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Ohhhhh man, can I share something with you? I have kitchen on the mind. All the time. Majorly. I know moving to California isn’t going to bring me a bigger kitchen, but hopefully it brings one that is more centrally-located within the home and a brighter, bigger feel. This month’s Inspiration Workshop! prompt is Readers Choice, and I’m focusing on “a few things in the kitchen”.

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Right now our cookbooks are stored in the bookshelf. And honestly, I forget about them most of the time. Just the other day, Zack + I talked about all the different recipes there are. How we could literally make something new at home for years, probably for life! I need to utilize my cookbooks more often and having them displayed in the kitchen seems like the perfect solution.

compact kitchen via Pinterest

Chewy caramel apple cookies. Stop it right there, Jenna! ;D I think this should be our “woo hoo, we made it to California” treat! Someone please hold me accountable to this, please + thank you.

chewy caramel apple cookies via Eat Live Run

Do you have art in your kitchen? We hardly have any open wall space in our current kitchen, but a couple months ago I did finger knit some red garland and draped it across two of the windows in there. I love the red with the lite blue walls. Adding art to a kitchen adds personalization. My friend Meg does a great job at this.

Unraveled Designs via Etsy

Have you ever had Beer Bread? I love Tastefully Simple’s recipe and now I *must* try this recipe from Dine & Dish. Even though you use an entire can of beer you don’t really taste it. It makes for a sweet, super light + refreshing bread and would be delicious paired with stew or jambalaya.

beer bread via Dine & Dish

Serving food off fun dishes is, well, FUN! I just love it when I see dishes that are full of color or personality. Ikea does a great job at creating this season after season.

darling dishes via Ikea

Tee hehe. Our kitchen has ice-cream in it, but after seeing this recipe {click link below} for Blueberry Cream Cheese Ice-Cream I think I don’t want the ice-cream our kitchen has. Ha! My grand grandma always had Strawberry Cream Cheese Ice-Cream and it is one of my favorite things to remember about her. And how she always toasted sandwich bread, even for a turkey sandwich. Yum! My Grandma’s were so sweet and now that they’ve passed, being named after two of them makes me feel good. Happy memories, whenever I think of my full name! :)

blueberry cream cheese ice-cream via A Beautiful Mess

Last but certainly not least, rainbow tea towels. Such a simple addition for “in the kitchen” but so cute! And such a fun/easy housewarming gift to give.

rainbow tea towels via West Elm

If you were to share some “in the kitchen” finds with us below in the comments, what would you share? {tell me below}

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    I recently re-decorated my kitchen, I stuck to a budget so, it was a great challenge to achieve the look I wanted…

    I re-purposed my blinds and painted a table and chairs that I found in a charity shop… I love it and the fact that most of the changes where made be me, made me love it even more…

    It is now I space I love to cook and bake in, because I now have a table in the kitchen too, my girls will sit and do there home whilst I am cooking , which makes for great family time too…

    Claire x

  2. 4


    I love the cookbook idea. I am definitely going to try that. I realized the same thing that keeping them out in the open reminds me to use them more.

  3. 7


    I have had Tastefully Simple beer bread before, and it was the BEST bread I’ve ever eaten! I could have polished off a whole loaf single handedly! I love all of your kitchen ideas, and I hope you find a new home soon!

  4. 8


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