{decorating my home.}

Sometimes I’m too quick to want a beautiful home but not quick enough to want to create that beautiful home. And I know that may sound silly and yes, it’s not true all the time. And maybe it’s even a bit lame to admit that, but when you work from home and spend a lot of that time online, dreaming new product designs or researching fabric or connecting with customers, it’s easy to feel creatively zapped once six o’clock hits.

Does that surprise you?

Gosh, I hope not. I know it can’t be that hard to create a beautiful home. Many of my friends share simple + easy tips on creating an imperfect, beautiful home.

Finally one day I sat myself down and had a serious talk. With myself. Yes, myself.

Did you know I’m a contributor for Simple Design, a new blog under the Simple Mom umbrella? :) To read the rest, click here…

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    I totally understand you, when we are creative in other ways it is the last thing on our mind…
    Since I started making baby shoes my house has gotten the minimum attention possible, I feel the same way after the work day is over I just want to turn my mind and ideas OFF. That is good that you are finding simple ways to do it anyways!!!

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