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Back in May, Zack + I traveled to Tanzania, Africa with Compassion International. I remember so many vivid moments from our trip, just like it was yesterday instead of exactly three months ago. Whenever I smell charcoal burning, or hear a group of children singing, or think about eating pineapple, rice or chicken, I think of our Tanzanian friends. Climbing the hillside to visit the homes of sponsored children, walking past women carrying colored plastic buckets atop their head. Breathtaking landscapes all around us. But there’s something else…

I also think about how I have been selfishly hoarding African fabric for three months, too.

Did you know that?

Some yards I bought, others were gifted to our group. One local woman actually sent her grandchild home to bring back a cut of fabric, just for me. And not only that, but the whole sewing/fabric aspect of our trip was unreal. EVERYWHERE we went we saw something sewing-related: the markets, a local church, while walking to a home visit. Nearly every day I was comforted by this timeless element. Some eight thousand miles from home and still I found comfort in Africa through sewing.


So yes, I have been selfishly hoarding fabric for three months. At first I wanted some time to process our trip before cutting into it. I was soothed by this and didn’t feel like I needed to rush into it, but after about a month passed I felt like it was time. But still, my heart wasn’t ready.

If I cut into the fabric and sewed up a couple dozen zipped pouches, then sold them, what would I have left?

Selfish. So very selfish.

Then I changed my perspective:

What if I cut into the fabric and sewed up a couple dozen zipped pouches, then sold them and with a portion of the profits we were able to sponsor a child through Compassion International? Now that is an idea!

So that is our goal. Gussy Sews has never done anything like this and honestly, it’s time to change that. Many of you have shared you’re eager to help but you’re not able to travel with Compassion or your family isn’t able to sponsor a child. And it’s wise to be able to recognize if now isn’t the time. But even so, you have said you’d be able to purchase a pouch and help out that way. So let’s sponsor a child together, yes?

I already feel like many of you journeyed with me to Tanzania. I felt your prayers + your comments/emails lifted me up daily. Let’s take this to the next level.

The pouches are selling for $31 and are named after four Tanzanian children that nestled themselves into our hearts: Ruth, Mary, Topiwo and Winner. You can read about each child in the product descriptions. As the pouches sell we’ll be collecting a portion of the profits to sponsor a child. Will you help us make this happen?

My goal is to sell all of the Limited Edition pouches listed in the shop so we can sponsor a child together.

So again I ask, will you help us make this happen?

We choose the medium zip for this Limited Edition launch so we could get the most number of pouches from the available fabric. These pouches are made from beautiful, local Tanzanian fabric and while I was told they are made from 100% cotton I’m not completely sure. My hope is that these pouches would become a keepsake of us joining together to do something wonderful as a team, on behalf of Gussy Sews.

You can click here to see the full collection — and would you please help us spread the word by clicking the links below to share on Facebook + Twitter?



*Are you ready to sponsor a child as an individual or a family? You can find more information here :)


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  1. 3


    These are adorable. I love how it’s african but still gussy! My favorite is Ruth!

    A friend is a missionary to the Congo & she brought us back fabric several years ago. I can’t part with it. The texture is different too.

  2. 6


    I just purchased one and am excited to be a part of what God is doing in Africa through this! My husband and I sponsor a Compassion child in India and it is an honor to get to be a part of his life.
    Hoping that all of them sell our very quickly! Will tweet about this for sure! Sending love your way–so glad you are doing this!

  3. 8


    They’re all so beautiful – I can’t decide which is my favorite! You better believe I’m ordering one. I have been waiting for this day, I knew you would do something incredible with that fabric!

  4. 11

    Emily K says

    My favorite it Topiwo! I ordered one first thing this am, before I had time to fully read your blog post! What a wonderful idea!! I don’t have a Gussy yet and decided that this would be great first purchase!!

  5. 13


    Just ordered the Topiwo. Awesome what this is going towards Maggie! We are waiting on a referral to adopt our little one in the Congo right now & I love that I can carry a little piece of Africa with me every day. :)

  6. 14


    My Topiwo pouch arrived today! It is beautiful! Thank you so much and I pray that your next few days go smoothly as you prepare to become a resident in California!

  7. 15

    Lydia Weah says

    OOooh wow, I really love them! Those fabrics are absolutely beautiful, I have to say I cannot get enough of these, I own a shop selling wax prints and I love your idea. I think I might set up a little project around my shop to give this a try with some creative customers! Actually, my friend told me about thsis promotion on this website http://www.facebook.com/africanpremier001, has anyone ever dealt with them before? They have loads of choice and seemlingly great prices.. i might give them a try!


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