{Baby Bump — 14 week update}

skirt: Old Navy | tank: Target | sandals: Old Navy | sunglasses: Forever 21

Oh goodness, what a week it’s been. Zack took these photos on Monday before we headed to a Labor Day BBQ with these friends and then we spent allllllllllllll week looking for the camera cord so I could share them on my blog. We never did find that cord, but my hubby is awesome and found a way to get them off the camera for me. So this update is a bit delayed, but here’s how I’ve been feeling:

A couple of weeks ago I found my energy again, but then we started to get serious with our big move to California, and then we moved, and now we’ve been here a week, and so is it OK to say I am super tired?

We had an ultrasound Tuesday with our new doctor and baby gave us a nice profile photo :) I’m also measuring a little big big, like a week ahead of schedule. So I’m feeling a little anxious for our next appointment to hear if they change my due date from early March to late February. I’m craving fruit… can’t get enough! And a deli sandwich, which I can’t eat so it’s really turning into a big craving. Being outside so much and having nice weather, 80* still every day, is so wonderful. It’s making my healthy food cravings happen even more, which is a great thing! :) I still can’t imagine these views being our new normal. In just a few months we’ll be pushing a baby stroller around here, too — yeow!

I have a couple different apps I use on my iPhone to track baby’s progress, one is called My Pregnancy and the other is What To Expect. Both tell me slightly different information but every pregnancy is different and every baby is different, it’s fun to see the baby’s progress. And Zack has one of the apps on his phone too, which I think is ADORABLE {sorry babe!} and so he’ll tell me things he’s learning. I tell ya, Zack is SO AMAZING! I’m so excited to see him with our baby in his arms :)

So this week, baby is about the size of a naval orange and is practicing breathing, sucking + swallowing, weighs about 4oz, is about 6″ long and is growing fuzzy hair on his/her body. Adorableness, ohhhhh yes.

On Monday I’ll be 15 weeks so I’ll have another bump update soon! I love being pregnant. At first I wasn’t sure how this was going to go since I was so sick, but it passed after about 3 weeks and now I’m just tired earlier in the evening, but that’s totally fine with me! It’s nice to be able to slow down a bit.

Enjoy your weekend!!! Keep praying we find a home to bring baby home to in March! xoxo


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    You look adorable! I’m so happy for you and your little family! Praying for a healthy baby and delivery – when the time comes! You’re right, before you know it you’ll be taking walks as a family and loving every moment! Best wishes!

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    You look so cute! I’m curious as to why you can’t eat deli sandwiches? I’ve had four babies and my OB never told me that. Now it’s got me thinking. I ate sandwiches all the time. Uh-oh!

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      It’s not safe to eat precooked meats (deli meats, hot dogs, and pâté) when you’re pregnant unless they’re heated until steaming hot because of the concern for listeria. Listeria is also present in soft cheeses, unpasteurized milk.

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    oh, when i was pregnant with Owen, my Zach did the same thing! he’d tell me all the time all the cool stuff he was learning about my pregnancy – he was better than a What to Expect book, i tell ya!

    the thing he thought was the coolest/weirdest? the placenta. our body GROWS AN ORGAN for nine months, and then once the kid gets here, we GET RID OF SAID ORGAN. he couldn’t get past how crazy that was, and i’d always say, “that’s because women’s bodies are cooler than men’s!”

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    Jordan says

    I hear ya about the sandwich. I wanted a club sandwich the whole time I was pregnant but did not want the meat heated. As soon as my little guy was born, my sister took off to my fav deli to buy me a club sandwich! Congrats on your little one. They are so much fun!

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    So cute … I remember waiting and waiting (for months and months, lol) for that bump to appear, such a beautiful daily reminder of the miracle of life ;).

    If you can find a “good” sandwich shop that fresh carves their meat that would work. Of course I had a few deli sandwiches while pregnant (such a rebel ; D) after discussing with my OB who had never had a case of listeria in his patients or his office patients. He seemed to think it was a risk decades ago when food prep wasn’t as stringent as today. Who knows? ;) How did our mothers and grandmothers survive being pregnant ;).

    Enjoy this blessed time, the only thing better is having them outside … but don’t rush a minute of this part away!


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    Amanda Reishus says

    All I wanted for the vast majority of my pregnancy was a cold Turkey Avacado sandwich. Now that I can eat them I think I’ve had, like, one, or two maybe. Isn’t it crazy that your mind always dwells on what you can’t have? All the sacrifice is worth it though! And awesome job being healthy, the Listeria prevention is a newer one, and I had several people scoff at me for worrying about it, but it’s a legit concern and is definitely worth a temporary sacrifice. :)

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    Cindy says

    I am like you…being pregnant is the coolest, most amazing thing ever. You just wait til you feel that little nugget move. It’s amazing, amazing, amazing! I also just want a COLD, turkey sandwich. Jimmy John’s has great veggie sandwiches though (and they don’t use sprouts anymore, which you can’t have either, by the way)…get the #13, it’ll knock your socks off. In fact, I think I’m gonna go get one right now for lunch. ;) So happy youre loving your new California life. SoCal is perfection.

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    Is this something new? I had 3 perfectly healthy boys and for a time period during each pregnancy the only way I could get any protein was deli meats…. nuts and cooked/cooking meat made me sicker than a dog. That is interesting….

    And is that the Santa Monica pier? Oh man does it ever bring back memories!! and I’m always amazed at how similar the Santa Cruz pier/boardwalk looks compared to it. I LOVE California! I was born there but only lived there off and on until I was 5. To this day the salty smell of the ocean, the sound of gulls crying, and a gentle breeze all make me feel like I’m finally home! Enjoy!!

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      @Peggy, I’m not sure how new it is but I know my mom was never told to stay away from deli meats. I read about it everywhere, books, apps, online sites… so perhaps it is?

      And yes! That’s the Santa Monica pier :)

  9. 20

    Cindy says

    Bummer. But ya know, a cucumber and cheese sandwich on that amazing bread from Jimmy’s might be okay too. ;) Be well.

  10. 21


    When I was pregnant with our twin boys I had several trips to the labor & delivery floor for pre-term labor. They would not let you eat until they knew everything was okay…the worst thing possible to tell a pregnant gal. But, then, when they would finally let me eat they would bring a deli sandwich. I was pretty strict about the no deli meat thing too, so I would be so upset. I think it was after trip #5 that I discovered they actually heated up the meat for the L&D floor. Ha! You look so cute and I’m so happy for you both! Can’t wait to meet again at Influence!!!

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    Melanie Carter says

    Im currently pregnant and I talked to my doctor about this last week at my appointment. He said Listeria is extremely rare and happens to 1 in every 5,000 pregnancies. And he said unless there’s a listeria outbreak (which would be national/international news) its totally fine to eat deli meats. Most of what I have eaten for lunch all my pregnancies (this is my 3rd) are deli meat sandwiches and all my kids are 100% totally fine. And soft cheese like Brie you can absolutely have as long as it is pasteurized. I’ve found so much of the information they tell us pregnant people can be such crap sometimes. I’d say eat your deli sandwich. I’ll eat one with ya. Cheers!

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    Stefani Roberts says

    You are so cute!! I love prego-ness but unfortunately I think my hubby is done unless the good Lord suprises us! :) which is what I’m hoping for but for now I’m enjoyig following your progress! :)
    You can have deli sandwiches you just have to microwave the meat beforehand or have the places you’re getting the sandwich (ie subway, Quiznos, etc) toast the sandwich and you’re fine. I have had deli sandwiches during both of my pregnancies and had no issues and of course it was approved by my doctor. :)


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