{weekly Gussy shop update}

I’m here with one of my favorite types of blog posts — weekly Gussy shop updates!!! We have been busy filling the Gussy shop with new items and I think you’ll like what you’re about to see :) For this particular update I’ve been inspired by orange, metal gray, honey yellow and shades of pink…

^ NEW nook/kindle cases

^ NEW large zip pouches

^ NEW iPad cases

+ + +

Did you know our large zip pouches are super versatile? Use ’em for organizing make-up, computer/phone/camera cords, or for those teensy tiny baby necessities the bottom of your purse collects. Now is the perfect time to add or start your Gussy collection as we have oodles of new product, fresh from our new Los Angeles studio, click here to shop.

Do you have one of our large zip pouches? Share with me below how you use it! xoxo

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  1. 1

    Michelle says

    Gorgeous stuff, Gussy! I feel so behind the times since I don’t have any of those techie things yet. (Now how do I use this cell phone again:P) JK.
    Are those tags expensive to buy or laborious to make?

  2. 7


    I hope my hubby is getting one of my Christmas gifts from you! I bookmarked the feather print pouch {with a note that any Gussy zipper pouch will do}. I love your fabric choices!

  3. 11


    WOW! I am so trying this repcie next weekend! I do like spicy foods which is why I love buffalo wings..a perfect food for football season Thanks so posting this!Amy@ahealthyandhappyheart recently posted..

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