{Fabric Covered Pumpkins // DIY}

I don’t know about you, but Autumn to me is the most happiest time of year. It’s like everyday is Disneyland in my book. I’m talking comfy sweaters-fireplaces-grey skies-warm drink in hand paradise! One of my favorite parts is all the creating that goes on as fall leads to the holidays and what a better way to get a head start with these projects then with a little pumpkin makeover.

Before Pinterest I had folders full of ideas saved on my computer, but now its so easy to have quick access and share things with others. A friend of mine pinned this image below from Thompson Family blog that I have been swooning over since last fall. Her tutorial is actually all sewn pumpkins, but I decided to try a different approach and Mod Podge fabric strips to pumpkins and use her photo as inspiration.

Do you have some fall projects you found online that you are excited to try?

Supplies: Pumpkins (real or fake; its up to you… I used both!), fabric scraps, mod podge, applicator brush/sponge, and a wood skewer to stack the pumpkins for display. For optional decor you can add in ribbon or lace appliques.

Instructions: 1. Gather enough stripes to cover your pumpkin from stem to bottom and all the way around. 2. Lightly brush a thin layer of Mod Podge where you will place your first strip 3. Place a strip firmly onto the pumpkin 4. Cover strip with a generous layer of Mod Podge — repeat all the way around until the pumpkin is covered, set aside and allow to dry.

After all of your pumpkins are done, decide if you want to add a little more to your pumpkin. If yes, grab some extra bits of sewing notions and start decorating! Fabric-covered pumpkins are easy to customize & make a statement with… so have fun! I added ribbon and lace to each pumpkin for some added texture.

When you are ready to stack the pumpkins, plan out how you want your pumpkins to sit and pierce through them with a wood skewer. This is the fun part where you can create a silly stacked design, something straight or even a couple different stacks.

There is so much inspiration out there that it might be impossible for you to get bored this fall season. Want EVEN MORE inspiration? How about trying one of these other 20 pumpkin decor ideas?

Its so fun to share ideas and would love to know what some of your favorite fall crafts you have done are, OR share a link, something that is on your project to-do list!

Heather Dawn is our *new* DIY contributor and resides in Oregon. She stays busy juggling many roles: writer of JustLove.ly, full-time designer for {just.lovely.things} {an accessories line where she creates wardrobe accessories for magazines, tv shows & some amazing customers}, co-owner of the shop Fawn & Flora, and recently started an indie subscription service called LoveÔŁĄClub. She’s a huge fan looking at pretty things and attempting to make them.

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    These r adorable. Love them. U can also dilute Elmer’s glue with water and make thinner and it works the same. I have kids so I have Elmer’s on hand all the time.

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