{Baby Bump — 20 week update}

outfit details: Gussy headband {coming next week}, H&M jersey dress, Forever 21 leggings,

NS Pottery ring (c/o), Old Navy sandals

Yep, 20 weeks already! This week…

– I lay down to read a book and ZZzzzzzzzzz I’m asleep

– All I want is lots + lots of fruit or yogurt

– I spent 3 hours shopping for maternity clothes and found only 3 things. Can someone please design a cute, affordable maternity line? ;)

– Baby weighs about 12 ounces + is about the length of a banana {11 inches}

– I’m totally ready to have baby’s area in our bedroom set up :)

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    Ooh! What a great photo spot!! You look great, lovey. Did you know H&M has maternity? My bambino is 2 months big already but I only JUST found out about H&M! I got by with lots skinnies from Motherhood Maternity, flowy tops, and maxi dresses! Congrats again!

  2. 10


    YOu look so absolutely adorable!! and do you know what??? I met NS this past weekend!! she is so insanely adorable and sweet and quiet and…. And aren’t her designs simply nummy? :)

  3. 11


    You look great, half way through! I got frustrated with maternity stuff too – that’s why I ended up refashioning a lot of things to be maternity-friendly instead. But, I liked Gap Maternity and have heard good things about Asos (though I haven’t ordered). Ebay is a fun spot to look too – people wear it for such a short time frame it’s usually in great shape! Good luck!

  4. 12


    Super cute!! Asos has the best jeans for maternity… I have worn mine multiple times a week since I got them. :) And I have to say… I think you’re having a girl!

  5. 14

    Donna says

    Sweety you look fabulous. Can’t help with maternity clothes. My baby is 38 and back then the fashion was to try to hide the “baby bump”. I love the trends now, show it off.!!!!!

  6. 15


    Ahh! I hear you about maternity stuff. Majority of my shirts end up not being maternity (Forever21 has always been my favorite place to get non-maternity, “maternity” stuff). Also, try ROSS! This is my third and I actually found some cute stuff there last week (and have for each pregnancy). It’s good for basics, but I especially love that they have maternity skinny jeans. I got a pair that I LOVE, cute, fits well in all the right places, and has the low elastic band which I like. And you can’t beat their prices. Way better fashion/comfort than Motherhood, IMO. :o)

  7. 16

    Shanna says

    So I was just wasting time on Pinterest and found a really cute maternity store. It is called forever21.com. Look for love21. Such cute clothes!! It’s a good thing this was not around when I was having babies!!!


  8. 17


    We’ve lost various abuloste-favorite toys over the years. First, you need to go and do some serious searching of the playground without your son. If that doesn’t work, you may need to lie. Tell him that it was broken, and it went to the stuffy hospital. Then, go and find a replacement that looks as close as you can find. eBay is your friend in this search. When you get the toy, wash it a few times in your detergent/softener so that it smells like your house. Be sure to use a sweater bag in the washer and dryer, to prevent it from getting too damaged. Before you give him the “repaired stuffy” prep him that the toy had to have some small changes made, since it was so broken. Good luck and Godspeed.

  9. 18


    Back when we lived up north I went on a kick of following mtuine instructions on how to raise a ginormous pumpkin. My best effort was 60lb (picture a 60lb turkey, and take it down a little. Just a little.) We got The Great Pumpkin into the wheelbarrow and took to our friends-with-little-kids house. Had a great time autopsying it. p.s. those really big pumpkins, it’s a bitch to cut into them to make faces. Other than TGP, I just draw the faces on with black felt pen.

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