{Baby Bump — 15 week update}

skirt: Old Navy | v-neck tee: Target | wooden necklace: handmade in Africa

Now that we have most of our items in our West LA apartment — today I’m meeting Jess to pick up the boxes we shipped to her house, it’s time to begin getting ready for baby… dontcha think? ;D Every day this week I’ve felt more + more pregnant. Getting out of bed {our mattress is on the floor until we get a frame + headboard next week, tee hehe}, tiny punches to my bladder allllll day long {silly baby}, and the constant hunger I have. Which… makes sense. All I want is yogurt, cheese, fruit, peanut butter sandwiches. Those things don’t keep you full for very long.

We have this beautiful bassinet that my late-grandfather made. All of us cousins slept in it, plus my 2 nephews {great-grandchildren}, and I’m really excited to have Zack put it together :) There are name plates on each side for each generation of grandchildren. Good thing Zack + I talked baby names earlier this week ;D Right now it’s in a box next to my side of the bed so every morning I see it… so sweet.

Now that I know what our apartment looks like — really pretty beige/cream walls with off-white trim, lite hardwood floors, big, beautiful, new windows, I think it’s time to settle on a nursery color palette. We’ll be setting up the nursery in our bedroom so it’ll be cozy. And I think orange may have stolen the spotlight for the main color. A couple weeks ago I was talking about beige/neutrals, but that was going off us having white walls. Since we aren’t finding out the gender {HOORAY!} we can do orange for now, then add pinks + purples or blues + greens later :) Lots of color. And I think it suits us perfectly.

Not too many other changes. I am feeling a little achy, my stomach muscles and hips are often sore and like I mentioned above, I am eating a lot of small meals throughout the day. Bauer must think I snack a lot, haha!

If you craved healthy foods while pregnant, what were they? I’d love to add some variety to my grocery list :)


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    With my first son it was bagels with peanut butter, with my second son it was salty foods (chips, cheese puffs – I was a bad girl that time), with my third boy it was milk/dairy chocolate milkshakes/yogurt/milk/etc. I am seriously lactose intolerant too but had no problems. It’s weird what your body craves, but go along with it. There is a reason why your body wants it so eat it LOL!! Your little bump is cute :) Enjoy every minute! CIndy

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    Love that you’re not finding out the gender! I’m pregnant with our second child now and we aren’t finding out – and didn’t find out for our first, either! I think it’s so fun to wait and be surprised when you finally get to meet your little baby! Congrats on finding an apartment, too! I’ve been praying for you!

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    i craved blue gatorade!
    also, green peppers…
    and heres a simple recipe for you … blend 2 whole eggs with one mashed up banana…blend up well.. then, make pancakes using the “batter”…it cooks up like a pancake! top with jam or pure maple syrup…I eat these 2-ingredient pancakes all the time now. not sure if you can do eggs, but they blend well and these are not “eggy” :)

    love ya!

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    Oranges! I couldn’t get enough of them. My friends and family would bring me huge bags of them when they would visit. I ate them all the time!
    So excited for you, enjoy this special time!

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    15 weeks with twins here and I have been snacking all day long! I’ve been doing. Lot of peanut butter and apples, oranges, cucumbers and dip, whole wheat pasta…now I’m hungry! :-)

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    Lori says

    I craved oranges! Just don’t make the mistake I made. I ate one before bed once, holy heartburn and made me puke! (sorry for the grafic-ness). Also, try Kashi, Go Leen cereal, cinnamon crunch, sooo good! Very healthy!!!

  7. 10


    I am 23.5 weeks pregnant and still craving peaches!!! SO YUMMY and so good right now in Southern California! All the stores seem to have delish peaches now! Love the baby bump!!! I need to post some bump photos soon, too! :)
    xoxox Holly

  8. 11

    Amanda says

    My cravings have been about the same as yours. I’ve eaten so much yogurt (I make my own) with granola in it, tons of apples/grapes/cherries and more toast with peanut butter than I thought possible. My other craving has been Cinnamon Life cereal. I’m not a huge fan of cold cereal with milk but I love this as a just before bed snack with 2% milk — helps put a little something in my stomach to keep the nausea and heartburn at bay while I sleep.

  9. 12


    you are darling. your bump has babies on the brain, now!! when I was preggo with my second, I remember craving citrus. citrus jamba juices were a fav. :)


    p.s. do you know when the next She Reads Truth study begins? i’d love to join!!

  10. 14

    Tiffanie says

    I am due Feb 9th so right around when you are! I’ve been craving pb and sugar free jelly sandwhiches and apples with lemon or lime juice all over them! So weird to feel those first little kicks isn’t it?

  11. 15

    Jenna Taylor says

    Congrats almost-cousin! We are so excited for you guys! With Gabe I craved chocolate milk and oranges. And steak, which was weird because I had been a vegetarian for about 7 yrs by then! I was more nauseous with Hannah, so nothing sounded good for long. I still ate alot of fruit, yogurt, homemade muffins and chicken soup. I also drank a ton of carnation instant breakfast! Go team yellow!!

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    i craved avocados with my first pregnancy. that was about as healthy as i got. we didn’t find out the gender of either of our babes and it was fantastic! it was the sweetest moment for my husband to tell me that we had a daughter and her name was annabel. we had a boy the second time around, Sam. my husband was also able to tell all the family. it was kind of like his moment in the sun since i got the whole pregnancy :o)

  13. 20


    So glad to hear you are all settled in LA now and can now concentrate on ‘nesting’. It is very re-freshing to hear that you are not finding out the sex of your baby. I think not knowing what it will be makes it all that more exciting. With my first baby I ate lots of sushi and went right off fresh pasta. I also remember craving meat and I’m normally not a big meat eater.

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    My first pregnancy I craved…McDonalds hamburger Happy Meals. Not so much on the healthy side. I hadn’t eaten red meat in seven years until that point and I literally couldn’t go a day without a McDonalds hamburger or I turned into a snarly monster. I don’t remember cravings with my second pregnancy. My third had some complications and I was on bed rest for awhile and I didn’t want too much in the line of fattening food (thank goodness). I started making salads with cranberries and Vidalia Onion dressing and it became my daily staple. I would wake up ever morning thinking about my salad. :)

    You look fantastic! Love the highlights in your hair. And go you n waiting to be surprised. We did that with our second child and it was the BEST! I was such a fun surprise. Love you guys!

  15. 25


    Maggie…you are glowing! So so cute. And we have Little Mister in the corner of our bedroom….which is a cozy bedroom to start with. We bough the cutest modern mini crib that is amazing and great looking and well made. If you want the link email me and I will send it to you. Plus it was super affordable!!

  16. 27


    I love the bump photos! You look amazing.

    So, I know Zack is enjoying baby aps on his phone like you – did he get bitten by the decorating bug as well?

    Congrats to both of you, you look so happy :)


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