{Handmade Business in 31 Days — Day 14, Taking time to rest.}

Day 14// Running a handmade business, really any online business, takes a lot of energy. Sometimes we need to give ourselves more freedom to step away from the computer for an entire day and let that be OK. If you are reading this today, on Sunday, please stop right now and close your computer. Spend time with your family/friends. Allow yourself to rest. Whatever you do today, do it offline ~ and without any guilt that you’re missing out. Once you’ve had a day of rest, get back to it. But until then…

via for just a moment longer

Homework// None for today :)

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    So very true! I feel guilty if I hadn’t made it to the shop.

    My house is sleeping. It’s 7:30am. I’m off to sew for a bit because my weekdays are crazy & less free. We will be going to 2nd service at church & off to my parents to celebrate my brothers birthday. And I get to steal kisses from my 6 month old niece. I will dress her up in her tutu & headband that I made for her for her photo shoot on Tuesday. I will top it off with a string of pearls that I’m letting her borrow.

    How’s the church hunt in LA going?

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