{Holiday Place Setting // DIY}

October through December marks my favorite time of year.  Sure it may be a little bit colder and usually always busier everywhere you go, but its the perfect time to celebrate and enjoy the little festivities all around you. As the holidays approach (and whether you celebrate them or not) you are bound to see beautiful tableware and decor or bring out some of your special pieces for these occasions.  I try to find the time to create items that I’m proud of throughout the season and things I can try to use for other times of the year, too!  Do you have special decor that you always bring out?

The project I’m sharing with you today is great because you can decorate a set for any occasion — any time of year.   The colors are completely up to you and so is the design, making each piece unique + thoughtful!

clear place settings (plate, bowl, glass etc.), spray paint, stickers, sealer

Wipe the bottom of your plate clean + flip it over onto a paint-ready surface so the front side of the place is facing downward.  Place your stickers in any desired pattern.  Spray the color that you would like most of the plate surface to have (I wanted pink plates with gold dots) — note I’m spraying the backside of the plate.  Apply enough coats to cover (about two) and allow to dry.  Project tip: make sure to clean your hands too, greasy fingerprints can make your paint coverage uneven on the plate.

After some dry time remove your stickers. I used a needle to lift the edges and peel off.  Now you are ready to spray your second color (the dot color) as your third coat. Just like the step above, spray the backside of the plate making sure to cover the clear circles where the stickers once were. Again let it dry a bit. Apply your clear sealer and allow plenty of time to completely dry.  Project tip: you don’t have to use spray paint, it’s just smoother. For different colored dots use a little brush and acrylic paints.

Aren’t these adorable?  I can only imagine the shapes and patterns you will come up with + I’m excited to see them.  If you make a set don’t forget to share a link here or tag us via instagram or twitter (@gussysews and @thingslovely).  Happy Holidays! 

Heather Dawn is our DIY contributor and resides in Oregon. She stays busy juggling many roles: writer of JustLove.ly, full-time designer for {just.lovely.things} {an accessories line where she creates wardrobe accessories for magazines, tv shows & some amazing customers}, co-owner of the shop Fawn & Flora, and an indie subscription service called Love❤Club. She’s a huge fan looking at pretty things and attempting to make them.

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