{are you being [adjective] enough?}

If you had to choose one word to describe the one thing you need to work on, which word would you choose?

If you had to step out of your comfort zone, what would that look like?

If we could peek into your creative, fun, kind, loving, passionate mind — if we could dig deep into your heart, what would we see?

* * *

Do you want to know the one word I’d choose? What stepping out of my comfort zone looks like?

I’d choose the word INTENTIONAL. It started earlier this year with a giant shop + product re-design in January. Very briefly I touched on what brought this on, and to be honest I’m pretty bummed I haven’t touched on it more. It’s been such an important part of my business. Then February began my travel season, every month through May I was out of town. And it definitely ended with a bang!, just a few weeks ago Zack + I flew to Tanzania, Africa with Compassion.

So much of what started in January –all this intentional-ness– has made more sense as the months passed by. It’s like I could feel something changing but I couldn’t put my nail-polished finger on it.

Funny how that is :)

If you could dig into my heart you’d also see that I’ve felt a strong tug to being more intentional right here with my blog. Never before have I felt more comfortable letting a post sit for a day or two before publishing a fresh one. Never before have I felt like saying less is really like saying more {again, funny how that is}.

Maybe because I’m growing up a bit? Tee hehe. When I started this blog I was 23-years-old, and in one month from TODAY I’ll be 27. Four years. Seems like so much has happened in just four short years. Zack + I have lived in two states, three cities, four homes. We have one dog, an indie biz, and a giant list of family goals that we talk about daily. We’re also getting ready to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary on Thursday the 7th, yeow!

So am I being intentional enough?

Am I being who He wants me to be?

Have I stepped out of my comfort zone enough times this year?


Well let’s see. I flew 16,000 miles last month to another country, also known as facing my fears + putting others before me {ouch, it hurt}. Or stepping out could look a bit simpler, like getting in front of the camera instead of being the one behind the camera {hello, fun new product photos}. Or stepping out could mean I say, “I don’t read my Bible enough, and that needs to change!” which allowed Kacia + I to turn our we’re-not-intentional-enough-about-this imperfections into a website called #SheReadsTruth, which launched Friday.

My guess is no, I haven’t stepped out enough — but I’m working on it daily. And yup, I think that’s pretty good :)

*all Gussy products shown can be found here*

* * *

How about you? Are you being [adjective] enough?


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  1. 2


    I’m definitely working on being more intentional – She Reads Truth is definitely helping me with that! I am also working on being more positive – life is too short to dwell in negative energy! And finally I think I’m working on being more present – enjoying the moment and where I am in life instead of worrying and dwelling too much on what’s to come – and again, She Reads Truth helps me with that and so do your posts here! :)

  2. 8


    amazing post! it’s so easy for all of to just always stay inside our comfort zone & never step anywhere near out of it. i know i don’t. i have to think about the one word that would fit for me. oh and can we see a close up of those adorable sandals and tell us where they are from?! please oh please!!

      • 10


        @Gussy Sews, So I totally went and bought those sandals! :) I love them! I also really want your floral & mint wristlet because it is amazing! I also thought of my word involved. Involved in my sons playtime until this new baby comes and takes up all of my attention for the first few weeks! I have 5 months to get more involved and I really, really need to work on it!

  3. 11


    Well, not to steal yours, but intentional is the word I would use for myself. Specifically, intentional about time. Instead of going about the day aimlessly, I want my time to be intentional. I want to be more scheduled. Through reading your blog, #SheReadsTruth, our home church, and many other avenues that God speaks to me in, I feel a strong calling to start a small handmade business (much like yours). My hope is that it will help bring in more income for our little family but also provide support for a local charity we love that is fighting sex trafficking in our home of Portland, OR. It’s been a crazy ride. But I know that in doing this, it’s going to cause me to be so much more scheduled every day, which I look forward to. Since having my daughter, Amelia, 16 months ago I have been a lot less intentional. Not that it’s been a bad thing… taking care of this kiddo has been wonderful. But it’s time for me to get on the ball and get reorganized. It’s time for me to get intentional.

    p.s. as I type this, my daughter is sitting on my lap playing peek-a-boo with the sweet kiddo on your “Sponsor a Child from Tanzania” button :)

  4. 12


    I think I am going to go with confident enough. I need to be way more confident in God alone, trusting Him with everything and actually living like it. I am scared to death of failure or even making a decision that may change things or bring about something I regret. So, I coast along doing what I have always done. I know there needs to be change, but instead I walk by fear convincing myself that things aren’t so bad.

    This is not what God has for His people. This is not what God has called His people to. He has called us tonwalk by faith and given us hope because He is working so that all things work together to make us more like Him.

    I have reason to be confident and live by faith…..I just need to be more diligent bout knowing Him!

  5. 15


    Wow! You are amazing. And look what God has done in your life, just this year!!
    Funny…Intentional was my word for this year too. Sometimes I forget about it. And probably means that I really need to BE more intentional.
    Thanks for the good write…and the nudge, Maggie!
    Hope your day is absolutely beyond Extraordinary!

  6. 16


    My word would have to be adventurous. Sadly I haven’t done enough yet, but I’m working on it a few baby steps at a time. Making new friends (which gets a little tougher as you get older…especially as an introvert). Breaking old habits (picky eating). And I’m working on preparing myself mentally for starting my own biz (& hopefully leaving the zombie job some day).

    I’m tired of safe & boring. It’s time be uncomfortable & excited!

  7. 18


    My word lately is am I being “humble” enough. I’ve always been one of those people who really truly LOVE doing the right thing, but not necessarily for the right reasons. I love the gold star, the accolades, the praise. One of the things I’m learning in my She Reads Truth study is that while it’s wonderful to be doing the right thing…while it’s wonderful to be loving, and patient, and kind it’s important to be doing them “For the Glory of God” because ultimately it is he who makes those things possible to begin with. Funny how God puts us where we need to be to learn what we need to at any given moment.

  8. 20


    I think at this point I would use the word committed. In my home church’s Bible study recently, we talked about your “yes” meaning yes & your “no” meaning no, meaning there is no need to “promise” or “swear” you’ll do something, because your yes means yes! (Check out James… it’s near the end of the book somewhere, not sure the exact verse though.) This is something I’ve been working on this year. I’ve attended church every Sunday that I haven’t been working, & try to attend on Saturday nights if I have to work Sunday. I’ve signed up to volunteer & actually followed through on it- I tend to sign up for things & then not really feel like doing it when the time rolls around. I’m being more committed to myself & my family, I’m working on opening a handmade business within the next week, & I’ve been trying to produce consistently better content for my blog. So yea, I want to stick to my commitments more & continue to make progress in this area!!!

  9. 22


    If I could pick one word that would describe what I need to work on it would be FOCUS. I’ve been focusing more on my own indie business but not as much as I feel like I could. I’m halfway through my second year being a mom for the first time and I’m still trying to figure out how I can actively get work done but also be there for my son. It’s been hard, to put it simply. But since he’s been born, I’ve re-branded my business, launched a website, and took part in my first craft fair. It’s not as much as I may have wanted to accomplish, but it’s something. And I’m trying to learn to be happy with it.

    • 23


      @Jill, Is it possible to work while he’s resting during the morning/afternoon? Or could you swap play dates with a friend, so you could work for 3-4 hours? HOWEVER, don’t discredit yourself too much! Re-branding a business is no easy task!!! Nor is launching a website or selling at a craft fair. Maybe you need a little cork-board near your desk so you can *SEE* your accomplishments a bit more often :) Maybe that’s your problem — not so much needing to focus. xoxo

  10. 24


    ouch. so awesome and convicting at the same time. i like that, but it hurts sometimes! my word would be “obedient.” see why it is so painful! God is doing great things in my family’s life right now… but am I doing the simple thing He desires from me – spending time with Him – no. trying? yes. successful all the time? no. trying to remain obedient? you betcha.

    thank you for being more {intentional} and putting yourself out there! you are an encouragement to me!

  11. 25

    Cheryl V says

    Great Post! I think my word would be focus – I just feel like I start one thing and then get distracted by my kids or something else then never finish things. I need to focus on what God wants me to be doing and spend my time wisely. I think I get so overwhelmed with all the things I have to do I just shut down and don’t want to do anything but that just makes it worse because nothing gets done. I do feel like God is tugging at my heart and he is doing some amazing things in our lives. I just need to remember to trust him and listen to what he is saying because his plan is always better than mine and I need to embrace that and see where he lead us.
    Love She read Truth – so need this right now.

    • 26


      @Cheryl V, Yes. Yes yes yes ~ a thousand yeses. Multi-tasking isn’t appealing for me anymore. I feel like I get more done when I accomplish a task one at a time. And the overwhelmed thing? I’m right there with you. EVERYTHING feels like sooo much right now. Instead of thinking that’s silly or wrong, I’m trying more to listen to what I feel. We have feelings for a reason, right?

      So — all that to say it’s OK to focus more, and who knows, maybe your focus means focusing on doing less :)

  12. 27

    Nicole says

    Thanks for this post! I too have been feeling like I need to be so much more intentional about life. My dad just past away 2 1/2 weeks ago unexpectedly, and it has been making me think about what I am doing with my life. It made me realize the frailty of life and that we don’t always have tomorrow. I am a pastor’s wife with two small children. So I’m either at church or at home. I don’t have too many opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, but I don’t feel I’ve been intentional enough with the opportunities that I do have. I need to stop caring that other people are going to think I’m a nut :) Also, since my life revolves so much around my house, the Lord has been showing me I need to be so much more intentional with how I show Jesus to my husband and kids. This life is short, but it is such a gift!!! So I pray that I will be as intentional as I can to bring Jesus to others.
    God bless you, Gussy! I too will be praying for you!!

    • 28


      @Nicole, wow Nicole, what wise words you’ve shared here!! Being intentional can cover a variety of areas of our lives, yes? I think it’s really great you have these things on your heart. And I’m praying you have an easy time following through :)

  13. 29


    Hmmmm..two words have been on lips the past few days and they are MINDFUL and RESPECTFUL. Mindful of living in the moment and being fully aware of everything that I’m doing or trying to do and respectful of every little thing that I’m blessed with.

    I’m one of those who watch the clock and think ahead of what to do next. I’m always hours ahead in my mind and rarely enjoy the moments of NOW. I’m working on slowing down to move ahead. Yes… SLOW DOWN to MOVE AHEAD.


  14. 30


    YAY! I’m finally on my computer.

    I adore your courage in this post, Maggie.

    And I’ve been thinking since I read it this afternoon … what is my adjective?

    I don’t want to put up blinds hiding who I really am. I want to be a window that He has scrubbed all the muck from. completely.

    xoxo Loved this.

  15. 32


    Am I being disciplined enough? My word for the year 2012… thankfully i still have 6 months to work on it, wait I only have 6 months to work on it!!!

  16. 34


    Purposeful would be my word. I know it’s very similar to intentional in meaning, but it’s definitely been something I’ve been working on a lot this year. I’ve been trying to be very purposeful in my relationships with other people and with how I pour my heart into them. I’ve been trying to be purposeful in being a better me (eating a little healthier and exercising, even though I’m not doing super well on the exercising part). I’m also trying to be more purposeful in my prayers, in spending time in the Word, and in listening to God’s voice. I want to be more purposeful in leading others closer to Christ and sharing His truths with them.

  17. 37


    i’ve attached myself to the word intentional over the past few years. intentional with my relationships, such as my husband, my kids, my family, my girlfriends. life happens and gets in the way so it’s easy to get stuck on our one way track. i’m intentional with my relationship with Christ. i’m intentional with building relationships with my neighbors, building relationships with my co-workers (which i work in the school district), so i’m intentional with getting to know the teachers that are in charge of my kids educations.

    intentional is a big work and carries a great deal of expectations with it. so we will never attain it fully but we can constantly build on it.


  18. 38


    Um, you’re my newest blog crush. *embarrassed* Can we be long-lost twin sisters? I’m 27 in August… seriously, you are one of those people that I say, “God why didn’t you let us live nearby? I want to have coffee with this girl!”

    I think intentional is definitely becoming my word. Life is sort of restarting after several incredibly difficult years and multiple crises… I want to be careful how I rebuild! I want God to be the one who oversees and directs the construction. I want make thoughtful decisions about what I bring into my life and how I order my life. My blogging beginning (1 year) has been very willy-nilly but I believe it’s an opportunity and I want to be intentional in how I use that.

    xoxo, Alanna

  19. 41


    the word that immediately came to my mind as i was reading this :: mindful. to be attentive to what’s going on around me & to not fill my mind with useless stuff. i am constantly learning this principle! the soul detox study has been amazing – pointing out so many areas in my life that need focus.

    thank you for always honestly sharing with your gussy community what’s going on in your life. you are inspiring dear friend!

    • 42


      @caroline, Can I switch words?! I love your word — mindful. {breaths in, breaths out.} What a great word…

      You know how sometimes women get nervous to grow older because of how they’re aging? Well, I’m nervous to grow older with the same amount of stress + worry I am used to carrying daily. I don’t want to bring any of that with me to year #27.

      Can we escape to a beach house for my birthday???! You’re invited :) Obviously.

      I need some major relaxation a la beach house vacation, no electronics — just a book + good friends + great food.

      Going to pray for that right now, HA! :D

  20. 43


    I think you’re doing a great job. I’ve been trying to be braver, live more out of my comfort zone. It may not happen everyday for me, but I know I’ve been moving forward in that direction. It feels good, as if I’m actually living.

    • 44


      @Heather F., Sometimes I think,If I’m not going to take more risks, what’s the point in living? Life is short, go! Go Maggie and live the life you’ve been blessed with.

      And Heather, the same applies to you! So glad you commented! xoxo

  21. 45

    Megan says

    My word would definitely be PRESENT. The Lord has really been working on me about this! As the mom of a 9 month old I found myself constantly on my phone checking email and Facebook while I was playing with him. Then I’d say I didn’t have time to read my bible or do devotions! So I want to be present and notice every sweet smile an giggle and watch him learn and grow instead of one eye on him and one eye on my phone! I want to be present with God! I feel like I’ve just been riding a wave of blessings from Him and letting Him do all of the work! I need to be sitting at His feet grabbing up everything He wants to tell me and teach me!

  22. 48


    This is so inspiring and I absolutely love everything you made. How cute! My word for the year is “abide” and I am sure I don’t abide enough, but I abide more and more and…

  23. 49


    What a great post Gussy…so thought provoking. This year, encouraged by experiencing the death of my grandmother, my goal, passion, mission, whatever you want to call it – is to live a life of intentionality. I’ve written so much about it on my blog – most recently it was the reason behind my not reading the Fifty Shades books.- I’ve also tried to be way more intentional about friendship this year too, and as a result feel closer to three girls than I’ve felt in the past 5 years combined. Still heaps of room to grow, but I am loving the fruit that has come already on this journey of intentionality!

  24. 50

    Nadir@StitchSense says

    This spoke straight to my heart. Thank you for sharing, I don’t even have the words right now to tell you how this has spoken to me today. (Hugs)

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