{learning how to rest + reflecting on what this means.}

a few weeks ago i headed outside to our backyard with bauer, a book, and a hot cup of coffee. the air was chilly but the sun was piping hot, so it was the perfect combination of chilly + warm that i love about the spring season. if i remember correctly, zack was out of town so i was using the occasion as an opportunity to relax and have some fun myself :)

normally on the weekends it’s hard for me to relax. {tell me you understand what this feels like.} since i work from home, work is on my mind often, and if it’s not it’s because i feel comfortable letting it go for a couple days while i focus on doing other things. but that’s a rare thing, hah! no matter how hard i try i have a hard time letting work “be” for a couple days. that may sound silly, but it’s a struggle i have, and often.

and now that we’re getting ready to go to africa on friday i find rest happening way more easily. i think back to this weekend where it was just me and bauer, hanging out in the backyard — relaxing. it was like the thought entered my mind how it would be glorious to have more relaxing weekends and suddenly they were dreams come true… i simply can’t go on this trip if i don’t rest, i’m learning this to be true.

first, the shots we had to get for africa knocked me out for a few days. and now the final preparations {coordinating where bauer will go for the week, clothing, packing, paperwork, updating the shop + packaging orders} are knocking me out. my eyes are on the destination: tanzania. loving on the kids. facing my fear of flying by going to THE LONGEST flight(s) of my life.

trying to relax so i can be fully present to what God wants me to see…

that is my goal…

no matter how many times i feel…

like i can’t do this ~ i have too much to plan and do! oh, how i quickly learn this isn’t true.

like i can’t stop thinking about work ~ God will show me HOW to relax.

like i know what i’m doing ~ i don’t. i have no clue {giggle, giggle} but every day is a new day to try. right?!

* * *

i think i want my reflective word for the month of may to be REST. this would be the first time i focused on something for an entire month but i think it’s a good time to start :) we leave for africa in 3 days. learning is something i love to do and so learning how to REST seems appropriate for this first day of may.

PS. while resting more i’ve learned how much easier it is to focus on work when it’s time to work. even though my days have more quiet time in them i am accomplishing more with gussy sews than i thought possible. it’s quite amazing ♥


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    ahhh, sometimes God gives us instant life lessons & on the spot training doesn’t He?

    i try to manage my time by ‘housework” and “lil alice”. if my housework is caught up & i have a plan then i can focus more easily in the shop! and vice versa.

    looking forward to your updates and pics from your trip!


  2. 2


    It’s wonderful to see that you are resting in the midst of all you are accomplishing. Way to set a good example!

    I’ve been thinking about your trip. You’re fear of flying. Of all you are going to bring back with you (you’re friend is right, God is sending you so that you can return and share your experience).

    It’s good that you are taking care of yourself in the midst of it all. I hope others follow your example. I’m going to try!

  3. 3

    Nadir@StitchSense says

    Keeping you both in prayer as you prepare for this amazing trip! I hope you continue to get the rest & insight you need to keep focused. I’m SOOOO excited for you!!!! ♥

  4. 4


    love this…”trying to relax so i can be fully present to what God wants me to see…”

    it actually brought tears to my eyes. greg and i have been saying since the beginning of 2012 that it is our “year of rest”. i have found that the hardest thing for me to do as we focus on REST is to REST my mind. so, making it a point to turn off the outside sounds and inside sounds that have been disrupting that REST have been difficult. and REST is different for greg and i so we make sure to help each other accomplish that.

    i will be praying for your trip and that you can relax – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually – so you can see God’s hand at work. i BELIEVE it will happen.

  5. 5

    Mary DeVries says

    Hope you & your hubby have a wonderful experience going to Africa. Once you are in the air flying you will relax more. It is all of the preparation before that is the hard part. Blessing to you both as you go on your journey. Hugs. Mary

  6. 6


    It’s amazing how when you hand everything over to the Lord, he takes cares of all of it. If it’s important, he will take care of it and bless you even more.

  7. 7


    I’m pretty sure I could have written this (minus leaving for Africa in 3 days!) It’s so hard to rest, I think women especially have a difficult time stopping and taking time for themselves no matter the season of life they’re in!

  8. 8


    so profound…so simple but so profound. i’m proud of you. i work from home too, except when i’m at the boutique, and it’s hard not to be thinking of the ten million things i need to get done.

  9. 9


    First of all, how exciting that you’re going to Africa. Secondly, I’m totally with you on trying to relax. Because I work a 50+ hour a week job, the weekends are the only time I have to blog, see, and create. I’ve recently been hitting a wall because I’m going nonstop. I’m trying to find a balance between blogging and work. Hopefully, I will find it.

  10. 10

    Kristine says

    I really enjoyed reading this post. I work 60 hours a week, and even bring my work home, I always have a to do list either for work or home stuff. I really wish I could find some time to rest because I feel tired all the time. Reading this gave me some hope on finding time to rest. Thank you!

  11. 13


    I’m reading the same book right now! Been on the library wait list since October.

    and…. my mom works for Compassion and has since 1996. They LOVE Compassion bloggers on trips.

  12. 14

    Evie from St. Paul says

    Praying for you two! Can’t wait to hear where you see God on this amazing adventure!

  13. 17


    praying for you as you take this big step.
    it’s going to be an amazing week. absolutely amazing.
    the flight is worth it.
    the shots are worth it.
    have a WONDERFUL time. proud of you for doing it. africa is a big deal. God is going to walk you through.
    just don’t show the judges your belly and you’ll be fine. :)

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