{Baby Bump — 16 week update}

blue skinny capris: Old Navy | orange striped shirt: c/o Francesca’s | red wedges: Target

Time is passing so quickly, I really can’t believe it. I have a routine ultrasound scheduled two weeks from yesterday and they’ll be measuring the baby’s organs + limbs, looking at all the organs, reviewing the 8 week ultrasound to the 18 week to estimate final due date + size, and my guess is our baby will be sucking his/her thumb for us, just like last time. They’ll be taking lots of notes and I’ll be smiling the entire time, trying not to giggle over the cuteness {because it makes the baby shake}. Zack will be there too, blue eyes wide + in love with our wee babe, just like I am. And hopefully we’ll secure a due date so our families can be searching for airfare to California for their visit!

I’ve had a great week so far. This past month there have been lots of ups + downs with moving and catching up with our crazy life, so to have it begin to level out is a great feeling. As for food/cravings, I feel like I could go vegetarian, which is so strange! Preparing raw meat instantly makes it unappetizing. If I don’t see it before it’s cooked I can usually eat it, although I’ve been turning to eggs + nuts for more continuous protein. Still the same with fruit, can’t get enough. It’s what I eat first thing in the morning + last thing at night.

This week I am 16 weeks pregnant, only 24 to go — almost halfway ;) This week we learned our baby’s heart is pumping 25 quarts of blood a day. WHAT? Isn’t that so amazing??! And I should be feeling the baby move soon, which will be even more crazy real! Eeeek! Apparently it feels like “little flutters, gas bubbles, or even like popcorn popping.” Someone asked me recently what it feels like to be pregnant, and my best answer is like you just finished a workout. Not only are your muscles sore, think sore abs {the muscles are moving + ligaments are stretching as the baby grows}, but my bones are even tired. Ha! The first few weeks I was worried I’d lose my curvy shape, but now that I’m at the middle of 16 weeks I can assure you that wasn’t something to worry about, snort. But… how long that will last, I have no clue.

Linking up with Linds today for What I Wore Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday dear friends! xoxo


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    Looking good! Ha, curvy shape, I get just a little curvier every time:/ I could do without that:/ The raw meat thing still is huge turn off for me, but with this big family I handle it almost every day. With almost every pregnancy I crave apples in the first few months, with this one I crave them now in my 24 week:) Almost to the 3rd trimester:) Baby moves ALL the time:) So excited for you Maggie!

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    Paige Borda says

    Ah! You look absolutely adorable! Feeling baby move for the first time is the best thing ever! And wait until Zach can feel!! I had consumed unhealthy amounts of sugar one day (whoops!) and Lillian was moving like crazy. As we layed in bed one night around 19-20 weeks Mike felt her move for the first time. It was so amazing! Do excited for you!

  3. 5


    YAY!!! You are too cute, momma! :) Feeling the baby move is sooo surreal at first {it’s like bubbles!!! so cool!} – now I am 24 weeks and he is moving like crazy, and my husband is so excited that he can feel it too. SO much fun!!! xoxox Holly

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    I don’t think I’ve ever commented on your blog before, but today I was looking at your face and I said to myself “She is SO having a girl!!!”. That’s just my opinion. I am not a medical professional. : ) I’ve had four kids of my own, though and have a pretty good record for guessing gender… You’re adorable!

  5. 8


    You are so dang cute! I love it! You look fabulous! SO thankful for this new little joy!!!!! He or She will absolutely thrill your heart the rest of your life! AMAZING!!!!!!

  6. 11


    You are looking fantastic and super happy! I’m so excited for you and this new journey you’re on. You’re happiness with all the new changes is inspiring! I might be considering knitting up a little something for your bundle of joy coming (I had a dream about the gender the other night-I must have read a post of yours right before bed). Do you have a current P.O. box to mail things to? :)

  7. 13


    I have followed your blog for a while and I have six kids, my youngest is almost four. I just want to say that your excitement about feeling your baby move soon made me remember all my first times! Brought tears to my eyes at how special those times all were! Thank you for the sweet reminder and congrats to you!

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    Yes:) I like chicken. I can do without the beef:/ Although I do eat a little of that too. Trying to keep the weight gain under 50 this time! THe last 3 were 45-50!! Always lost all the weight except for my last pregnancy I still had about 20 to loose. Figured I had LOTS of time. HA!!

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    Oh my goodness, you look sooo cute! I know what you mean about the meat… if I had to prepare it, I wouldn’t want to eat it. There are still times now when I feel the same way and I haven’t been pregnant in 2 1/2 years. If you’re concerned about protein, quinoa has a lot of it too. ;)
    You’re going to love feeling those first movements… they’re the best!! Just reading about how excited you are about it makes me miss the feeling.

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    You look completely perfect, Maggie! :) I’m so glad things are going well for you there and that you are so excited about all of this. My adventures with Chad are my most favorite memories of life because it was just us making our way as a little family. Reading this reminds me of my pregnancy with Maddox and it’s so hard to believe I had only turned 27 when I became pregnant with him. I feel so much older now!!! Aso, throw out that baby of your’s heart rate # and I’ll give you my prediction. I don’t think I’ve ever been wrong. ;) Happy happy!

  11. 18


    you are so beautiful, maggie!
    definately have that glow on, girl!

    by the way – to me, feeling the girls move both times feels like a tiny little butterfly flapping her wings. little ripples of flutter…such a beautiful and strange feeling!! I cant wait for you to experience it! :)

  12. 19


    Ah Maggie you look so sweet!! and i keep forgetting to ask…. but are you going to be at the Influence conference? Guess what??? I get to go!!!! (read skipping up and down inside with a big cheesy grin!!!! woo hoo!!!) I’ll drive down daily as we live, more or less, locally! Hope to see you there!!

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        @Gussy Sews, I am so sorry to hear that but I know with the move how difficult it would be… just know that you will be missed! I love what you are doing with your apartment! All the colors in your cabinet! and Bauer is just so incredibly sweet! and that cute baby bump!!! ugh I get the raw meat thing so well… couldn’t eat it for a while for all 3 of my pregnancies but I craved protein and chinese food and poptarts. it was so weird because anything else gave me wicked heartburn. Take care now!

  13. 22

    Lindy says

    You look so happy in this picture I hope you don’t get to busy after the baby is born I love to see your post and see what is going on.

  14. 24


    Look at all that fun, colorful inarspition! So, not only do I need lots of shelves to hold my sewing supplies, but I also need some to hold inspiring eye-candy Someday!

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