{Baby Bump — 22 week update}

outfit details: polka dot sweater + gray tee, Target | skinny jeans, Motherhood Maternity | boots, Payless | headband, Lady Like

So the craziest thing happened on Sunday…

I was flying home from Allume and I’m not sure WHY entirely but I was feeling super nervous about my two flights. I knew I was missing Zack + Bauer and was so ready to be back at home with them. The weather was shaping up to be pretty nasty {Hi, Sandy} and so that was probably on my mind… But nonetheless, I was not feeling all really-quiet-then-sleepy like I normally do when I fly. We boarded the plane and started towards the runway. Soon we were driving/flying past all the fall-colored pretty trees {OH, I MISS THE MIDWEST!} and then up! we went into the air. Usually by this time I start to tense up. I close my eyes and breathe and focus on how brave I am to get on an airplane when really it’s the last thing I want to get on. I remember saying, “I am brave, I am brave,” just like always — when all of a sudden the baby started kicking. I was like, shocked. I started rubbing my belly and smiling like such a proud mama, thinking to myself how earlier this year Zack + I got on an airplane with our Compassion friends and flew to Tanzania, Africa, and our entire trip to Africa I reminded myself how I’m brave, seriously so brave to say YES to God when really I wanted to tell Him N-O. And now five months later, here I am, sitting on an airplane, still brave but this time with a 22-week pregnancy belly joining me everywhere I go :) For 10 minutes the baby was kicking inside me, and for 10 minutes I felt like God was really making Himself known to me. It was such an amazing, inspiring feeling. Probably one of the best moments of pregnancy so far :) I can hardly re-tell this story without giant tears forming in my blue eyes… Sunday was an amazing bonding day for me + baby Whitley.

Everything else is going so smoothly!!! We had a monthly baby appointment Thursday morning and everything is perfect. My normal appetite is back and actually, I am super hungry nearly all the time. I have been eating lots of yogurt, fruit {apples, yum!} and drinking lots of water and milk. PB+J is my favorite lunchtime meal :) And brinner {breakfast for dinner} is happening quite often. Zack is happy ;)

Some baby furniture arrived earlier this week and so we’ll finally be putting the nursery together over the weekend. We’re probably doing that as you read this post! Tee hehe.

Oh, and the other night as we read in bed, Zack was able to feel the baby kick, which was sooooo crazy! It made me cry a little bit to be able to share this bonding moment with my man. Lord, you are so good to us! California is still a scary, new adventure but we trust You.



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    Aw! Such a precious bonding experience with you and your little one. <3 Your outfit is adorable, I really love your style, lady. :D Also, breakfast for dinner is delicious. ^_^

  2. 7


    You look so dang cute. Years ago we had to hide our bellies, booo, esp. when you worked in an office like myself. It’s great to see moms proud of their babies growing so sweetly. When you said about Zack feeling the baby move, I got teary-eyed and had a big smile on my face. Can’t wait to see pics of the nursery! Thanks for showing our Sunset headband too!!!! Hugs, Diana

  3. 9

    Jess :) says

    Awwwww!!! I LOVE this, sweet friend!! So thankful that you post cutie-patootie pics of you and baby Whitley! :) They just make me SMILE…especially since you’re not just a “hop-in-the-car-and-go-for-a-little-drive” distance away anymore. Thankful that things are going well and right on track. God is GOOD and His BLESSINGS are abundant.

    Love you TONS, friend!!!

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    I’m tearing up, and I’m not even the one feeling those sweet baby kicks. They are seriously the best, and even after my babies were born and I was so thankful they were on the outside, I really missed those little feet. (Just wait until you can actually identify a heel just from touching your belly. :) Such a fun, exciting, time of newness. I love how much you’re cherishing it.

  5. 12


    Annnnd, as I read the joy and thankfulness in your ‘voice’…I too, teared up with happiness for you!
    To God be the glory! Blessings, Melody

  6. 16


    i am 15 weeks with baby number three and i can’t wait to feel him or her move!
    are you finding out the gender?
    congratulations on feeling baby whitley move!

  7. 22


    Your baby bump is so adorable!! Love it!! I’m 31 weeks preggo, suffered with 2 years infertility due to pcos. I feel ya with the Joy :)

  8. 23


    This is the teeniest taste of what it’s like to have your very own child, so you can imagine a little of just how very much you are all loved by ME! Mom a.k.a. Grammy

  9. 28


    This is my FAVORITE PICTURE OF ALL TIME OF YOU!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that smile! SO HAPPY! So thankful for this little bambino!!!!

    I’m so glad you and Zack have felt him (or her) move! That is so much fun! It’s such a sweet reminder that they’re in there, alive and well. And what a miracle indeed it is! So happy, Love. So happy!!!!


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