{7 pretty things on Sunday — What’s your unique style?}

My blue eyes have found a couple of fun Gussy posts on there on ye interwebs so I thought it would be fun to highlight a few of the bloggers + their ruffley items. I love seeing how other people use their Gussy item. While I may think to use a medium zip pouch for my chapstick/lip gloss collection, another person uses it to store baby ointment + bottle nipples. It’s so fun to see a new, fresh perspective on use. And I love to see how the photos are styled, too! I love how we are all unique, creative, beautiful women and can proudly show off our own styles without any hesitation. So that’s my inspiration for today’s 7 pretty things post.

^ purple plaid medium zip pouch via Rolled Up Pretty

^ candy hearts iPad case via Johnny in a Dress

^ sweet floral wristlet via Take the Side Street

^ sketchy apples tote bag via The Wiegands

^ red + white dots medium zip pouch via The Diary of Dave’s Wife

^ tangerine dot small zip pouch + pretty pears medium zip pouch via Lolly Jane

^ sketchy apples market tote via Hormonal Imbalances

* * *

What is your personal style like? Do you typically find yourself using something in a totally unique way, or do you find it hard to “think outside the box”? Do you love color or neutrals, solids or prints, big + bold or small + subtle? Share with us below! xoxo

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    Your wares are so cute! I’m so scared to bust out into the world of patterns. My close friends joke that every time they see me I will be in jeans and a solid, cotton shirt or a gray maxi-skirt and a solid cardigan. Maybe I should branch out a bit? Haha.

  2. 5


    I’m one of those girls that needs a million zipped pouches. For:
    -Make up
    -Crochet hooks & notions
    -Credit cards, cash, drivers license
    Any and all of these move between various purses, totes, and overnight bags and If I don’t have a zipped pouch you better believe I end up with scratched sunglasses and lost lipstick (as luck would have it the missing lipstick will be my favorite AND discontinued!)

  3. 7


    I love fun patterns :) I have to say, I usually use things the same way though! Awhile back I bought some of your nesting pouches. They’ve worked great to organize my diaper bag. The large pouch holds some extra clothes for my little one, the middle sized one holds various small bottles (lotion, chapstick…) and the small one is home to my call phone and ipod :)

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    These are SOOOO attractive! What clever ideas and thanks for sharing! If you ever want to have fun with vintage hankies, please see my most recent post!
    Keep up the super creativity!

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