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Earlier this week I shared a sneak peek into our living room, decorated with the help of World Market, and that little peek showed off our DIY book page wall.

For months I have been wanting to put old book pages on a wall but didn’t have the right home to do it in. In Minneapolis, our home had wallpaper that we weren’t allowed to tamper with. But now that we’re in Los Angeles and we have beautifully painted cream walls, my heart released a sigh of relief: I could finally make it happen.

It was so easy — I can’t wait to show you how I did it, plus something neat about one of the materials used…

For this project you’ll want to decide how you want your book pages to be displayed. Or maybe you want to wing it as you’re taping them up? Either works — after all it’s your project! :)

I found an old book from a used book store {$4.95; a hardcover + it had age which was important to me because I wanted the pages to look a bit discolored}, and since I had already read this post on different ways to decorate with book pages, I didn’t feel so bad about ripping them out of the binding. Kinda sorta didn’t feel bad. OK, so I asked Zack to do it.

Then I found some Scotch tape in the drawer, which I assume it is safe since the packaging had a note about being photo safe. Photo safe = acid-free, right? ;)


DIRECTIONS// Step 1, start on the far left side of your design and work top to bottom, applying a piece of tape to the back of each book page, then pressing firmly against the wall. Continue all the way down until you’ve reached the appropriate length, vertically. Step 2, work left to right to create a horizontal row of book pages. Repeat applying tape to the pages and continue your design horizontally. Step 3, start building your second column of book pages. Continue working all the way down until the length is complete. Step 4, time to build your second horizontal row of pages, mimicking step 2 above. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for steps 5 & 6 and continue until you have finished the design.

Notes: Every so often I applied a second piece of tape to the backside of the book page for extra tack. Have fun with this project! It’s OK of the pages get a little crooked, it adds character ;) You could do the entire wall in pages or just a section like we did. Create a large diamond design or a “flutter” of pages like they’re tossed on the wall.

We added a couple of pieces of art to the book page wall and I love how it’s turning out. I can’t wait to add more!

Our book page wall has been up for over a week and so far one of the pages have fallen down. I wasn’t sure how well the tape would hold up but Scotch is totally making me proud. I figure if a page becomes wonky/loose I’ll just tack another piece of tape to the backside and that’ll fix it. For the amount of time this took, compared to how much I love it {and how fun it was to build it}, mending a page or two won’t bother me at all.

What kinds of materials have you put on your walls for decor? Share a link below and/or tell us about it!


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  1. 1

    Cindy says

    So cute! Just wanted to add that even acid free scotch tape has messed up the paint on my walls before, and I’ve found that painters tape is pretty secure and absolutely doesn’t leave any residue or anything! :) just a little tip

  2. 3

    Kitty says

    I’m sorry, I don’t like this at all! I think it looks a bit messy. It’s a cute idea, but I don’t love it. My apologies!

  3. 5


    I love book page walls! I like the idea of doing a design or shape. I must say though, I’m a little OCD and I would want all the pages to lie totally flat on the wall, like wall paper. Do you think I’d just have to use a lot more tape?

  4. 7

    Gweny says

    I don’t want to sound mean but I think it looks like you just stuck a bunch of pages from a book on the wall..for lack of what else to do. I know when you blog you open yourself up for constructive criticism and I hope my opinion doesn’t hurt your feelings because I think your such an awesome girl with great ideas and insight for a home business. Plus your sooooooo adorable. Anyway thats my 2 cents not liking it. I think the empty frame makes it worse.. omg I’m so so so sorry. Please don’t hate me.. (:
    Blessings, Gweny

    • 8


      @Gweny, Hi Gweny, a few thoughts…

      First, you’re totally right, I did stick a bunch of pages from a book on the wall, but because I like how it looks. So woohoo! to me for being able to translate my idea into an action :)

      Secondly, I don’t mind constructive criticism, however I think your comment was a bit.. harsh. To give an example, the way you handled sharing your opinion about my DIY would be as though I walked up to you on the street and began telling you how much I didn’t like your outfit. Unless you had asked me to share my opinion on your outfit, I’m sure my actions would have made you feel uncomfortable and hurt.

      I certainly welcome readers opinions however, rudeness is not welcome. If you felt your comment was too much you could have deleted it, verses sharing your criticism and then apologizing at the end of your comment. If you don’t feel it was too much you should have taken ownership of your words.

      Either way, I wish you a happy Monday evening.

  5. 9

    Sarah P. says

    I LOVE it! It’s not something that would work in our current home, but I think it suits your style and personality perfectly. LOVE!

  6. 13


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