{Baby Bump — 24 week update}

outfit details: headband | sweater + white flower ring | striped dress | leggings | flip flops

Oh Bauer, you’re the cutest 25-pound security guard I could ever dream of having ;D

Yes, he’s still following me around but I have to admit, it’s super cute and it makes me feel special. Last weekend Zack picked up a stuffed animal from the cradle and pretended it was a baby. And OH MY, Bauer was sooooo curious towards Zack. He sat perfectly still except his tail was wagging so fast… It was so cute and was a teeny glimpse of how he’ll be when this baby comes. It made me happy :)

Just this week I came to the conclusion I can’t really wear non-maternity pants anymore. Of course cotton leggings don’t count… it’s mainly non-maternity jeans I can’t do. My stomach feels hard hard hard! And regular jeans are just not comfortable! And, haha… just the other day I ran into something because I didn’t realize the extra volume I’m now taking up. But it’s good, I laughed at myself. Being pregnant {and I’m sure having this baby, too} is all about being able to laugh more often at myself/life, right?? Life has gotten a bit crazier with a wee more of tired sprinkled in. I look at these photos and I see a tired mama-to-be smiling at her handsome photographer… you probably see glowing mama, though — right? We’ll go with your vision ;)

So I’m halfway through 24 weeks. This week we read the baby is the size of an ear of corn, is over 12 inches long and weighs over a pound. Something interesting I read with this weeks update: my uterus is the size of a soccer ball.

::stares into space::

Cray. Zee.

It’s been over four months since we first announced Baby Whitley and I have been loving every second of the knitting God has been doing.

I’m also loving the art we hung on the baby’s side of the room — they make the mornings are even more special: colorful reminders of our baby arriving around March 2nd :)

Hey mamas! Share with me what you remember about 24 weeks: Decorating the nursery? Thinking about baby names? Napping all the time? Preparing for maternity leave? How did you transition into mama-hood? xoxo


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    It was only 4 weeks ago for me, but I can’t remember much ! ;) I think that’s when we had my baby showers… I don’t know, but this is getting real! You’re looking adorable!

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    cristy says

    I gave birth to #4 one week ago… 24 weeks seems like a long way off… it was the summer in Oklahoma and most of the time I was mis.er.able. BUT my mom has an above ground pool, so, at least once a week we drove the 40 minutes to her house to go swimming. I’d take my girls swimming for 45 minutes or so, and then it would be ‘time for nap’… they’d go inside for naps with their cousins and my sister, mom and I would head back to the pool and float… how I longed for a margarita, but I settled for a giant iced tea and the feeling that my hips were not bearing any weight for just a while… ahhhhhh….

    …speaking of laugh at yourself… yes, that’s really all that you can do. And the need to be able to call upon your sense of humor AND/OR look at the bright side of things is going to make those first few weeks much more bearable… your hormones will be crazy (yes, crazier than when you were pregnant) and it will be SO easy to want to cry over every silly thing going on with your body (I won’t fill you up with unnecessary horror stories… you probably won’t experience any of the ones that I have) but really, making everything into something you can laugh about will make it all so much more bearable. Hang in there!!!

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      @cristy, OH I can totally relate!!! :) A pool sounds so amazing and now that we’re in California I should be able to find one to float in, right? Maybe once a week I have silly hormone moments where after I just look at Zack and point to my belly. Ha!

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      @Whitney, Oh my goodness, so sweet Whitney! I’m glad you shared a link… I love reading about what other mama’s at doing/feeling at the week marks I’m at :) And a 2 week old? SO PRECIOUS! :) congrats!

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    I’m 21 weeks and I feel tired all.the.time. I can nap in the afternoon when my 3 yo does but I often don’t because it makes me feel so off. Also, major eating all the time. Lol.

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    Paige Borda says

    You look adorable! Can’t wait to see pictures of Baby Whitley! When I was 24 weeks, it was right before Christmas. I remember I felt really cute- my bump was definitely there but not so big that I was uncomfortable and having trouble sleeping yet :) We were painting the nursery and had the crib in a box leaning against the wall :) I was super anxious to have it done- especially because I knew I would soon be too exhausted to do anything! Love these updates!

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    Diana says

    You look adorable, Gussy! What I remember thinking at 24 weeks, and it sounds a little sad, is that I’d reached the point where if something went wrong for me, the baby was old enough to survive outside of my body. I know that doesn’t seem like a really cheery thought, but I think it’s part of “mommy brain.” Your own well-being no longer matters as your child’s well-being. I remember having that thought with both of my kids, and strangely enough my second was born at 32 weeks. Every day I praise God that we live in a place and time where the lives of preemies can be saved!!!

    You’ll get your energy back in a few weeks, when you start nesting like mad!!! :)

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      @Diana, Oh I know! Isn’t that… crazy? I remember reading that at a bout 27 weeks living outside the womb would be possible. It just amazes me… to think this baby is big enough to be on the other side :) I always love your comments, they are mama wisdom nuggets!

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    I just tweeted a picture of me at 38weeks.. https://twitter.com/SwoodsonSays/status/268765413041643520/photo/1 OUCH! I hope you carry less “out” than I do because it is not comfortable :) BUT I remember feeling pretty good at 24 weeks and spending a lot of time out and about. I really wish now that I’d spent more time getting stuff done before I got huge – like CPR class, sewing our crib sheets (I can barely get close enough to the counter to cut fabric!), and hand washing the carseat stuff. So please take advantage of second trimester mobility and energy while you have it :) And, I live in non-maternity leggings and yoga pants.. the ones in that picture are from Target and non-maternity haha!

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    I am going into my 22 week tomorrow and plan to get started on the nursery around 24-25 weeks. :) With my first around 24 weeks I think we were thinking about names and slowly purchasing clothes. We got the nursery done around 30ish weeks that time.

  8. 15


    Around 24 weeks I remember feeling so close, yet soooo far from the baby finally getting here, especially with my first! I’m now pregnant with my 3rd boy (boys boys boys!) just a few weeks ahead of you. I kinda want him to stay inside as long as he wants because I’m tired and want some sleep! I know that once he gets here…there won’t be much of that going on! But, you look great, even if you don’t feel it!

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    Gosh, I don’t think I can remember 24 weeks with my first pregnancy. My son is nearly 3 and a half now!! I’m pregnant with No.2 though, nearly 14 weeks and I can tell you that 2nd pregnacies are harder and I am SO SO tired all the time… and your bump pops out quicker!!

    Love your style, that dress/top is lovely! x

    Following you now :)

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    With my pregnancies I loved feeling the baby move. With my 2 nd I felt things sooner because I knew what to expect. With my first I was working in public school. Had the summer off. Sold house in 1 week. Moved in with inlaws. Had baby. Build house. Lived with inlaws for 18 months. Moved when baby was 14 months. I was a stay at home mom until my youngest went to first grade4 years ago.

    Smells made me sick. To this day I can’t make enchiladas or eat them.

    Motherhood has grown me in ways I never dreamed.

  11. 23


    Around 24 weeks I started building my stash of cloth diapers! :) It’s also when my son started kicking more during the day while I was at work. Before that he mostly kicked in the evening and night. He had a dance party all. night. every. night.

    Just wait until the end when you can see the baby moving from the outside. It’s surreal!

  12. 25


    Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot
    about this, like you wrote the book in it or something.

    I think that you can do with a few pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that,
    this is wonderful blog. A fantastic read. I will definitely be back.

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