, so sweet. I can’t imagine how it must feel seeing that little being inside you.. :) And knowing the baby is healthy! Happy New Year :)

  2. 2


    Oh my precious Gussy. She looks like you!!! Baby Gussy ! 3D images are amazing! They are so surreal! It gives a feeling as if you just reach out and touch your baby. They are such teasers! I think it’s nice to see your baby’s face and features before she/he is born. I know there are people there who object. For me, I love to develop that bond before my baby is born.

    Happy New Year to you and your family!!!

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    Michelle says

    How beautiful! It seemed so long ago and yet like yesterday that I was going in for my first ultrasound and now our firstborn is 16! :O
    On a different note, I was wondering how your business is faring in CA with so many tax burdens. I was told it is really hard to have a flourishing business there!

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