{Handmade Business in 31 Days — Day 25, Working from home.}

Day 25// Today let’s talk about working from home, home offices, having defined work hours — all of it! As Gussy Sews has grown, my idea of working from home + how I realistically execute this has changed. Two and a half years ago I felt so much freedom in being able to work from home. Everything about it {for me} was so new and I was floating on a handmade cloud. I had a lot of ideas but very little to distract me {see also: things to do}, so I was getting a lot done each day. I felt really good about being home and the little space I had set up for Gussy Sews. My work hours weren’t defined as much as they are now, but somehow I had less to focus on. As I’ve learned new things, like how to hire and the direction I want my blog to go, working from home can feel really overwhelming. I love when I can sit down at a coffee shop with a special drink that I’d never make at home and get right to work :) Feels so great!

Having a change in my day-to-day routine inspires me; doing the same thing each day feels a bit deflating.

Do you ever feel like this?

I have a couple of friends that have offices set up in the backyard, either in a smaller “shed” version of their home or in a remodeled trailer — and I know for these friends it’s enough of a separation from home that they are able to be productive. As our businesses grow and we learn how we’re supposed to be spending our time, writing an editorial calender and saying no really help. But it’s more complicated than that. Maybe complicated isn’t the right word… running a handmade business isn’t as easy as doing those two things, I can confidently say that. There are always new bumps to learn how to walk over.

Every weekday I like to know what I have going on, the tasks that have to get accomplished and the tasks that should get accomplished. But did you notice that I pluralized that word? Tasks. Why is only doing one task feel unsatisfactory? If my role is to run a business + write a blog, why do I put that kind of pressure on myself to do over a dozen random, challenging, time-consuming tasks every day?

Goodness, I think I solved my own problem.

I’m THISCLOSE to reading through Blog Inc and I love the interview Joy had with Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere, sharing how Emily wakes up early to reply to email + social media chatter, then spends the rest of the day working on a project.


If only I could perfect that mindset, too.

Would it change the way I view working from home?


And it’s worth finding out.

Absolutely love this quote. I’d even be as bold to swap out “…please everybody” with “…accomplish an unrealistic amount of tasks each day”.


PS. Have you heard of shared office space? Zack introduced me to this concept recently and I definitely want to learn more about it…

Homework// If you were to re-work what “working from home” means, what would your dream workday look like? Take some time to elaborate on this, making sure to include your family and the goals of your business.

What does “working from home” mean to you, really + truly? And how is that going for you in terms of Handmade Business success?

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    I took your advice and started using Google Calendar today for my blog. Wow! I have everything on there now and it’s synced to my phone. Thank you so much!

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    This is my BIGGEST challenge. My kids are at home with me most of the time now so my time is really divided and then I have those moments where I get sucked into something online and blink and an hour has gone by! Online calendars haven’t worked well for me so I take my paper planner to the park daily and while my kids play I go over the next day. I keep mini post its with me and jot individual tasks on each one and stick them on certain days, this way I can move around tasks if need be. Plus Post-its just make me happy :)

    It’s getting better, but I never realized what a space cadet I can be until I started running my own business!

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    I am right on the cusp of making the transition from working an office job with office hours to working from home full time! I’m so stoked. I’m also scared to death! I know it will be a huge challenge and that I will be the sole responsibility for how I react, organize, and spend my day. I will be my own boss. Which is both freeing and incredibly constricting at the same time! I love your thoughts here – especially about tackling ONE project and spending a day on it. The nature of my new business is to work with many clients and complete lots of different and random tasks all day. But it does keep me interested – I think I get bored and glazed over if my brain has to focus in one place all day!

    As for the shared office – I am SO blessed to have a neighbor with office space and a little extra spot just for me in there if I need to get out of the house! :) I’m a firm believer in getting out and walking around so you don’t get bogged down in the stuff that comes with working from home (laundry, dirty dishes, kids, the mail man, etc!)

    I’m trying to be totally prepared for anything and everything since this will be all completely new to me! But I’m more excited than anything. :)

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