{Handmade Business in 31 Days — Day 26, Trapped.}

Day 26// When running our handmade businesses it’s important to make sure we don’t get trapped spending all of our time writing. Or planning. Or not launching product because we are scared.

via wild at heart

It’s important we step away from what traps us. Often.

Don’t let Land trap you from being more courageous with your handmade business. Don’t let Land cause you forget what you are passionate about.

Homework// Identify what makes you feel this way and walk away. Today you are free to create.

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    Yes very easy to get stuck in that rutt. Setting dealines really helps to get things done and move onto the next thing. Finding time to make your products and keep your blog/website going can be tricky especially if you are working full time and have a family.

    I find whilst watching TV or a film in the evenings with my other half i can sit and crochet meanwhile. Setting aside time in your calendar to work on blog posts or site updates helps so you have a specific day(s) planned to work on certain jobs that need doing.

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    The “land” that traps me often is the fear of failure. Sometimes asking myself, “what’s the worst that could happen?” helps me realize that even in failure, there are lessons to be learned and progress to be made. I hope you’re enjoying Allume!

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    Our sweet burning aabndoned angel. Haunted, pure. A twisted flame anchored to a place the rest of us forgot we came from. I feel honored to have been alive while he was. I can say I saw him, I can say I felt´╗┐ it, I can say I recognized it. Rest in deep, beautiful peace, Chris.


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