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When I think of the color yellow I think of calm, energetic, adventurous… also fun. We have a yellow lamp in our living room and I’m currently wearing a BIG yellow, glossy ring. Yellow reminds me of the sun that shone so warmly while we were at the beach yesterday. Yellow is the prompt for today’s Inspiration Workshop! Read on to see what yellow things caught my eye :)

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^ I can hardly express how much I LOVE this yellow lamp, floral arrangement + stool. Talk about a fun office!


^ Who wouldn’t love to see their initial in such a energetic color! yeow!

^ Zack + I were on a walk and saw these flowers… aren’t they beautiful? So tiny + delicate, too.


^ Oh gosh, stop it right there. A yellow tufted couch? Gimme gimme. tee hehe

^ Absolutely LOVING this lemon drop ring from Francesca’s Collections. It arrived in my mailbox this week, just in time for today’s post. And guess what? Use code GUSSY at checkout to save 25% on your order!!!


^ This post would be complete without some yellow + white striped fabric. Hawthorne Threads has a really great selection, I love shopping with them!!!

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  1. 1


    Love that yellow stool :)

    Thank you for inspiring me to write a post that, uncovered many memories :)

    Looking forward to seeing what everyone else links up ….

    Claire x

  2. 8


    Ah….yellow…the color of sunshine! I’m probably showing my age here, but I remember when everyone used to paint their kitchens yellow. Made for a very warm and inviting place!

  3. 9

    Cindy says

    I came across your sight and I am so excited to start following you and learning more about your workshops! :)


  1. mulberry daria hobo

    Everything was perfect except the size. They dont fit me because they are a smaller size than the one I ordered. My size in Argentina is forty… you sent me size thirty eight. I dont know whether it was my mistake when ordering or yours.

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