{Baby Bump — 19 week update}

outfit details: skinny jeans, v-neck shirt, crocheted cowl, ring, sandals

I’m a few days late posting my 19 week bump update and my excuse is we’re working on new Gussy products for the shop. Squeeeeee, can you believe it? In just a little bit we’ll have our first California-made batch ready for you :) Make sure you sign up in the sidebar for our shop newsletter, we’ll be sending a special email very soon!

These last few weeks I’ve been feeling super great. I have found a teensy bit more energy {praise the Lord} and my body is changing quickly. Little reminders of baby keep showing up on our doorstep, like a bouncy seat + wall art. I am so excited over the colors we choose: orange, lite gray + cream, and can’t wait to see the nursery put together. Just this weekend we hung some art, worked on a DIY I’ve been drooling over for months, and added some more furniture.

Whenever I think about how we literally sold or gave away anything we didn’t need {we brought our clothes, the essentials for Gussy Sews, and a few special treasures} it brings back so many emotions from Tanzania. That trip forever changed our lives. Zack + I have an entirely new spin on what our home means to us, what following God means and how precious life truly is. We are so thankful for this baby growing inside me. And for those of you wondering, I am still working on a post which shares some of the struggles we had with becoming parents. It’s not easy to write but it is in progress :)

Wishing you a happy Monday evening! xoxo


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    Donna says

    What a sweet pic. You look fabulous. One day you will have a pic from above and you won’t be able to see your feet. : ) I am a grandmother and frankly if I had known how much more fun grand kids are I would have had them first. hahaha

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    Tanzania has changed the course of our family, too. I so wish Lee could have experienced it with me, but somehow, despite the fact that he wasn’t there and didn’t experience or see the things I did, God has knit our hearts together in our desire to live life differently. Almost every day I still ask myself, “Now that you know, what will you do?”

    I feel like I’m still processing it all and figuring it out.

    I’m so excited for you guys and all that God is doing in you guys. You look so cute preggers! Can’t wait to see the new line of products. :)

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    You look beautiful and I cannot wait to see you in a little over a week. I am still processing everything from Tanzania and it has definitely changed the way we view things as a family. Can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on for the shop too.
    Luv ya – and tell your hubby hi. :)

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