{Baby Bump — 17 week update}

17 weeks????

The other day Zack told me “this is going by too fast”.


I told him darling, I know!

These last three weeks have been hot, hot, hot. We finally had a break in the heat, 70* is a break in California. I hear the furnace is being turned on in Minnesota + Michigan, which excites me a little since we’re in Michigan this weekend. My mom put flannel sheets on our bed, ha! Totally makes me happy ;) One thing I learned about being 17 weeks is our baby is learning how to yawn. I can’t handle when Zack reminds me of these little, monumental moments happening. Right inside my tummy :)

I’m still able to squeeze into my regular clothes but having a Bella Band definitely helps. It has been hard finding cute things to wear that will allow me to grow + still wear them. Any advice? Favorite stores? I’d love to hear from you!! Two days ago I tried bending over to put on my sandals and, ummm, I couldn’t. And yes, I remember that it was exactly two days ago because it was the most embarrassing thing ever. Zack offered to help but I told him, “If I can’t put them on myself then I won’t be able to get them off myself later.”

Ohhhhh, my goodness.

So, 17 weeks. Baby weighs about as much as a turnip, his/her skeleton is turning from soft cartilage to bone, and we are getting ready to start our registry. Which totally overwhelms me. So many little items to choose from!

Leave a comment below sharing your favorite must-have baby item? So fun to know what item you loved using! :)


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    Aw, you’re so cute!!

    I’m on my third baby, and I just discovered sleep sacks that you zip the baby into instead of having to fight their little legs into pants or sleeper bottoms. Seriously the easiest thing ever for middle of the night diaper changes, and something that I cannot believe I didn’t discover before now.

    My all time favorite must have baby item is a good baby carrier…I use a Moby wrap for infants and an Ergo for my older kids. Its so nice to go to the store and have them safe and snuggly next to you.

  2. 2


    I can think of a few things my daughter has that I have loved using when babysitting my granddaughters.

    These swaddling blankets: http://www.adenandanais.com/shop/classic.aspx (You can find them much cheaper at Target or Amazon.) I wish they had these around when mine were babies. You can make them yourself, too. http://pinterest.com/pin/125397170845761676/ My Baby Love board is full of sewing tutorials and cute ideas for babies. Are you sewing for baby yet?

    Wraps are good to have when you need your hands free and baby wants to be snuggled. Research and choose the best one for you. My daughter has a Moby and a Baby Hawk. Ava, my granddaughter, likes the Baby Hawk best. ;) See? Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you like! (Rebekah found it used on a Facebook group.)

    Some babies like swings, seats, etc, and some don’t. Only my middle child likes a swing. I couldn’t have made it without one for him. The other two didn’t like it at all. I would borrow some of those things to make sure it’s something you need before purchasing one. They take up so much room.

    17 weeks! Amazing.

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      Andi says

      My baby is 1 month old… Couldn’t live without swaddleme swaddle blankets, moby wrap, and my hoppy. I got a lot of clothes from eBay and old navy.

  3. 7

    Andrea says

    When you’re ready for maternity clothes, Old Navy has the best. They are comfy and durable and they fit (when I perceive from your blog!) your fashion style :)

  4. 8


    The number one favorite item I got was my Sleepy Wrap (better than the Moby in my opinion). Could not have survived w/out it. Also very very useful, the Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper. It was great for letting them sleep in the first 5 months or so, keeps them at an incline which was awesome for my reflux baby and baby sits up off the ground so it was awesome at the beach (kept sand off the baby and nestled great into the sand under the umbrella). Registering is overwhelming but so much fun!!

  5. 9


    Must haves: infant swing (small & portable rocks- literally :)), bumbo, baby carrier (i liked the baby bjorn), orajel will save your life when the wee one is teething, a camera to catch all the sweet moments, and a rocker for maximum comfy snugglage! SO HAPPY for you!

  6. 10


    I am 27 weeks pregnant and have loved H&M Matenity and Old Navy! Old Navy maternity is the same size of what you were before prego. I wore medium, so I wear a medium in pregnancy. Most clothing I have ordered from ON will last the whole pregnancy, so the stuff may be a little baggy but at least the clothes are cute and comfy. I ordered a pair of Rockstar skinnies from Old Navy and I feel seriously 100x cuter in them!! Haha. The first thing to grow on me was my sidebags I also like Shade Clothing maternity.

  7. 11

    Jacquelyn says

    a wipes warmer. it comes with a little bit of maintenance (because you have to clean it every so often) but your little baby will thank you over and over when you wipes their little tushy with a warm wipe. Those wipes get SOOO cold. :o) You and Zach are going to be such great parents! You ALREADY are!!

  8. 12


    In no particular order: boppy pillow for breastfeeding, mylicon drops for gassiness (saved our lives!), roll our feeding mat with suction cups for eating out (for that phase when plates will be knocked off tables, but you’re at a restaurant and don’t want them to eat straight off the table)

  9. 13


    You are too adorable! Some of my favorite baby items are a Boppy for nursing; a video monitor, so that you can see and hear the baby from a different room and the Wubbanub pacifier. It’s a pacifier that is attached to a small plush animal. It’s great for the times when the baby spits out the paci. No losing it or dropping it, it just stays on the baby’s chest. :)

  10. 14

    Ashleigh says

    If you are doing a paci, I 2nd the Wubbanub! LJ loves hers… and because there is a little animal on the end it makes it easier to find and helps your wee-one keep it in. Most of the time LJ just holds onto the animal and doesn’t need the paci, but she still likes it sometimes. I am also thinking that when it’s time to say bye-bye to the paci, I can just cut it off and she will still have her beloved giraffe. Also, more A&A blankets, I know you have one, but they like to be wrapped tight when they are newborns and having more than one (so you can wash) will come in handy. For sure some type of carrier… they want to be close to mama and it will allow you to work handsfree and snuggle at the same time!! It’s such a fun and exciting time when you get to start picking things out!!

  11. 15

    Valerie says

    The Velcro swaddle sleep sacks (Babies R Us) are great. They helped Alexis sleep really well. Also loved waterproof changin table pads (Target) they will save your nice covers, sheets, anything from explosive things haha. I preferred the long ones compared to the square ones. Seriously awesome. Have fun registering! It is overwhelming so definitely look at a checklist bc the store has more than you’ll ever need! I had a friend who already had a baby look over my registry and he helped me add/remove things :) have a great weekend!

  12. 16


    First off, before baby even gets here, you NEED to get this maternity pillow, Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow. I went from tossing and turning at the end to actually getting some deep sleep in. It also helps keeps you sleeping a little elevated to one side which is super great for blood/oxygen flow to the baby at night.

    As far as baby items, I love the Summer Infant Swaddleme sacks. Saved. Our. Lives. Love the Moby wrap and the Bjorn, you can get them for a bargain on ebay especially if you use auction sniper which will bid for you at the VERY last second. :) Oh, and the Ultimate Crib Sheet is a MUST! It made the midnight blowouts tolerable. The LAST thing you want to do is remove all the bumpers/mattress just to get to the crib sheet when it’s 3 in the morning and you’ve been up every 2 hours at night for the last two weeks….

    Also, right now Babies ‘r’ Us is having a sale on Graco pack n’ plays: http://www.toysrus.com/search/index.jsp?kwCatId=&kw=graco25yr&origkw=graco25yr&f=Taxonomy/TRUS/2255957&sr=1 We got the “Faith” one and LOVE that it includes under storage for swaddle blankets, diapers, burp cloths, etc. etc. Plus includes a bassinet, changing table, ON TOP of all the other pack n’ play features. It’s like an all-in-one nursery.

    Finally, I HIGHLY recommend getting the book Baby Bargains. That book has saved us at least a THOUSAND dollars and kept us really informed on what is necessary/unnecessary as far as baby purchases go. Having a baby is a lot like having a wedding and can get expensive REALLY fast.

    Good luck! Becoming a mother is one of the most INCREDIBLE journeys in the WORLD! <3 <3 <3

  13. 17


    You look great! I second the suggestions for Old Navy maternity–affordable and most of it fit until the last few weeks. I also wore Liz Lange maternity tanks from Target almost every day.

    My little one is 6 months, so we just outgrew the newborn stage. My favorite no-escape swaddle was the Miracle Wrap (looks like a straight jacket, but she loved it). Also, you have to get zip-on crib sheets (by Cloud and Stars)–so, so easy! In 6 months, I’ve never had to wrestle the crib mattress. Also, comfy rocker/glider, Aden + Anais blankets (worth the splurge, esp. in a warm climate), and a million burp cloths. And my girl lived in those baby gowns her first couple months–much easier than dealing with snaps and buttons. Okay, I’ll stop there!

    Hope you’re feeling well!

  14. 18


    two things i could not live without –

    a MOBY wrap – just be prepared to learn how to manuever the 1,0000 yards of fabric – i think you will do just fine, though!! :)

    and, a BOPPY!! perfect for breastfeedin mamas or just to prop up little mister or missy when you can’t hold her/him.

    this is so much fun – i feel like i agree with Zach – i cant believe you are already 17 weeks!
    whoa momma – you are almost half way done!!

  15. 19


    Maternity clothing is so horrible, and I had such a hard time finding cute stuff! Old Navy is alright, and H&M Maternity has some cute stuff if you can find a store that carries it. I pretty much lived in Gap Maternity because they have cute stuff at great quality. I waited to buy things until I got 30-40 percent off coupons in my email :) Motherhood Maternity is good for basics like bras, some pants, and tank tops. If you feel like splurging, ASOS maternity is the cutest ever, just expensive. It’s worth it for baby shower dresses and whatnot. Anyway, wear whatever you feel cute in. I purchased a lot of clothing with my second pregnancy and I felt so much better about myself than the first time around (when I just wore hand-me-downs and barely bought anything that fit my correctly). You only get to be prego so many times in life – enjoy it!

  16. 20

    Emilee says

    I have two favorites :) one was my baby wrap from lilpeeperkeepers.com (she’s a stay at home mom and business woman too!) and the second was the fisher price sleep and play rocker!!! My baby slept in that by our bed until she was four months old!!! I still use it for her when we travel! She’s just now (9months) getting too big for it so I may need to invest in a playpen soon lol :) congrats on baby Whitley!!!!

  17. 22

    nicole says

    Swaddling blankets. My daughter hated the velcro ones you can buy. And make your own burp clothes! The ones you can buy at the baby stores are worthless in my opinion. Mostly though keep it simple. Babies really don’t need that much stuff and a lot of the stuff they only use for a short time so try not to get caught up in all the gadgets and trinkets. It saves space and money!

  18. 23

    AngelaB says

    You are such an adorable pregnant girl! Love it!

    Things I loved: fisher price baby bouncer that also vibrates. She used it from day 1 til about 7 months old. Secondly I had an Ergo carrier which I really liked. I liked that you could use it when they were a newborn and then when they got big put them on your back. Lastly a white noise machine. We live on a fairly busy road and it’s so nice to just drown out all that so they are able to sleep.

    How fun registering!! Good luck to you :)

  19. 25


    My must haves were Aden + Anais swaddle blankets, the Ultimate Crib sheet (so you don’t have to change the whole sheet in the middle of the night) and a Snap & Go stroller (basically a frame for your infant seat). Have fun registering but remember all a baby really needs is clothes, milk and love. Congratulations!

  20. 29


    I’m in Michigan & we haven’t turned the heat on yet, but I am sitting here in a sweatshirt right now. We went to the Dextar Cider mill today & had cider & donuts & took pictures of the leaves starting to change. I love fall!

  21. 30


    The Baby Connect App on my iPhone was a lifesaver. Keeps track of feeding times, medicine doses, diaper changes- EVERYTHING. Aden and Anais crib sheets, carters clothes, and a noise machine all rank up pretty high! you look stunning!

  22. 31


    Oh yes, the Boppy. I had one for upstairs and one for downstairs! Not only is it great for breastfeeding, but it is SUPER for when members of the under-15 crowd (eek!) want to hold your precious little baby…I always made them sit with the Boppy around them first. It’s like a little pillow-shelf. Loved that thing.

  23. 32


    I highly recommend getting a Boppy! I love mine more than anything else for baby… we have used it for 2 1/2 years for my son {he still likes to sit in it sometimes {and I use it for back support on the couch since I have horrible back problems this pregnancy!} and now that little lady is going to be here in a month I’ll be using it everyday again! I also loved the little blanket animals {or more so my son loved them & still does} and swaddle blankets are a must have no matter what kind you use! But we are trying Aden + Anais this time around. There are so many products that are must haves it’s hard to narrow it down but those are just a few of my must haves!

    Oh and love you are absolutely adorable pregnant! I can’t wait to see when the bump gets a little bigger :)

  24. 33


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