{Yarn Ball Bunting // DIY}

With summer winding down I find myself nesting in full force as I prepare for my favorite time of year. Being able to create an impact in your decor based off things you love, can do yourself and really use over and over are great… especially if they can be done on the cheap. Being a lover of both bunting and yarn I wanted a simple piece that would pair the two together while making my heart happy. This tutorial is going to show you how to create a simple addition to your decor that can be used in a variety of ways all year round. Hang it up in your studio, decorate a mantel, wrap it around your Christmas tree or at your front door for guests to enjoy.

These items can easily be found at a dollar store (making it a $2 craft) or at most hobby supply shops. If you are looking to save even more use coupons for a great deal!

Instructions //
– Leave about 8-12″ of yarn out of each end before attaching to the first form so you have something to use when you want to hang it

– Dab a line of glue and start wrapping your yarn on and over it

– Wrap until the ball is covered, leave desired about of yarn for spacing and repeat

– Continue until desired look is achieved… or you run out of styrofoam forms =)

* We used hot glue because it was easy, quick and available, but feel free to skip the hot glue and use an adhesive substitute {or simply tie the yarn around each ball}.

Heather Dawn is our *new* DIY contributor and resides in Oregon. She stays busy juggling many roles: writer of JustLove.ly, full-time designer for {just.lovely.things} {an accessories line where she creates wardrobe accessories for magazines, tv shows & some amazing customers}, co-owner of the shop Fawn & Flora, and recently started an indie subscription service called Love❤Club. She’s a huge fan looking at pretty things and attempting to make them.

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    LOVE!!! You have inspired me – i want to cover egg shapes for Easter garland!! And a barn red one like you did ot use in the fir branches at Christmas! SO excited!! i can’t wait until i forget….

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    Fall is my very, very favorite season, too! The smells, the cozy clothing, the accessories, (I’m a scarf addict), football, and welcoming the holiday season are all reasons I adore it. I’m itching to get my knitting needles out as I’m burning my new Leaves Bath and Body Works White Barn candle!

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    Luci says

    When is it too early to start decorating for Fall…? I absolutely LOVE anything to do with Fall. I got married last October and especially want the house to be a reminder of that special time. Of course I spent the entire summer before planning the wedding and after recovering from it so Fall decorating wasn’t on my priority list. I love the yarn garland. So making this for my christmas tree!! :)

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