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Yeow — date night! This is probably my favorite Inspiration Workshop prompt because HELLO! I was forced to be all cute + go out for dinner with my man! ;D

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Zack + I don’t go out to many restaurants so when we do it’s an extra special occasion. Date nights typically look like having “fancy dinner” at the house or grabbing a local ice-cream cone + taking a walk with our pup — sometimes we even sneak off to the beach and spend the afternoon outside. We’ve learned to be creative with our dating memories and honestly, I think it’s more fun this way.

I feel very blessed to have Zack as my husband. We’ve been dating for 8 years now {we met as freshmen in college} and have been married for 4 years {our anniversary was just last week}. And, when we were in college we would walk around campus. Zack would sing to me and I’d paint my nails near the water fountain on campus. I guess somethings never change, both of us still do these things :)

We’ve kept “have fun” a priority in our relationship and I’m so thankful. It’s a good thing to lean on, especially when things get crazy busy or stressful.

Sometimes I think I’m dreaming, Zack is such a genuine man + my perfect match :)

Minneapolis has been a fun city to live in. We’ve been here for almost THREE YEARS! wowza! It has me curious though — where will we call “home” next? Crossing my fingers for a city that’s super fun + just as adventure-filled!

While in college I studied photography. I loved how it forced me to look at things differently ~ different angles, textures, capturing little moments or unique situations. I feel like I looked UP on our date a lot. I saw so many fun things by focusing on “angles” while on our date. For example, the sky was a beautiful shade of blue, the restaurant we ate at was inside a multi-level brick building {I looove old brick buildings!} and the ceiling had great tiling.

PS. I have to look UP at Zack all the time, he’s a foot taller than me — ha!

Outfit details: blue skinny pants, orange tank, gray flip flops: Old Navy // ruffled headband: Gussy Sews shop // pink scarf: c/o Stacy Lynn // market tote, COMING SOON!

When you’re on a date, what do you like to do? Who are you with? Do you eat? Drink? Sit? Dance? Is your dream date loud or calm? Would you rather go out or stay home SHARE WITH US BELOW! xo

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  1. 1


    I love that just taking an afternoon off would be a date! That seems so foreign to me! :) My hubby is a work-a-holic! LOVE your outfit, too. That scarf is all sorts of awesome!

    • 2


      @Julie S., a weekend afternoon — not a weekday. BUT yeowwww, that would be twice as fun ;D We are both super intense about work, maybe that’s why date nights are as fun as they are? And yes, that scarf!!!!! It’s so adorable + lightweight :)

  2. 5


    Date nights are SO important in relationships! Love the Bulldog too by the way. We do have a lot of fun places to go here in Mpls – I’ll be sad to see you leave even if we’ve never actually met, but I understand the call of adventure!

  3. 7


    My Husband was let go from his job May 30, 2011. He continued searching for a job, but we were able to spend the summer together as a family getting settled into our new home. In the fall when the kids went back to school we were together everyday. It was BLISS. We would go out for a lazy lunch date once a week. This past May he was hired for a tempoary job that will last through the summer (and possibly longer crossing our fingers) It makes that time all the more precious to me. For our dates now, we drop the kids off for an overnight at Nana & Papas and we go to somewhere with a great beer selection. Hubby lurves his craft beer! Even has a blog dedicated to it!
    I perfer quiet, he prefers someplace where he can meet people from all walks of life. I like to dance, he can’t even find the beat, let alone keep it! HA. For me, just having that one on one time, no matter where it is spent is what I love. My man is taller then me too! So I like to SIT, that way when I stare at him, I don’t get a crink in my neck! Hubba hubba!

    • 8


      @isassSara, oh girl — I love so many things about your comment! ♥ Zack + I were unemployed about 3 years ago. We were able to spend the whole summer together and that’s when Gussy Sews was born :)

      PS. My man loves craft beer too!

  4. 10


    Thanks for this prompt! I am new to blogging but have started writing about date nights each week to hold myself accountable to making date night happen and to keep it spontaneous, fun and creative! It has been really great for our relationship and it makes each week so much better!

  5. 12


    First of all, I want your outfit. Love the colors and that scarf…. oh, I may need one! So cute!

    Love this post really… dates are so important. My husband and I weren’t able to go before this prompt, but this weekend…. hopefully!

    • 13


      @Kassie, I have to confess, I feel really cute in this outfit + it was so easy to put together (for me) since it was all solids. How can you go wrong with solids?! ;D

      And YES, THE SCARF! Ahhhh, Stacy Lynn has such beautiful items in her shop — even skirts! Take a peek! :)

  6. 14


    Woohoo for husbands that are a foot taller than we are! My hubby is too and I love it! We’ve been together for five years and have always made it a point to keep up our “Friday night dates” tradition we started in college. It’s still the highlight of my week. :)

  7. 16


    and the baby is pushing buttons…I wrote my date night post last night and then you posted yours, funny:) Love reading about what other couples do to stay connected and have fun!

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