{weekly Gussy shop update}

^ our NEWEST product design :: handmade crocheted cowls!

^ available in six gorgeous colors, let us know if you have trouble selecting one at checkout ;)

^ Orange Etching headband

^ click to see all of our headbands!

^ Picnic Polkadot small zip pouch

^ click to see all our small zipped pouches!

^ Vivacious Moss medium zipped pouch

^ click to see all of our medium zipped pouches!

+ + +

We have lots of new items in the Gussy shop, and seeing new ruffles makes me feel complete!!! We’ve been busy sewing and working with fabrics and taking photos/editing them {OH, editing them really is one of my favorite parts of the business} — it feels amazing to be back to work. Our move from Minneapolis to Los Angeles has been such a learning experience, but in all the best ways. So, I’m happy to share we’ll be posting weekly shop updates once again. If you’re not already, make sure you’re signed up for our email newsletter. We share product sneak-peeks, special discounts + advance notice of all things Gussy!

And just a reminder, all items in the shop minus our tote bags // market totes are ready-to-ship. We love how quickly we can get your order in the mail to you — totally makes shopping online more fun, right? :) And all items do have limited quantities, so if you see something in the Gussy shop you love make sure you check out right away.

Thank you for all the support and love you send us daily. xoxo

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