{Baby Bump — 25 week update}

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There’s so much to be thankful for this year… My super amazing husband, our families, our health, and the active little baby growing inside my tummy :) Actually, as I was editing photos for this post I did a double take a few times. I know how it feels to be 25 weeks pregnant but it looks so much different being on the other end of the photo. Seeing my growing tummy makes me feel even more thankful, if that’s possible. And I find myself thinking back to earlier this year, when we had finally given our desperation for a baby to the Lord — in anticipation of whatever He wanted to give us. We kept at our walk with Faith, that never changed, but we put more focus on Him and less on us. And as soon as I unclenched my hands I was able to see the miracle of what trusting in God can bring. These miracles look different for everyone, but for many it’s hope over the unknown.

I needed to see that hope, and traveling to Tanzania brought me so much — it’s incredible what saying “yes” to one opportunity can do. I will never ever ever ever forget the day a few of the young girls at the Child Development Center we were visiting asked me if I was a mommy. I told them I wasn’t yet — but I wanted to be, and after a few minutes of chatting they told me they would pray that I would become one. There were so many other “things” I saw on that trip, but I think hope was seen the most.

* * *

Zack + I hosted Thanksgiving this year. We’ve been in Los Angeles for only 12 weeks but we have so much to be thankful for. For many weeks I felt like our home was missing something, but now I feel like the only thing it was missing was a little more confidence. Moving here has really been the scariest thing ever. Practically everything changed for Zack + I {our jobs, our address, the belongings we left in MN for a new adventure in CA, and hellooooo baby bump!}, but I don’t think I put enough trust that the Lord would lead us through this move.

And so on Thursday morning I cooked a turkey {my first ever} + all the sides. We had six friends join us for dinner + dessert. And the entire day was perfect. There’s really so much to be thankful for — and for possibly the first time ever I’m realizing none of it has to do with things, it’s the people in our lives + the hope we store in our hearts.

* * *

And now for some baby updates ;)

Baby Whitley is most active during the morning + evenings, or whenever I drink a glass of cranberry juice :) Baby weighs about 2 lbs, his/her eyes are starting to open, and baby can hear/respond to noises. Do you think our baby thinks I talk a lot??? I am feeling so motivated to get everything done each day… I think I’m pre-nesting? Ha! And no matter how hard I wish, the aches that appear in the evening aren’t going away. But, Zack is a champion and he gives me a back rub every night. And every morning he brings me a cup of coffee in bed. Perfection :)

My two aunts are throwing me a baby shower in December and I’m reallllllly excited for that! I can’t wait to celebrate with my mom by my side :) Plus see my family!!!!!

Happy Saturday! xoxo


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    your belly is soooooo cute! baby showers are the best, your going to love it! I’m glad to see everything going well for you guys… happy thanksgiving!

  2. 3


    I got chills when I read how the girls in Tanzania said they would pray for you. Children–they don’t doubt that God is going to hear them and answer.

    I love these updates on your life. I think I’ll feel like some sort of proud “virtual aunt” when Baby Whitley is born. ;)

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    we’re only five-ish weeks apart! sounds like you had a great thanksgiving, we did the exact same thing and although it was so tough to be away from family, it was so fun to cook and host and be with friends that day. <3


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