{let my purpose be stitched up by Him.}

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i knew i would feel something intense; we hadn’t even arrived yet.

in fact, i hadn’t even left the country. our team was meeting in detroit, and as soon as the last person arrived {ahem, shaun} it suddenly became official. forget the passport we applied for, the visa we received, the six shots administered into my arm. we — zack + i along with our fabulous team — were going to africa, and come friday it was time to go.

there really wasn’t much to think about. when i was asked to go on this trip i knew deep down it was God speaking to me, he just happened to sound a lot like shaun groves. going on this trip, ohhh i knew how much it was going to stretch me.

these last few months i’ve been scared to find my purpose… for the most part i’ve really wondered what’s next for me ~ so to pacify the situation i told myself, just hold on until africa.

i really felt like whatever was going through my head would surface once we touched down in africa. and you know what? i think i was right…

{i hate when that happens.}

when we visited our first child development center every thought-filled fiber in me seemed to stitch itself together ~ and really quickly it all made sense.

i think what God has been trying to teach me these last few months is these earthly struggles don’t matter. my purpose is in Him, and that’s enough. that is what matters.

after all, that’s what the kids at the child development center in tanzania believe. despite their living conditions they greeted us every time with love on their faces.

oh, it is beautiful.

so back to my purpose… my purpose is to show God’s love to others.

my purpose is to set all my worries at His feet, to walk on plane after plane after plane, to travel over 8,000 miles and let my purpose be stitched up by Him.

…every time.

africa — i’m not sure what else you have to teach me about purpose, but it’s only been one day and i’m already hooked.

click here to sponsor a child and help them to know their Purpose.

*all photos by keely marie scott

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    Praying for you as you continue to be changed and challenged! I got to meet two of my sponsor children in Uganda last January and it certainly changed my life!

  2. 6


    Yep. Sometimes we have to set aside what’s comfortable for us to really see God for who He is. (And He’s AWESOME, and seeing Him in the faces of those children is an experience like no other.)

    Continuing to pray for you. I just got home from Orphan Summit, so you (and the team) were never far from my heart.

  3. 8


    i have no doubt that my purpose will be “stitched up by Him” through your words this week. thank you to you + zack for taking this trip – to let us see through your eyes & words. prayers continue.

    • 9


      oh caroline, your prayers mean SO MUCH! at first i felt so much pressure to do a good job but really i need to just close my eyes and write from the heart… xoxo

  4. 10

    Anna G says

    I am so blessed sitting here reading of your purpose filled adventure! As I type my eyes are filled with tears simply for the joy it brings me to see you and your husband on this journey together. Praying for your safe travels.

  5. 11


    I have a sponsor child in Tanzania through compassion, and I have to say, I’m a little jealous that you’re there. :)

  6. 12

    cambria says

    See! I told you it would change your life :)

    So proud of you and Zack and your team for being there and doing what you are doing.

    And your pictures are beautiful!

  7. 15


    I love the beautiful work you do…but this…this blesses my heart. A precious gift to be at His feet, doing His work. And yes, this can look different for many and can be in different seasons for one person. Sharing the testimony of His goodness, His saving grace, be it in Africa, or in a craft room with a colleague, or even words being shared from miles away across a blog…no matter what, it is all about Him :) Praying for the amazing trip the Lord has you both on-thank you so much for sharing your faith!

  8. 16


    Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us. I know this feeling all too well- My husband and I traveled to Hungary in May of 2010 and June 2011 and we were hooked. We are seeking His will as he leads us to serve there in the future. You are on my heart and in my prayers as you and your husband share this grand experience! May you continue to feel His presence like never before!
    Love, Anna Altman

  9. 17


    you, my friend, are living my dream right now! traveling with compassion as a blogger….tell your buddy shaun to let me know when they go to Mexico so I can meet my little dude, Mizriam! praying for God to work in that gorgeous ruffly heart of yours – He has great things planned for you! give those beautiful children hugs from me!

  10. 22


    Love your heart, Gus and you’re so right … let Him stitch it all together. So happy you are there … what a blessing you are with your smile & love & joy beaming right back at those beautiful children. Big {{HUGS}} to you from here. God Bless you & keep you, my friend.

  11. 24


    Maggie, this makes me cry. It is so inspiring to see God’s hand moving in your life. Finding your true purpose must be so freeing. Now you can just focus on the task at hand. Love and blessings to you and Zack.

  12. 27

    Mama Gus says

    Hello Z & M ~~

    Zack – love the video and music; you really captured the flavor of the area. Maggs – love reading your words; it’s like I’m seeing your heart on paper. Dad and I are praying God will continue to keep the TEAM safe. You two are a blessing to these children just as they are a blessing to you. Hugs to you, Mom (xoxo times a gazillion)

  13. 29


    Those 2 pictures of the children – you really can see the love on their faces. It really makes me appreciate what I have when I know they have so little. I think meeting these children could change anyone’s life!

  14. 30


    So moved by God’s faithfulness to each of you on this trip in exactly the way you needed it. I can’t wait to hear more about what God will teach you on this trip about purpose and so much more.

  15. 33


    You nailed it right on the head…our purpose is to show Christ’s love to others. So incredibly proud of how you are letting the Lord mold and work on you.
    Love you and covering you in prayers tonight. Xxoo

  16. 34


    Just beautiful Maggie! So happy and proud of you, and sit here in admiration of God’s hand in all of this, and your openness to listen. Not sure I’d have as much courage as you (and all the others along this trip with you).

  17. 35


    This is simply beautiful! Praying for you, Zach, the entire time,and the children and people you will meet. God will use you in mighty ways. He is there.

  18. 36


    Maggie, that was so beautiful and so true!!! I realized that same Truth while living in Ireland as a missionary, and it really hit home when I had to leave. It was, and still is, so hard to leave them there in God’s hands, and trust their hearts to Him. But they are in better care in His hands than mine! I’m so thankful for Facebook and that it opens the door for such great communication with those I left behind who don’t know God’s true love and forgiveness. And in the 16 years since, He keeps reminding me that it’s about serving Him and showing others His truth, the other stuff really is inconsequential! You’re vulnerability and smiles are touching lives!!

  19. 37


    You do show God’s love to others…it’s one of the reasons why I love your blog so much. So glad you are on your journey & thank you so much sharing it with us!

  20. 38

    Robin Heim says

    I SO wish that my husband and I could be there, too. Walking right along with you. Our little girl, Noela Nicholaus Paul {8 years old} is from Tanzania. Perhaps you will meet her. If you do, PLEASE give her a HUGE hug from us!

    God be with you always,
    Robin and Ernie Heim

  21. 39


    Wonderful post, love the pictures, love your feelings, feel like I’m right there with you! Can’t wait to read the next post!

  22. 43


    Zack and Mags, Be still my heart is all I can say. Your pictures are breathtaking, literally the little girl in the white cotton dress, oh my goodness I definitely hope to have a copy of that beautiful smile to hang in our house, and your words are beautiful. Soooooo excited to share this journey with you both. God bless, tons of hugs to you both. Mom

  23. 44


    I am a new reader here and am here because of your trip. As a long time sponsor and advocate for Compassion, I appreciate these glimpses into the work and ministry Compassion is doing in the field. We sponsor Joseph in Tanzania. I love your video of the Tanzanian countryside – it makes it so real.

    May God bless you and continue to work in you this week. Thank you for going and thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

  24. 45

    Andrea says

    Our family sponsors an older boy (15 on the 15th of June!) from Tanzania — oh I so pray He will meet you and feel our intense love for him when he does! Kalebi is learning so much of God’s truth and always shares a Scripture that they learned about on Saturday when they last met at the centre…then he asks us if we have studied those verses- what a blessing!

  25. 46


    It seems like God is always trying to teach us the simplest lessons and we completely miss them because we are looking for something bigger. I love this post and I’m so glad you found that lesson that God was teaching.

  26. 47


    Oh my gosh, Maggie. What a beautiful post. I’m in tears. It’s amazing to me how complex we make things when it really boils down to just what you said…”my purpose is to show God’s love to others.”

    Praying for you and your entire team. You’re doing amazing things.

  27. 48


    “i think what God has been trying to teach me these last few months is these earthly struggles don’t matter. my purpose is in Him, and that’s enough. that is what matters.”
    Isn’t that just like God!!
    Thanks for being willing, going, and sharing.

  28. 51

    Eubie McCrary says

    My friend, you will never be the same! God has given us many talents and purposes to make a difference in this world and you are doing that as I write this. Thank you for being the hands and feet of our precious Lord and Saviour Jesus! Keep us posted. This is very encouraging! <3


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