{Baby Bump — 18 week update}

Every morning Bauer picks up his leash and drags it around the house *hoping* we notice and take him outside. As though he isn’t walked daily… snort. Since we have hardwood throughout it’s pretty noisey, but it totally makes us laugh. Once we get outside Bauer either drapes it over himself {how does he do that???} or he puts the handle in his mouth and pretends to walk himself around the courtyard. As the weeks go by I’m noticing him become more + more protective of me. I’m finishing up my 18th week today and last night I woke up to find him practically sleeping under the bed on the side I was on.  He’s very much aware of his little brother or sister growing inside me ;)

skinny jeans: Motherhood Maternity | sandals: Old Navy | shirt: Caroline | headband: Lady Like

I got my first pair of maternity skinnies last week while in Michigan and everything feels more defined when I have them on. PLUS they are so comfortable, oh my word! I’m also wearing my colored skinnies from Old Navy, those aren’t maternity and while I’m happy I can still wear them at 18 weeks I want to show off this lil bump I have!!! :) You know how it is…

We had another ultrasound earlier this week and the baby is still measuring 1 week ahead, so while my due date is now March 2nd {instead of the 4th}, I wouldn’t be surprised if baby comes early. On the screen we could see the baby open his/her mouth and I said how it looked like the baby was chewing bubble gum. Wanna know what Zack said? “Are you kidding? The baby is totally talking right now, just like mama likes to do.” Ha!

We have some names picked out. We have a bouncer hidden under our bed. We have a bassinet that needs to be put together. Clothes continue to fill up the shelf in our closet + baby has gained one more stuffed animal {a white duck with yellow/orange feet, from my parents}. We prayed for this baby for so long and praise the Lord our prayers were answered this way.

We love you baby Whitley! Keep on growing + talking to us inside my tummy…


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    You look so cute! I am at 28 weeks and I am measuring a week ahead, too. It is amazing seeing them at ultrasounds. My ultrasound tech printed out images of him sucking his thumb and of his little feet.
    On another note…are you going to add more diaper type bags to your shop?

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    Sonya says

    I love that you call him/her Baby Whitley! It always reminds me of my niece because her name is actually Whitley!

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    So cute! Love your stories of Bauer too. They do know when something’s different and he’ll love the baby. Your whole outfit is adorable and you look so happy. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Di

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      @Stacey, We’ve had a couple. One at 8 weeks, then one at 14 when I changed doctors {moving from MN to CM}, and then earlier this week. We weren’t supposed to have one until 20 weeks but I had the dates mixed up and was super bummed. So the doctor let us have a mini U.S. ;)

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    Looking good mama!! I had my appointment last week and they said I was measuring 4 weeks ahead!!!! So this baby will for sure be coming in Decmber:) Another December birthday for us. If your interested I just watched some super interesting vidoes the other day. THe Business of Being Born and More Business of Being Born. They were on Netflix if you get that at all. Alot about Natural Childbirth. I did it with my first 2 and with the last 3 I did not. I had the epidural. And with this one I will have an epidural as well. They were just really good watch.

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    Ruth Wright says

    You are just so adorable and i am loving the pregnant photos!! You do glow and your inner happiness comes out on your face! Love that! So happy for you and the journey of this precious gift! Love your cute doggie stories too and how he is more protective of you and baby. Have a super weekend!! Ruth Wright

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